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Hi, I have a favor to ask of you...I am working on new policies and procedure for our hospital and need some help. I work in the surgery department but this will be hospital wide. I was wondering if any of you have a policy on IV starts, how many times does one nurse try before getting another, max pokes before getting a dr. etc.. Also one on pt belongings, the storage of to include dentures and hearing aids. Also body jewerly. Seems the unexpected person even has them (I even have some). Thanks in advance for any help! If I can do anything for you just ask...Kim

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as for iv starts, the infusion nurse's p&p states that after 2 sticks by the same nurse, get another nurse to try. several of our area hospitals use the 2x per nurse policy.

for dentures and hearing aids, seperate colored plastic( denture type) cups are used with a pt lable on them. as far as body jewerly, send home or have security lock up, at least this is what i am familiar with it. hope this helps!

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I highly recommend you purchase (or have Education purchase) the Infusion Nurse Society's book of standards and procedures. It is about $50.


That way your policy will be evidenced based.

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