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It just really ticks me off how they glorify Doctors. They make them look like a lot of them are these great patient advocates with the time and desire to sit there and build a relationship with... Read More

  1. by   Sheri257
    Quote from bklpn
    If you think about it, Grey's dosent exactly make doctors look good either. All that sex and bed-hopping going is entertaining though.
    I totally agree. People don't seem to think about the fact that these shows don't do docs any favors either.

    On Grey's Anatomy the docs routinely either kill patients or endanger patients' lives to advance their careers (Burke's hand tremors is only the latest example of this). And everybody from the administrators on down is willing to cover it up for them.

    House is a pill popping, drug addicted ogre who's so lonely and miserable he's got to make everybody else miserable also. The only women he's able to get are prostitutes.

    IMHO, nurses are getting off easy. If they did feature nurses more in these shows ... who knows what horrible story lines they would give them.

    Let them show the docs doing everything ... including killing the patients and covering up their sleazy antics that endanger patients' lives.

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  2. by   Tweety
    I think Grey's is a good soap opera and know it's not real life. It does bother me that some people might think it's real. But if they do, as was mentioned above, it doesn't make them look good. Also, House isn't exactly the role model of doctors either.
  3. by   Spritenurse1210
    this is sad
  4. by   sunnyjohn
    I watch House to see just how far they wil take Hugh Laurie's character.

    No Chief of Staff would KNOWINGLY have a drug addict who steals narcotics in front of her from patients and the hospital running around like a mavrick! If the show had any nurses, they would have turned him in eons ago!

    I think the show is hilarious!

    ....Oh and Dr Cudhy (the COS) dress very nicely. I've envied more than a few of her outfits!
  5. by   clemmm78
    It's a TV show. No-one is forced to watch. I'm sure cops don't act the way they're portrayed on tv, nor do the lawyers and all other professions out there.

    There's too much in life to worry about than this. It's obviously done for entertainment value.
  6. by   jbp0529
    I think that these shows (for the most part) don't come close to accurately portraying the job of nurses. Having watched only a few episodes of Scrubs, it seems like the doctors are always treating the nurses like complete dirt with their comments. And it doesnt' make things better when the nurses' characters seem like total bimbos who only care about getting in bed with the doctor.
    ER was halfway decent, yet totally unrealistic. Its funny how almost every single trauma patient that comes in gets their chest cracked open (yea right). And I'm amazed how fast they can drop in central lines on that show (less than 30 seconds). If only they could do it that fast in real life. The newbie docs I deal with every day in the ICU are lucky if they can get one in in less than 1 hour lol

    Bottom line is: the nurses I know are very professional and intelligent and have better things to do than sleep with every doctor that walks by; and if a doctor talked to a nurse like they do on the TV shows, they would be written up so fast their head would spin.
  7. by   augigi
    Until a nurse writes a great script proposal, or gets a job as the advisor to one of these shows, or makes a compelling documentary about the real life nurses, nothing is going to change. So it is, and was, and ever will be, in the land of TV entertainment.
  8. by   SuesquatchRN
    I like House. He's supposed to be a misanthrope who distrusts everyne, so his not truting the nurses is perfectly in line with his character.

    As to there being no nurses - yeah, that bugged me a bit for about 10 minutes, but they need the "face-tof-ace" time when a doc is hanging an IV or drawing blood to advance the drama. So I take it as that.
  9. by   nursehellokitty04
    ER gives me fash backs lol
  10. by   Jo Dirt
    These doctor shows with these self-loving actors playing self-loving know-it-all medical professionals really turn me off. Especially that guy on "House."
  11. by   JoeyDog
    Okay, these are just TV shows they are not meant to be taken literally, they are just an escape from our own reality for an hour or so. I do believe that if you have no clue what goes on in a hospital you can get the wrong idea about nurses. I like Grey's Anatomy b/c I think it is a good soap opera. House, I cannot stand b/c I don't like the main character (I am always hoping he finally gets whats coming to him), my husband (who is an RN) however loves house b/c of the jerky main character.

    What I would like to see is a show of equal quality be made about nurses. Well maybe not a TV show b/c I don't want nurses to be portrayed as pill popping, sleazy, homewreckers. But a regualr documentary would be nice. They used to have a show on TLC called Trauma Life in the ER, something of that caliber with an emphisis (sp) on nurses would be ideal for me, or something like Baghdad ER.

    Anyway, I do agree that these fictional programs do give the medically uninformed populace the wrong idea of what nurses do. A couple of weeks ago my husband was at work and his patients husband came out with the water pitcher and (belittlingly) said "your the nurse my wife wants more water". My husband got so mad. He calmly told the guy "I didn't suffer through two years of hell to be a waiter." The guy then apologized and my husband (who was charting at the time) asked the CNA to fill the water pitcher. But I mean where did the guy get his impression of nurses from? Maybe he was jut a jerk anyway. Okay 'nuff said.
  12. by   Lorie P.
    :spin: [font=franklin gothic medium]i love to watch house!! i only wish that sometimes i could get away talking to certain patients the way house does.
    [font=franklin gothic medium]it's only tv and very entertaining! hugh laurie is great and i don't think they should change house's personality at all!!
    [font=franklin gothic medium]
    [font=franklin gothic medium]nurse hobbit
  13. by   ceecel.dee
    Quote from Balder
    I can't believe how many bits and bytes get used up around here on such silly subjects.
    Lighten up! It's entertainment and the popularity of the programs speaks for how many of us just enjoy them for what they are.