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Take action! Complete survey and help design new nursing uniform July 4, 2003 -- The University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing is asking nurses to complete a 5-minute survey it is... Read More

  1. by   flowerchild
    Worf is cool!
    I'll wear his bandolier. Reminds me of the sash I wore in Girl Scouts. WTH, if it would work. LOL. Can I earn patches to wear on it? We could get colors to match our pants!
  2. by   JnJTyson
    I'm the same way with scrubs..I'm a larger woman (sz 20) And I actually have one of those hour glass figures....when I wear normal clothes..I can kinda hide some of the extra poundage but still look nice. Then there are scrubs. I look like a giant shipping box with legs and arms! I finally gave up and spent some money on having the tops taken in up in the chest area so it looked a little better. I'm one of those people that if I think I look like crap, I feel like crap. It honestly can take a toll on your communication with least with me. It makes me feel a lot better to look in the mirror and see that I look professional rather than like a box. Makes me feel better about myself, puts me in a better mood, and therefor makes me much more plesant to be around! =0)
  3. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Originally posted by SandySummers
    This is really bad!

    Is this a problem with Netscape or Internet Explorer? It's been a while since I took the survey, and I seem to think that I had to use Explorer to take it, but I can't quite remember.

    Please everyone, post the problems you had with it here and I will alert the people conducting the survey about it. Please list what operating system and browser you are using to help them debug the survey.

    Thank you all for your help,



    Sandy Summers, MSN, MPH, RN
    Executive Director
    The Center for Nursing Advocacy
    Windows XP professional using AOL web browser and IE
  4. by   MomNRN
    I had no problem answering the survey.

    I loved wearing scrubs when I worked at a hospital. I knew my job, I knew I functioned as a professional, I knew my patients and peers respected me, other than that I could care less what people think.

    We had free rein over what to choose to wear to work. A white outfit, with white "real" nurse shoes, wouldn't work in the ER setting I worked in. Comfort was an important issue as well. If I have to run around all hours of the day and night, I prefer to be comfortable!

    I now work in a setting (special needs school) where I can wear street clothes. I occasionally wear scrubs, but not too often. The students and the staff get freaked out when I look like a "nurse." The kids relate much better when I look like their mother!
  5. by   LeesieBug
    polyester with lots of buckles and zippers.........
    Happy, how weird! You just described my school uniform!!!!!!!!:chuckle
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  6. by   Kaylesh
    I just took the survey and had no problems with it.. I use Internet explorer as well.. ohhh well perhaps there has been a problem with the server for the site or something..
  7. by   Rocknurse
    I, for one, love scrubs! When I had just qualified we used to wear these horrible blue polyester dresses with black tights and belts. They were so restrictive you couldn't move, and you sweated constantly. I hated them. Now I'm in ICU we wear scrubs and they're so comfortable and I think I look like a real nurse from ER now! Other nurses in my hospital still wear stupid uniforms. Yuk...I'd rather wear scrubs.
  8. by   SandySummers
    Thank you all for completing the survey. I hope the web site continues to work better. I haven't heard from them, but perhaps they have been working on it since you all sent along your comments.

    Just an idea--what do you all think about having some sort of symbol on the uniform so that patients could differentiate a nurse's educational background--kind of like military uniforms--you can tell from the uniform that the person is a private or a General. Maybe our nursing uniforms could have one star (or other symbol) for an LPN, 2 stars for an AD or Diploma RN, 3 stars for a BSN, 4 stars for an MSN, 5 stars for the PhD...

    I just wanted to throw this up for discussion. Please let us hear what you think.

    Thank you,

    Sandy Summers, MSN, MPH, RN
    Executive Director
    The Center for Nursing Advocacy
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  9. by   teeituptom
    SandySummers you must be trying to start a fight with all that star stuff. An RN is an RN.
    As long as Im alive there will be school discrimination in nursing.
  10. by   ainz
    Scrubs and tennis shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, it is not a fashion shoe for the ladies who are worried about their appearance. Who cares, we all look like crap in scrubs relative to nice clothes. I miss scrubs and tennis shoes! I really despise the crisp, white uniform, it just looks so. . . . well. . . . . . nursey.
  11. by   sbic56
    No, don't like the star thing at all. That implies to the patient that they can expect "more" from the "5 star" nurse than the lowly "1 star" nurse. The increased friction it would cause among nurse peers would be disasterous. I agree with Tom; a nurse is a nurse.
  12. by   Zee_RN
    I had no problem taking the survey.

    My opinion: we need a more PROFESSIONAL look. I abhor cutsey uniforms/scrubs. They make us look like the subservient automatons that many of the public (and the physicians) already think we are. And like WhyO, while I like the comfort of scrubs, I don't care for the way they many people just look sloppy/slovenly in scrubs. I prefer a more tailored look myself.
  13. by   BrandieRNq
    I want badges as someone mentioned before! Just think of the possibilities!! Except then we would have pt.'s refusing care from the "less badged". Okay, never mind.

    But wait, what if we all had the same grads, nurses 20 yrs+, etc. ??