Help allnurses reach its Twitter goal - page 3

I just thought I would start something fun and see how fast we can get 10,000 members to follow us on twitter ;) Since is the largest nursing website, it only makes sense that we... Read More

  1. by   Cejai
    On Fridays they have something called "#followfriday" and you can post Twitter page suggestions for friends/celebs to follow. So, posting #followfriday@allnurses on your Twitter page (status) on Friday could help attract some followers.
  2. by   kgregg
    I am following allnurses!
  3. by   PacoUSA
    Just joined Twitter yesterday. Kind of been hesitating for a while to join since Facebook and already takes up a considerable amount of my time online. But I caved in. I'll probably only use it sparingly for now, but I did add allnurses to my feed, hope you reach your goal!
  4. by   George_MSN
    Way to go Brian. This is a splendid way to raise public awareness of nurses & nursing! Let your peeps know when the goal is achieved.
  5. by   Brian
    Thanks so much to everyone who is following @allnurses on twitter

    We are currently up to 2162 followers

  6. by   Multicollinearity
    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    I've never sent one.

    You're not alone. I'm fuzzy on what Twitter is/does. I think it's a sort of auto-feed system for text messages? Of course I've only sent a few text messages in my life, and my cell phone is always off, too.
  7. by   Multicollinearity
    Brian, I know I'm off topic, but I just had to mention your avatar. Your son's drawing is stunning! Wow!

  8. by   Cejai
    maybe this will be of help to some...

    it helps explain what twitter is and how to use it.
  9. by   kgregg
    facebook is a way to connect or RE-connect w friends... u create a page and friends write on your "wall"...and u can share photos its a lot of fun! As for Twitter...I am a Twitee however I still havent figured out the real purpose...u log in and create a "status msg" and u can follow ppl... ppl can follow you....
  10. by   jigzawnurse28
    follow me on twitter LOL
  11. by   *guest*
    i'm adding allnurses right now!
    i am just getting the hang of twitter, and to
    answer previous posters: no it doesn't spam you @ all

  12. by   George_MSN
    This this week's Time magazine - the cover story is about Twitter, and the conclusion was that the web will become "twittified" :typing in one way or another (not just within Twitter).
  13. by   nursebarbie70
    I have a Twitter Account and now I'm following allnurses on Twitter!