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Allright guys, here is my problem: My mom works as a CNA?CMA in a nursing home. The nursing home is forcing people to take flu shots this year. My mom has never taken a flu shot, she is just a... Read More

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    there's also a difference between ineptitude and malevolence. i'm much more willing to believe that the gov't accidentally let out a bug from a lab than i would be to believe that they invented, created, and deliberately released hiv and the bird flu to get rid of people.

    let's see... they're practicing biowarfare to cut down on numbers and yet limiting access to birth control and abortion because pop. control is against god. yep, makes sense.
    [font="comic sans ms"]two words... tuskegee & holocaust. these *things* did happen in the past & yes, people were experimented on by the government....albeit...the holocaust was of course sanction by the third reich germany...but to say that government(s)...specifically....*our* government wouldn't purposefully experiment on unknowing or unwilling subject isn't something to take lightly. nor is it something to laugh at or make fun of....it happened in the past & can certainly happen again because people like yourself *don't believe it could happen now.*

    i understand what somebody was trying to say in their original post. regular folks were tricked into believing hitlers rhetoric regarding the jews & we all know what happened there.

    just adding my two cents is all....cheers ,
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    this thread run so far off course....closing for night.