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so i'm an lpn. when people ask me what i do, i say i'm a nurse to avoid having to give a long explanation! then they ask me what i'm going to school for and i say nursing, so they're like... Read More

  1. by   gt4everpn
    "I'm an LPN and am in school to become an RN" will probably elicit about a thousand questions more than you feel like answering

    Yes it does, Believe me I've said everything you guys suggested, I guess some people are so confused about the differences of RNs and LPNs they just keep asking me what the differnces are! I have a friend who doesnt even know what RN means, LOL!! huh!
  2. by   Lee2
    When they question you about your age just tell them you're a fast learner. If I were being taken care of by a 19 year old LPN I'd just think they were super smart to get their education done so early. I'm about to finish my pre-reqs and apply to nursing school. I'm crazy nervous about it and the fact that you have done so well gives me faith it's possible to thrive.
  3. by   gt4everpn
    i would just say "i'm a nurse. i'm going to school to get a higher nursing degree." you don't have to go into the lpn/rn explanation if you don't want to. or be blunt, like suesquatch stated. you're really saying the same thing. or to make the explanation simple, just say that rns have more education than lpns, but both do most of the same duties and leave it at that.

    none of this will be a problem anymore once you become an rn.

    gracias!!! i will use this ''i'm going to get a higher nursing degree'' perfect, thanks, too bad couldnt figure this one out!!
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  4. by   gt4everpn
    thanks everyone!! happy holidays!:icon_cool:
  5. by   Wenckebach RN
    Quote from Suesquatch
    Why go through all of this?

    "I'm an LPN. I'm going to school to become an RN."
    Perfect answer. Don't be ashamed of yourself. Stand proud!
  6. by   suzi-Q
    See...Even the RN's are showing respect for your LPN. That speaks volumes.

    Like I said..I'm just starting nursing school for LPN and may never make RN, although I will try. But at my age I have kids and big financial responsibilities so I really admire you. So do these other nurses.

    Stick with these boards too. Everyone here is very supportive and will answer your questions.
  7. by   Ahhphoey
    I know exactly what the OP is going through because I've experienced the same thing. I went to a vo-tech high school studied practical nursing. Upon graduation, at age 17, I took my boards and became an LPN and went right back to school for my RN. I was asked these same questions about what an LPN is and how it differs from an RN also. I never became frustrated because I was proud of my profession and always willing to educate someone else on the LPN role. I just explained it very basically and simplistically without down playing either nurses' roles. I enjoyed answering these questions and usually the person I was speaking with appreciated the new info.
  8. by   agldragonRN
    i feel you. i am still an lpn student and man there has yet to be
    a first person to tell me "wow great you're going to be an lpn."

    i always feel the need to explain to people that i am going for the rn as well afterwards.

    i had a thread here as well about this and got some good advices but "they" still get to me sometimes.

    most of the time it is my relatives/family friends who are the worst, specially most of them are bsn nurses.

    i just can't wait to hear "oh you're only an adn rn?" next once i become an rn.

    oh well!!

    happy holidays everyone!!!

  9. by   caliotter3

    If you had a grandpa like mine, you could get a PhD or DNP and a prestigious job with all the perks and you would still hear from Grandpa, "Why didn't you become a doctor? Do you like emptying bedpans all day?" You can't win with some of them!
  10. by   GrumpyRN63
    Be Proud ( Lovely Proud Nurse) LPN :heartbeat
  11. by   Jo Dirt
    I know many people who became nurses as teenagers.

    I also have trouble explaining my degree to people. I really would rather not play the 20 questions but a lot of people are curious.

    It usually starts out when they see my scrub top, which I wear all the time.

    Are you a tech?

    No, I'm a nurse.



    (surprised and somewhat suspicious look)...Oh, where did you go to school?

    (oh boy, here we go....) Excelsior College.

    Where's that?

    Albany, New York.

    You went all the way to New York for school?.....

    It's gotten to the point I just say yes and cut it short.
  12. by   annaedRN
    I've been an LPN since 1999 and recently a RN. I can tell you that ...1. I couldn't function as an RN without LPNs to help me out 2. The foundations of nursing are the same no matter what your "title" as a nurse 3. I knew more and was better prepared as an LPN than many of the BSNs that I know. Always remember that you are a nurse and that more education will just enhance what you already do! Good luck!
  13. by   DutchgirlRN
    I was an LPN for 23 years. In the beginning of my career there was a huge difference between LPN's and RN's. We really were more like glorified CNA's. We were not allowed to touch an IV. LPN's have really come a long way. I've been an RN for 9 years now and see very little difference except that RN's have far more opportunities available to them.