Have you ever been stood up for an interview?

  1. Where you make an appointment for a telephone interview, and they just...don't call?
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  3. by   iwanna
    Yes, I was stood up for a phone interview, a few years ago. I was flabbergasted. The courtesy of a phone call would have been nice. If they decided that I was not a good candidate, they could have at least called to inform me. Sorry, this happened to you.
  4. by   CrunchRN
    The real thing too and this was when nurses were in demand!
  5. by   netglow
    And there you are all dressed up in your interview suit sitting at your kitchen table staring at the phone!

    -just kidding.

    That sux.
  6. by   littlewingrn
    I was stood up for a face to face! I drove an hour to the facility, met the HR rep and we headed to the nursing director's office. She was not there. Quick phone call to find out she had forgotten and could I wait around for a couple of hours. REALLY? I ended up staying around (not sure exactly why). Interviewed, was offered the job and politely declined. So glad I did. Everything happens for a reason and now I am as happy as a clam at a much better facility!
  7. by   merlee
    I have a good friend who is an executive that has been stood up twice just recently for phone interviews.

    People are becoming increasingly rude.
  8. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I had an interview that was rescheduled twice; two of the interviewer's relatives died in a 5-day span. When I finally got interviewed, they interviewed me for the wrong position. The job I applied for had been filled.
  9. by   LoveMyBugs
    Happened to me too.

    She called me about 2 hours later, I then let it go to voice mail, she said she got side tracked with something else..... I figured anyone rude enough to stand up on an interview would probably not be someone I would want to work for
  10. by   netglow
    Quote from Not_A_Hat_Person
    I had an interview that was rescheduled twice; two of the interviewer's relatives died in a 5-day span. When I finally got interviewed, they interviewed me for the wrong position. The job I applied for had been filled.

    Me too. I drove 40 miles for an interview. Waited there forever, then HR comes up to me and while we walk into the office I'm told the job has been filled. Then I interview with a neurotic NM who was NM for two units, for a totally different job, and all she does is tell me how she could never do "this" job herself, patients are abusive on this unit, and how bad it wears on you, nobody seems to be able to stay in the job. All the while, furrows in her forehead and shaking her head, looking down, wringing her hands. . I remember walking out to the parking garage amazed at what kind of idiots this new career has exposed me to.
  11. by   Hygiene Queen
    I came to an interview and when I arrived, I find out that the DON, who was going to interview me, had called in! Not only that, but she did not bother to tell anyone she had an interview!
    I waited for an hour, in the lobby, waiting for them to find someone to interview me.
    While I sat there, I realized an interview goes both ways.
    I wasn't impressed.
    When someone finally came to talk to me, the "interview" was in the lobby with the interviewer standing up, hovering behind a chair. I had to initiate the handshake... sheesh.
    It wasn't even an interview.
    It was, "When can you start?"
    They were rude and didn't care about my qualifications.
    I politely turned down the job.
    It struck me as some place I did not want to be.
  12. by   ohioSICUrn
    Yup,receptionist called me half an hour before the actual interview and said the NM confused the dates and she will call me to reschedule... I called back a day later and the receptionist said my application had a huge red X on it i.e NM was never going to call me back...fun.....
  13. by   CT Pixie
    Had an interview on a Sunday afternoon. A Sunday you ask..it was because they really wanted to fill the position and wanted me interviewed because they really were interested in me after my first interview, the day was THEIR suggestion. I got there early, checked in with the lobby receptionist (ALF facility) and waited..and waited..and waited. Finally the person who was to interview me came and informed me that he would have to cancel our interview as there was something "major" going on with the communication systems at the facility and he was working with ? to get the phone lines and computers back up and running. Said he was very sorry but would call me withing the next 24-48 hrs to interview by phone.

    I waited 48 hrs and nothing. I made several phone calls, sent several emails..no response! Really?! I finally gave up after sending emails and leaving voice mails over and over. Then I see another ad for the position again about two weeks later. I called and emailed..asking that I be granted my interview that had been cancelled..nothing. Then in the mail came a "thank you for taking time to meet with me, it was a pleasure. Although your resume' is impecable, we have gone with another candidate"..blah blah blah

    Really?!?! I NEVER met with him! Just goes to show the rudeness of some people. However, I did meet someone who worked for the facility and they stated "be glad you didn't get that interview and get hired" they showed, a potential employee exactly how they treat their employees...they don't care, don't respond to questions etc.."
  14. by   Marshall1
    I've had it happen twice - once by a telephone interview and once when I was already at the facility. They called me as I was sitting in the waiting room to tell me the DON wasn't able to make the appt. and I would need to reschedule. Thing was the "meeting" she was supposedly was actually going to lunch with a few other people and leaving early - because I happened to stop in the same restaurant going home - lo and behold there was the HR person who had called me and I had already met with, as well as a few others. I recognized the DON by her pic on the wall of leadership. They were eating AND drinking margarita's. I said "hello", ate, left and never went to the rescheduled appt.