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I mean like a staph infection, pneumonia, hep c, AIDS, or any viruses, or anything. Just wondering, as I am always nervous about this but I know that it is a risk we take everyday and we just have to... Read More

  1. by   mother/babyRN
    When ever the latest bout of flu or nasty virus goes around with our pregnant patients coming in for hydration or antibiotic treatment, that always starts a round of sickness amongst the staff....Sometimes in delivery we might have two or three patients with gastritis or the flu...Of COURSE, they have to pass it on somewhere...
  2. by   grandma rn38
    i got hep-c from a pt that was confused, and hit my hand and cause me to get a needle stick from her.
  3. by   Jay-Jay
    I've gotten terrible GI bugs twice. The first one was from a nursing home, and it hit me New Year's day evening (Happy New Year!) Spent most of the night hugging the china basin, and swapping ends over it. At one point, was sitting with a bucket between my knees. Next morning...had a fever of 102, and we were snowed in, to boot!

    My husband helped our neighbour shovel her driveway, and when we were done, she offered him the use of her car to drive me to the walk in clinic.

    Oh, yeah, early that morning, my employer calls me: "JANE!! They desperately need you back at that nursing home you were at yesterday!! They're having a flu epidemic, and half their staff is off sick!"

    Yeah, riiiight, TELL me about it!!!!

    Second one was a homecare pt. with an abcess. Her little girl loooved to get up on the bed and help with the dressing. I let her take the bandage off, and help cut the tape for me. She was such a sweetheart!

    When the dressing was done this particular day, the pt. asked me what to do for the stomach flu. Turns out both the little girl and her 6 month old baby brother had it. I made a few suggestions, then carefully washed my hands before I left.

    Too little, too late....that night it hit me at 1 in the morning. Of course, the next day was my busiest day of the week, and the office had to somehow try to place all 10 of my patients!

    How bad was it?? First time in my adult life I've had to get my hubby to help change soiled bedsheets!
  4. by   kids
    Originally posted by K O'Malley
    Fifths disease, while not at all serious can be lethal for an unborn child. I know of a tragic case of a pregnant nurse who caught Fifth's disease from a patient.
    That is really sad. Fifth is definately on an increase IMHO, it existed when my kids (18-23) were little but I never actually heard of someone getting it until the last couple of months, same as Hand, Foot & Mouth (coxsackie virus).
    BTW, Fifth is NOT contageous once the extremity rash appears and it NEVER itches (we have had 2 cases of Fifth lately that were dx by the school nurse that turned out to be strep with no sore throat).

    Fifth: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvrd/revb/.../parvo_b19.htm
    Fifth & pregnancy:
  5. by   kids
    Since I started working in a Peds clinic 2 months ago I have had some sort of URI/gastroenteritis every other week...am currently on Zithromax & prednisone for the laters one. My MD says that is just what happens but that the good news is by the time the cold/flu season starts my immune system with be strong enough to reach out and jack slap anyone who coughs in public.

    The thing that really irks me the most about catching one (minor) bug after the other is that it is happening because parents are not washing their kids (or their own) hands.
  6. by   rebel_red
    Thanks for the answers and the links.

  7. by   vettech
    Originally posted by kids-r-fun
    There is more than one type of scarcoptic mite (we treat a lot of scabies at my job), the mange mite that dogs get can infect humans but is a self limiting infection.

    A good link (I'm a CDC addict):
    Ah, gracias for the link. According to that link the culprit in humans is usually Sarcoptes scabei which is also the most common culprit in canine infestation (in felines it is Notoedres cati ). There is also a form of mange that is non-infectious (Demodectic mange) seen only in young or immunosuppressed animals.

    According to whatI've read, huamn infestations of S. scabei is usually self-limiting as the definitive host for the mite is the canine. In other words, sarcops mites would rather not live on a human but, given no other choice they will.

    Have you found that this is more common in immunospuuressed patients? I've only seen one human case of it and it was an elderly couple who was known for taking in strays.
  8. by   karenG
    fifths disease is also called slapped cheek over here.