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I mean like a staph infection, pneumonia, hep c, AIDS, or any viruses, or anything. Just wondering, as I am always nervous about this but I know that it is a risk we take everyday and we just have to... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    A coworker of mine got MRSA too... in a hangnail...she was off on WC , on ABX for 10 days on order of our employee health nurse.

    I was surprised that WC picked it up to be honest.
  2. by   vettech
    These stories are interresting yet a bit frightening.

    I was really suprised to read of all the cases of scabies. I've been in veterinary medicine for 10 years and have never caught it, nor have I known anyone who has. As scarcoptic mange mite's definitive host is the canine, not the human, the outbreaks y'all describe are puzzling. I'm not doubting it, just really suprised at how many of you folks have had it.

    Now ringworm on the other hand... I have chronic mild bouts of it. Seems if I lay hands on a pt with it, gloved or not, I'll break with a mild case.
  3. by   Spaniel gal
    red rebel, slap face is slang for Fifths disease.

  4. by   toronto rn
    I've had to take rifampin three different times after meningitis exposure. A coworker of mine was exposed to cytomegalo virus while pregnant and tested positive resulting in an agonizing wait to see if her child was born with problems. (thankfully not). We had many floors quarantined because of Norwalk virus over the fall and christmas, many nurses became ill with this virus. And of course the worst of all is the SARS epidemic which has affected many nurses and health care workers, some who still remain in critical condition. Universal precautions are no longer enough to protect health care workers.
  5. by   kids
    There is more than one type of scarcoptic mite (we treat a lot of scabies at my job), the mange mite that dogs get can infect humans but is a self limiting infection.

    A good link (I'm a CDC addict):
  6. by   Caitlin's Mommy
    I haven't caught any serious illness from a patient so far(knock on wood)The only thing I've caught is the common cold ,but I'm not sure if that was from my daughter bringing the germs home from school or not.One of my friends who worked as a CNA at a nursing home inhaled a staff infection.And she was so sick.I never thought you could inhale a staph infection,but apparently you can.

    Even though I do wear gloves when it comes to cleaning up bodily fluids and take the nessesary percautions. I still get tested for tb,hep B and C,and HIV every year when I have my physical just to be on the safe side.So far evey test result has come out negative(Thank God)
  7. by   CCL"Babe"
    Like Badbird my bro who is an LPN in LTC popped up a positive tb test about 2 or 3 years ago. Didn't actually have tb mind you but did take medication for a while. Like Badbird there was a patient on the floor who kept coming up with negative tb test but who actually had it. Some of these people are so immune suppressed they don't react.

    Me too. The hospital told me that if I ever got TB that I would not be able to claim it, because I could never prove that that particular patient gave it to me.

    Years ago got a really bad GI virus that was going around a local college. It was so bad that it made the news for days. No one knew initailly what caused it. We saw hundreds of students with it. Then all the ED staff started getting it. Never had a GI bug so bad before or since.
  8. by   MelRN13
    About 6 years ago, when I worked as an aide in LTC, we had a helluva breakout of influenza, facility was quaranteened, and I was ill, off work for 2 weeks, and felt miserable. But luckily, that is the only time I've been sick in the 7 years I've worked in healthcare.
  9. by   K O'Malley
    Fifths disease, while not at all serious can be lethal for an unborn child. I know of a tragic case of a pregnant nurse who caught Fifth's disease from a patient.
  10. by   galenight
    Despite my constant use of universal precautions, I've tested positive for tb, took 6 months of INH with a couple wierd side effects, I've contracted scabies, and the nastiest gi crud known to man 2 days before xmas. Merry xmas.. was my holiday off too, and all I did was mope in my jammies and wait for a merciful death...lol The interesting part of this is that we knew which patient we got it from and for those of us exposed to her we literally got sick (at home) within 1/2 hour of each other. Talk about virulent! I've also had a needle stick, but thankfully nothing came of that. Oh.. and a case of pink eye. I hardly ever get colds anymore. I like to think that I have an Arnold Schwartzenegger (sp?) immune system. LOL
  11. by   nadia562002
    I caught the flu in september of all times when I started my peds rotation. I never get sick especially in sep of all times. Who knows if it truly was one of the kids but you just never know. Its the only thing that makes sense. These were oncology kids so go figure. It would have made more sense to catch something from the daycare kids I worked with later in that semester.
  12. by   udontwannabme
    I work in a very small hospital, we get a lot of MRSA & C-diff from nursing homes, We admit them, then 2 or 3 days later, after most employees are exposed, and even other patients, we find out they need to be in isolation. We are all very serious about universal precautions, but it would really be nice to know about anything before we admit!!!
  13. by   oramar
    You know what is coming out of this thread. It is obvious that in light of all the respiratory infections nurses catch we need to rethink respiratory isolation.