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  1. by   NewRN2008
    I have chronic knee pain; and october 06 i was told i had a severly herniated disc pinching off my sciat (like they really had to tell me that for me to really know!! ) nacr's and all kinds of meds were on my list. i ended up having surgery to get disc out, and am totally fine now. In that mean time, i did chiro; hot packs; cold packs; massage; tens; relaxation; accpuncture; accupressure.. EVERYTHING i could get my little hands into to try (non drug tx)...i would try anything at least once just to see. I HATE needles, and accupuncture was horrid for me, but my boyfriend went and helped mentally. i firmly believe you have to try everything. that and i was in soooo much pain, i didnt have a choice but to try. surgery was the best thing i ever had for what my prob was. i will always have pain, but am always looking for new stuff ESP other than dang meds.
  2. by   Diary/Dairy
    During the period when J - my ex-husband - moved out - I was under a lot of stress - kept having palpitations that would make me catch my breath (not painful - just off rhythm...felt wierd, strong!) So I hooked myself up to the monitor at work one night - PAC's. The cardiologist nurse @ work recommended fish oil and magnesium supplements. That worked for me - I since stopped taking them because my stress level is down and I do not have any more palpitations.

    My eye doctor also reccommended fish oil to me as a treatment for dry eyes.

    Viking, wow - self amputation - what a man - I am not sure I would have had it in me to do that to myself!
  3. by   Simba&NalasMom
    Tea tree and lavender for boils which I chronically get (negative for MRSA, thank GOD!). Both have antiseptic and drawing properties. They only work if I can catch the little buggers before they get too big and painful, at which point I go back to Western medicine and get them lanced.

    Oil of clove for toothaches; it is also antiseptic in nature and numbed the pain far better than any Orajel I've ever used; I have read that it can be caustic to tissue, so I use it conservatively.
  4. by   husker_rn
    I take a combination of black cohosh and soy for hot flashes.....the jury is still out for hormone replacement. Have a stubborn spouse so when he fot a fungal toenail, I put Vicks on it. Took awhile to grow out but it worked. And of course I start taking Coldeze and Vitamin C when I feel a cold sneaking up. They work for me.
  5. by   akcarmean
    I have taken Herbal medicines in the past but right now just can't afford the extra. Heck I can't afford to get my prescription medication.
  6. by   wearingmanyhats
    I am limited as to what meds I can take (severe allergies) and NSaids(bleeding issues) but have tried with pretty good results, Tea Tree (skin infections) Reikei for managing my pain from a MVA 7 yrs ago, and yoga
  7. by   Woodenpug
    I had a mis-diagnosed lipoma on my back. My symptom was pain. I was diagnosed with dorsal nerve root compression and prescribed 800 mg Motrin tid. It did very little to relieve the pain. I had one treatment at the acupuncturist and the pain was relieved. The pain did not return for several years at which time a correct diagnoses was made and the lipoma was surgically removed.