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Have you ever been assigned to take care of a movie star, singer, etc? I never have, but I know there has to be at least one of us here who has.... Read More

  1. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    Took care of the mother of a famous Rock and Roller. Of course, I acted very professional while in the room but when I would leave I would think "OMG! I was just speaking with _______!!!!!!" I sooooooo wanted an autograph, but didn't think it was appropriate.
  2. by   ArmyMSN
    A very, very, very, very old U.S. politician - who I prayed didn't die on my watch - and he didn't. Funny thing was, he had absolutely no entourage or fanfare - I expected press secretaries, aids, etc.

    Oh yeah, he sure did like to flirt with the nurses. (Not to me since I'm a "male nurse").

    (Mods, delete if you think this is a HIPAA violation - I don't think it is).
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  3. by   santhony44
    Many years ago as a student I took care of the wife of a locally prominent lawyer. They knew most of the docs in town on a social basis so she had "consults" with everybody. This was back in the day when people could go in and stay in for just about anything.

    This patient had a Foley so that she wouldn't have to use a bedpan. I took care of her for 2-3 days and did everything for her- Foley care, helped with her makeup, bed bath, etc. etc. She enjoyed having the attention of a student.

    They decided to pull her Foley but she "couldn't go." So I went in the room to tell her that the doc had ordered it back in and that I or one of my fellow students would be putting it in.

    "Oh no!" She said, with a smile. "I want a real nurse to do that."

    What was I, her personal maid?

    I went immediately to my instructor. Needless to say, she was not troubled with a student again.
  4. by   grace90
    Yeah, once, he was in for HIPAA-titis...
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  5. by   princess_picklejuice
    we once had a "charlie's angel" at our hospital - no, i'm not going to disclose from which decade - and in as much as the word went around that she was a patient, everyone kept their distance and left her alone. i had to leave the room briefly, though, when i went into her room to introduce myself and she whined "doesn't anyone here want my autograph?"
  6. by   RNHawaii34
    hahaha, i would love to talk about it, but because of hipaa, i have to keep my mouth shut on this one ;-):spin:
  7. by   Antikigirl
    I have worked as a volunteer medic at outdoor events and concerts so I have met many famous people in the music and entertainment arena since I have all access for medical aide. I have worked on a few, helped with the staff of those people many times, and have had a few walk up to me and just say hi (I am in a special uniform that anounces me as a medic). Its a blast!
  8. by   muffie
    the father of an actor[amazingly nice family] and a politician[weird family]
  9. by   NurseCard
    Not really, but I have taken care of the aunt of a very very prominent political figure. I have also taken care of a somewhat prominent public figure from this area.

    Interesting thread, I wish we could actually tell WHO we've taken care of.
  10. by   CMCRN
    A very famous author, Oscar nominated actor, very prominent clergy, politicians/wives,lesser known author, sister of famous actor, finacial guru, They or their wives all have babies sooner or later
  11. by   AfloydRN
    Took care of a world renowned Boxer and also a famous comedian
  12. by   Dalzac
    I never took care of this guy so no hipaa laws. I used to babysit for Spanky McFarland (Our Gang's spanky) his kids were just the sweetest couple of kids I have ever taken care of. He was a hoot. He looked just like he did when he was a kid except he was very heavy and hairy
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  13. by   Haunted
    I can disclose this.... Dr Rey of Dr 90210 did my breast augmentation and rhinoplasty back in 1999 when he was commuting to Newport Beach. He is an absolute charmer and according to the clinic staff a dream to work with in the OR. He told me, and I am sure it has been disclosed on the TV show that he has had a lot of work done on his nose, chin and hair, which he also told me.

    Last time I saw him I had to track him down in Beverly Hills since he owed me some collagen (!). He was on the brink of getting married to his wife (Hallie) I think, and it was a set up marriage thru the Mormon church. I had heard thru the grapevine since then that she is a handfull but after watching that TV show can sure understand.

    I remember about 3 days after my surgery (which went well and the man is a genious with breast augmentation) I had somehow rebroke my nose and had to see him right away. I had his cellphone and found him working out at a gym somewhere in West LA. He said he was on a treadmill and I could hear other things in the background. He was completely exhausted but told me to take 2 vicodin and meet him at the clinic in Newport Beach the next morning where he popped my septum back into position.

    Ironically, during a followup appointment he told my then husband that most of his married patients who undergo breast aug usually end up leaving their spouses within 3 years. Thought that was an intesting stat at the time, turned out to be true.

    If he ever has a reunion show of women he enhanced when he first started out, you will see the girl who knew him back in the day! Still have my implants and fond memories of Dr. Rey. Total sweety.