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This might be a stupid question, but I was just curious to know if anyone here has been on a medical TV Series/Show? (ie.Code Blue, Trauma Life In The ER, etc......)... Read More

  1. by   SaraO'Hara
    My father was a reactor officer on USS Enterprise during the filming of Top Gun...

    I've only been on the local news. Something to do with marching band in high school.
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    My mother and I blundered onto the set of Hawaii Five-O way back in 1970 as they were filming a car chase scene on Kalakaua Avenue. It was our first visit there and we just wanted to see what was going on........so if you ever see an episode of the show with a middle-aged woman and an adolescent in matching muu-muus being hustled down the sidewalk, that's us!
  3. by   herring_RN
    Quote from Patient_Care_Asst
    I was an ER doc on TV once. (At least the TV media portrayed me that way.)

    I actually had the opportunity to meet the ER TV series staff in person on one occasion. In real life, they actually tour around the country and educate the public advocating on behalf of "real" nurses. (Not just "RN's" either ) They are often found as speakers at nursing graduations.

    They made it very clear they have absolutely no idea what they are doing. (Say maybe they really could be nurses huh? j/k)

    I have to say they are really a nice bunch of people to meet when they are off the set.

    My Best.
    I know an ER Doc who worked as an extra on ER. He played a nurse.
    He had no lines, hung and IV and pushed buttons. Made $35.00.
  4. by   Medic2RN
    I haven't been on any tv shows, but I have been on the local news and in several FETN (Fire & Emergency Training Network) videos.
  5. by   sharona97
    Do commercials count?
    I was in a commercial that showed in the Twin Cities area during the late 90's.
    I was working for a plastic surgery center at the time.
    So many of my neighbors called about the treatment we were advertising.
  6. by   nrsang97
    We have a local show in Detroit called "Minds of Medicine". It is filmed at the hospital where I work. Some of the staff have been on the show. Kinda funny when you are watching and see the day staff on the show. Usually just in passing. I however haven't been on TV.
  7. by   RNAnnjeh
    Life's Little Miracles (Canadian). Was taped for an episode, apparently it aired but I never saw it.
  8. by   keaton90
    I know its been a few months since the last post, but I just thought I would bring this back, since there are new members everyday.
  9. by   JamesJr.
    I have been an extra on One Tree Hill and a pilot show called East Bound and Down. I got paid around $60 each time for standing in the stands and they fed us lunch/dinner. Pretty nice except for the long wait inbetween shots.