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  1. JamesJr.

    Medicine or Nursing?

    I am not sure where exactly I see myself after school, just somewhere in medicine. Whether it is beginning to open my own practice, giving anesthesia to patients, working with pediatrics, anything. Nursing: Work 3-4 days a week, not on call. Tons of opportunities and a wide variety of places to work. Contact with patients Medicine (Doctor): Being able to open my own practice Possibly doing research Family practice - being personal More $$$ Being able to diagnose patients
  2. JamesJr.

    Medicine or Nursing?

    So I am a freshmen in college (19 years old) and will be entering my sophomore year in August. I am very fortunate to have been awarded provisional acceptance to a medical school as long as my GPA stays above a 3.5. I have been debating over the past few weeks whether I really want to go to medical school or follow through with my previous plan, nursing. Nursing was originally my dream career, but then when I was presented with that acceptance, my mindset changed from becoming a nurse to a doctor. I am now wondering if I should actually do nursing and forfeit my acceptance to the medical school. I realize the vast differences between the two jobs, but I cannot decide which I would rather do. Seven more years of schooling plus residency seems grueling. I just really do not want to forfeit the acceptance and then always think, "What if?". My goal through this post is to get some advice or assurance that nursing is the right path for me...I know that only I know which path is right...but I really don't! At this point, my whole family expects me to go to medical school. Schooling wise, I am having to take a lot more classes (Organic chemistry, physics, etc) to fulfill the requirements of the medical school acceptance. In the Fall, I am planning on taking both of my pre-requisites for nursing and medical school. ...it is daunting trying to do both. Never in my life have I not been able to do something, which is one thing that makes me want to keep on the medical path.