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  1. by   denise0815
    Hi everyone...
    I absolutely love this website!! I have only been a member for a month, but what a difference it has made in my life! :heartbeat
    I was nervous about going back to nursing school and changing careers, but with all the encouragement and support I have received, I have decided to go forward, "jump in and take the plunge". I know it will be difficult as I am a single mother of 2, but I am ready.
    I have read many stories of people in the same situation as myself and that has given me the courage to go for it! I can not thank you enough, for one day I will be so proud to carry the RN title behind my name!
    Good luck to everyone here and God Bless!!!!

  2. by   akanini
    I love this site! I'm on it on my phone ALL day, okay most of the day!
  3. by   MISTY BODINE
    I too love this site. I have learned that I am not the only one out here. I love the replies and I even giggle. Thanks for the support and happiness you my co-mates have given so freely.
  4. by   AB092504

    Everybody is so helpful. It really is an awesome little community! to everyone who made this site possible!
  5. by   coffeelover73
    Quote from ginger45
    i am so glad that i found this site. i was so very discouraged. it helped me to see that others have the same frustrations that i do. plus i have learned alot about myself. i am presently spending hours on this site but that will stop when i am employed again. however, i will contnue to stop by for some encouragement.

    thank you all for your kindness, compassion and honesty. this is a great group of people. may you all be blessed for what you do.....
    hey ginger45! like wise i feel the same way too...i've been resigned from my work in saudi last august 2006 and i have been keeping myself busy right now in reviewing some books & notes for my nclex exam this year...and sitting in front of my computer browsing allnurses.com forums all the time... things changed a lot when i joined allnurses.com...it makes a lot of sense...thanks to the founder & staff of allnurses.com,you really made a great help to all the nurses around the world!!!! good job!!keep it up!
    god bless us all...saint:
  6. by   ocmd79
    Count me in as another person officially addicted to this site! :typing I am very thankful for finding this because it's given me more confidence in my decision to enroll in nursing school. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful advice and stories, I enjoy reading it...though I must admit my housework has been suffering a bit more now
  7. by   BlessedRoseRN
    I must confess i too am addicted to allnurses.com. It is so helpful and the memebers are so supportive. 2 cheers for allnurses.com! Hip Hip Hoorah! Hip Hip Hoorah!!
  8. by   TLCinCICU
    I'm happily another who needs to find a 12-step program for my allnurses.com addiction. hehe It's helped me see more clearly just how my unit is still better than many out there - even at its worst. Some of my peers still remember the Gloria days (very close, aptly, to "glory days") when it was a near-perfect unit. The real world started intruding and they now grumble and gripe. I've suggested to many of them that they take a peak on here and open their eyes to what is really & truly good about how unreasonable their complaints are.
  9. by   crazensweet
    How did you become a staff?
  10. by   aloevera
    we're going thru so many changes, CNO, administrator, corp buy-out, 14 orientees, lots nurses leaving.....it is nice to come here and hear some (or read some) logic from some sane people !!!!!
    And, oh how some of you can make us laugh....it is wonderful...yes, I am trully addicted.....
  11. by   Flame_07
    :spin: I love it.
  12. by   maluangel118
  13. by   just212
    This is my second posting and it gets better and better as I read thru the forums.

    Love the enthusiasm:chuckle