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  1. shelly304

    Can Addiction be "Cured"

    I have been clean and sober since 1989 when I entered treatment at age 24; I was not a nurse at the time. I have no urge, no feeling of wanting to tempt myself in any way. I counsel women who are in early recovery. I also never ask myself the questions you are asking yourself because I would never tempt fate! I do not feel "loss" in my life because I can't use or drink like "normal" people. Always remember that alcohol is also a drug. I do not like the distinction between "alcoholics and drug addicts". Addiction is addiction. "Do all of these characteristic combined with the exposure to and subsequent physical addiction to Lortab define me as an addict for the rest of my life" This sentence in your post really stood out at me! There is a lot more to your story than just using Lortab. Your need for using caused you to divert and you were injecting patient drugs. This is incredible denial to me. There is a so much more to recovery than just going to meetings and complaining about our days. There needs to be an inner change in our being that only comes from taking a good look at what got us to shooting up patient drugs but thinking we only had a problem with Lortab. I read through many of your other posts from different forums. The majority of your posts are along the same theme that you have written about today. I believe you are searching for an answer. Therapy is a place to start dealing with "how" you got to where you were when you using. Therapy will help you deal with the issues of family, childhood etc. Then only you can decide if you want to move forward in your sessions about changing the way you view addiction and how you set yourself apart from others in it's classification. Addiction is only a symptom of an underlying deep manifestation of self-loathing. The root of this manifestation can only be released by daily commitment and desire to want to be healthy in mind, body, and soul. It is hard, hard work. I feel you are at the jumping off point. You have to crave the "want, need, and desire" to change the way you think. Or a person convinces themselves they can use and have no consequences. It can terribly frightning to take a good look at ourselves and admit to what got us to the place of desperation. My hope for you is that you will take the right road. Talk "HONESTLY" with your therapist and quit playing mind games with yourself. All the ifs, ands, or buts-and the "am I one", how come I can'ts" will land you right back to where you were 2 years ago. It almost seems as if you are seeking someone to tell you it's okay to use. "Our marriage is fine, believe it or not, and we only bring it up when we are really angry. " Why does your addiction become apart of your arguments with your spouse? This is wrong from either one of you. I feel your husband obviously has many unresolved issues himself and needs to find a place for himself to work this out. Alanon is an awesome program designed for him! You can't move forward if the two of you are always looking in the past! You are at a crossroad. You are seeking answers. Posting on a forum is a wonderful way to express yourself and get feedback. But it is time to take action.You can post until your fingers hurt! But only setting a plan of action will get you where you need to be. And where you need to be is working on yourself, digging deep into your soul, seeking answers and truths,finding solutions, and then learning how to apply this to your daily living plan. So in the future when you awake in the morning, you will be at peace; not at odds at why you can't drink or use like "normal" people. Remember-Addiction is just a symptom. Relapse begins long before we actually pick up that first drink or drug. I hope you seek out the help you so deserve, to be able to have the wonderful life you also deserve. God bless you.
  2. shelly304

    MD ordered placebo for pain PRN~would you give it?

    I worked with a MD in the ER six years ago. He was not on staff. He constantly ordered for Obecalp until most of the nurses refused to work him and admin found out his little game. I think he was a disgrace to the medical profession. Patients deserve to be treated with respect. They deserve to trust us. Actions like this only serve to fuel the patients mistrust of the doctors and nurses who work hard to provide the care they have come to us to recieve.
  3. shelly304

    My Family Tragedy: Passing of Showbizrn's Brother

    Thank you for the clarification. Could staff please change the thread title to read, "Brother of ShowbizRN". Very misleading to those friends with Showbiz and thinking she has passed. I recieved an email earlier today that a longtime member of the AN community had passed and it was ShowbizRN. My sympathies to Showbiz on the loss of her brother. Please know you are in our prayers.
  4. shelly304

    My Family Tragedy: Passing of Showbizrn's Brother

    Do you see what I am talking about now?
  5. shelly304

    My Family Tragedy: Passing of Showbizrn's Brother

    What I am commenting on is that if you go to Showbizrn profile and read past posts, showbiz is a WOMAN! The Op is stating they are a family member and showbiz-their brother has died.In showbiz posts-SHE is a WOMEN. Also when reading past posts BY showbiz, the style of writing is the same as in the original post on this thread. I am not the only one wondering about this, some of us have been PMing because something seems not right.
  6. shelly304

    My Family Tragedy: Passing of Showbizrn's Brother

    I am really confused about this post. At first I thought the OP was speaking of their brother. Then I took it to mean a family member was posting under ShowbizRN account to say "he" died. But when I went ShowbizRN profile to look at past posts made, ShowbizRN is a women. Has made posts referencing past gyn surgery and being married to a woman and much more to confirm that ShowbizRN is a woman, not a man as stated in the original post saying "he" died. Does anyone know more about this? Seems strange to me. I am not trying to insensitive just trying to make sense.
  7. RN and PA are two totally different professions. You wouldn't become a nurse to get experience to become a PA.There are some other forums on the net for PA. Or do a search here for nursing vs PA. There are great threads to view. Good luck!
  8. shelly304


    month after month this same thread circulates with different op.
  9. shelly304

    Improper glove use at your local eatery(s)

    My dh and I were having dinner at an Olive Garden a few years ago. Dh was eating a pasta dish and as he took the fork towards his mouth....I noticed something sticking out. It was fake nail!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I freaked. We called over the mgr who proceded to fall over himself apologizing. It wasn't his fault. He did say gloves were mandatory when any food was being handled but some employees just buck the system. He said he would rectify the situation and also use this as an example as to why gloves are important. If the chick had put gloves on the fake offending nail would have come off in the glove, not the pasta! They did give us gift cards and of course comped our meal. I gave the gift cards to a friend!
  10. shelly304

    LPN without a GED?

    You cannot go technical school, community college or through an 11 month LPN program without a GED. You also have to take a nursing entrance exam for any LPN program. A person cannot go into a program of "higher learning" without a GED. Even most fast food places require a GED now if you wish to be employed. If your mom is worried about being older than the other students, tell her not to sweat it. People of all ages decide to get their GED. She will do fine! I hope she pursues her dream. Someone with as much experience as she has in LTC will do great. Tell her to contact program she is looking at for her LPN. They can point her in the right direction to obtain her GED first! Good luck to her.
  11. shelly304

    Why can't my wife find a job?

    I am not sure what the problem would be and I do not know anything about the nursing situation in Indiana. Maybe go on the regional forum and post this. Also, is your wife a member here at allnurses? She would benefit greatly to post for herself and begin networking, both in general forums and her regional.
  12. shelly304

    So, tell me again why you suddenly want to be a nurse...?

    Nursing is my second career. I made far more in my first career. But I had always had in the back of my mind that someday I would go back to school (again!)to become a nurse and I did. The pay is not equal to the amount of responsibilty in my opinion. But if I choose to leave nursing, then I can. But for now, for me, the rewards personally are an added benefit. My husband always had a need for doing some type of altruistic work. Nursing would not have been for him!! He was led to become a lawyer. He practices family law. Talk about hearbreaking work! Now the words lawyer and altruistic may seemlike an odd pairing. But the heart and soul given to the cases he handles are at most heartbreaking. His salary is good but in no way is equal to that of a tax or corporate attorney. His job entails being social worker, psychiatrist, cop, mediator and the list goes. My husband often gets chided by his school buddies that say "Come work for me, you will make so much more". But my dh knows he would miserable and then it just be a "job". Being able to make a living in which you can take of youself and your family is what we all pursue. Being able to make a living doing what you love is priceless.
  13. shelly304

    Would you have done the same? Recieved wrong prescription.

    Wow, I'm blown away by this post. If I screwed up this bad I deserve to have it bought to my attention. Some complaints patients or family members submit have no merit. This kind of complaint holds great merit. My bil is a pharmacist. I sent him a copy of this thread. He had some great points: 1-The first comment he made was the pharm tech should have asked the pharmacist to speak with the customer and never handled that situation himself. 2-The pharmacist would have disposed of the meds. He/she would have no idea if the meds had been tampered with. 3-The meds cannot be resold. In this country, we do not even recycle the bottles prescription meds are given to the patient in. In some countries you can take your bottles back to the pharmacy to be recycled! 4-He also commented it put a red flag up for him that the tech took care of this, not turning it over to the pharmacist. Either this pharmacy is being run by shoody people who in turn have shoddy work ethics or the tech is perhaps filling scripts that a tech is not legally allowed to fill. He said this does happen. Pharmacists will let techs fill narc scripts and the pharmacist "just signs off". But a narc has to be visually assessed and counted by the a licensed pharmacist. Perhaps the tech filled this, realized he/she screwed up when the customer came back and was able to bury the whole situation. As a consumer I would greatly encourage you to proceed with contacting the home office of this chain pharmacy. And get the names of those who were involved. Yes, screw-ups happen, But they are also the driving force that makes us each better at our jobs. Imagine losing a family member because they were unable to understand they had been given the wrong med. (by not reading the info on the bottle or just assuming this is the med they are to take.) Scary stuff. We have to work hard to protect the license we have earned. It didn't come out of a Cracker Jack box. In my opinion that tech is putting the pharmacist's license at risk by not informing them of the situation. Imagine how we would feel if a nurse tech covered up a dire situation or "just handled it" without reporting to the nurse they work under. The ramifications are many.
  14. shelly304

    Husband uncomfortable with my job!

    I thought there was a mod assigned to every few threads. There seem to be so many. I have no idea how the whole "mod thing" works. It seems like some threads have mods breaking in constantly, so I assumed as threads are happening "they are right there" watching it unfold.
  15. shelly304

    Husband uncomfortable with my job!

    I did. About 10 minutes ago. Where are the mods?
  16. I have wiped a lot butts in my nursing career. The dirty jobs are not limited to nurse assistants. In my opinion being a CNA is a wonderful position to have while in school.