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  1. by   NurseTami
    Ours were:

    93-100 A
    86-92 B
    80-85 C

    There were a number of people that failed with a 79.99. They were very strict with this and it was made very clear that it is written in stone.
    It has been that way at that college for decades.

    On the other hand, no one has failed boards from my class, the class of 2001.

    The LPN program is the same and my entire class of 1990 passed baords as well.
  2. by   Brown Suga
    In my ADN program I don't remember the scale exactly, but anything below a 76% is failing. The scale goes something like this:
    92-100 A
    84-91 B
  3. by   Mkue

    Hi, 76 or better is passing.

    My 6th grader in a catholic school is graded on the higher scale 93-100 A..etc.

    Are the nursing schools making money off of the students that don't pass the courses? Since those students have to retake those courses, more money is generated to the school via the student.
  4. by   PhantomRN
    wow. i did not realize how lucky i had it!!!!

    our scale was the same as the rest of the college:
    90-100 a
    80- 89 b
    etc. however, we were not allowed to get any grade below an 80.

    our nursing grades were cummlative as well. so if one got all a's the first 3 terms we could almost fail the last term and still graduate. because the total gpa for the nursing courses were looked at as well as the course grades.
  5. by   TruthSeeker
    mkue, I don't know. How can I find out?

    Thanks for the info.
  6. by   pama
    I am the Dean of an ADN school in West Virginia. Currently we have the number one nursing program in the state, ranked number one in the region, and are in the top 1% nationwide. Part of our success is due to the standards the faculty have set for the student.

    The grading scale is as follows:

    94 - 100 A
    86 - 93 B
    80 - 85 C
    Anything below an 80 is a failure.

    Plus students must successfully pass clinicals, plus attain an 86% on individual exit exams for each course, plus pass a comprehensive exit exam with a score of 86% in order to graduate.

    Students who are not success may repeat one time. In order to repeat they must write a letter asking to be readmitted. Upon readmission they must abide by any new standards that have been implemented.

    The standards are published prior to the student applying for admission. Last year we had 372 students apply for admission. Normally we accept between 60-65 students every fall.
  7. by   TruthSeeker
    pama, thank you so much for responding. i am truly happy to know that a Dean of an ADN responded to my message.

    But not only am I thankful that you responded but also others who have responded, because it gives me information about your college. Thank you to all.

    pama, I would like to get your input on something else, if you would not mind responding and I surely would appreciate it so much if you would.

    Several days ago, I found out from speaking to an instructor at the college that I am attending at, the Level 3 students received 3 points to their final grades. And so some that had 77 for their final grade, this made them to pass into level 4. Several of us who will be repeating level 4, are concern as well as upset because those that originally did fail and got the 3 points added to their final grade, might be knocking us out. Meaning, we might have to sit out a semester.

    How this came about for them [Level 3] to received the 3 points, some of the students went to the Vice President of the college and the 3 points were the effects of it.

    What [if any] actions should we do. Do we have any rights in this action, seeing how it might prevent us from going back in this spring 2002, into Level 4.

    Thank you for your response on this and for any information or advise.

  8. by   kenmill
    I am attending Monroe County Community College's ADN program in Monroe, Michigan. Our's is a limited space program, and you have to met the tough screening criteria before being admitted to the program. The grading scale is pretty tough to keep up with, but it helps weed out people who should probably look at careers other than nursing.
    A= 100-91.5
    B= 91.4-82.5
    C= 82.4-76.0
    We have no D's, anything below a 76.0 is failing.

    Ken L.
  9. by   LPN_mn
    I went to a 2 year LPN program in Minnesota. Anything below 80% was failing. You were allowed to miss 2 or 3 days of clinical any more than that you failed.
  10. by   angelnurse75951
    I am an instructor in an LVN program and the minimum passing score in the program is 75. I believe it is the same for our RN program at our college also. My nursing courses had a higher scale for passing also. It is to help insure adequate pass rates on the state board exams.
  11. by   KC CHICK
    The grading scale for my ADN program was exactly the same as yours, Truthseeker.....everything below 75 was failing. It is very possible to pass successfully.
    Not to be rude, but, why set lower expectations for yourself?? Set the bar high and do your best. You chose your college for a reason....who cares what everyone else is doing?? Making waves and signing petitions usually doesn't mean much to college administrators. (They look at numbers...pass rates for the NCLEX)
    Focus on your studies....focus on YOU. You can pass with this grading scale...and you'll be very proud of yourself when you do.

    I got through the program with a 3.1 GPA and am darn proud of it. (Considering I took all my co-requisite classes w/my nursing courses at the same time.)

    It can be done! Go with the flow and deal with the perameters that have been set for you. They always told us that a good nurse is a 'flexible' nurse.
    (My school was Penn Valley Community College of Kansas City, Mo.)
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  12. by   kennedyj
    My school BethEl college of nursing / Univ of Colorado

    A 96-100
    A- 90-95
    B+ 87-89
    B 84-86
    B- 80-83
    C+ 77-79
    C 74-76
    C- 70-73
    under 70 failing

    we would ave about 5 A-/A's for 30 students per core course

    hope it helps
  13. by   mfonseca
    I am currently under an ADN Program here in Houston, TX. Our grading scale is as follows:


    Under a 70 is failing. We have 7 test per semester which count 75% if our final grade. Our Math test (which we took with every test, counts for 10% of our final grade, and of course our comprehensive test counts for 15%. I just finished my third semester! We get three grades per semester. One is for lecture test, the other for lab test, and the other for clinical. If we fail one we would fail all regardless of we would have all A's. In our final semester we have to have a 85% or better in our HESI test in order to graduate.

    In the first year of nursing school we had only 4 tries to pass our math test, and we had to get a 90 or above, if we didn't pass, we would of been kicked out of the program. We are also not under a "block" format. Which means we do a little of everything all at once. For example, We don't do one semster all on OB/GYN or pedi. We start doing all of that since the beginning. First semester was Preventive care or routine care. Second a little Med-Surg and a little critical. Third is critical care in all areas. Good luck and any advice would be very helpful on how to survive the last semester!!! Also how do you know what area you should work in the first year of school. I am still clueless about this. I like Pediatrics, NICU, and ER.