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  1. Hi,

    I graduated with my bachelor's of nursing degree; however, I can't seem to pass my RN exam. What do I need to do in order to become an LPN?
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  3. by   NaKcl
    I believe you need to take the test for LPN too. My suggestion is to go buy/ rent some NCLEX books and practice tons of test questions, then take it again. You can do it. You made through BSN school.
  4. by   imagenthings
    what positivern said! you can do it!!!
  5. by   DogWmn
    What they said, get some help, take some practice tests and figure out WHY you are not passing the NCLEX-RN. In order to get your LPN you need to go to an PN school - very few states allow RN grads to challenge the PN NCLEX anymore and I've got a big surprise for you the PN-NCLEX test is pretty tough too, there was a recent post about a new grad PN who was accidently given the RN-NCLEX by the testing center and passed it - poor thing still had to take the PN-NCLEX . Sooooo, study up, get some help if you have to. There's lots of threads on how to pass the test.
  6. by   Nursein215
    First Congrats on finishing your BSN which im sure was not easy but you settling for LPN is not going to cut it. You went to school for years for this dont give up now. Use the letter that your state board of nursing gives you when you fail your test, as a study guide to determine what your strengths and weakness are. Just keep trying but pace your self and keep studying. Good Luck
  7. by   pfaceliz
    hi! you better check with the state you are taking your nclex. i'm familiar though with california. what you need to do is go to their website delegated for practical nurses or lvn /lpn, download the application and if you reside outside california, you have to request for the hard card for fingerprints which you can do by email. if you have been found eligible for the RN test by the Ca BON RN , then you can write the BON RN to send copies of your transcript to the BVNPT for a $30 fee.
    You can take both the RN and LPN tests. Goodluck and hope things work out well for you. Hope this was helpful
  8. by   INLPN93
    I am a LPN, I just wanted that to be said so I do not have a problem with LPNs.

    Under no uncertain terms should you settle for being a LPN with your level of education.
    The difference in what you were taught and what a LPN is taught is too significant. You will have difficulty with staying within your scope of practice because you know more, and have been taught more- from assessment to clinical skills. Then the's a chance you would be used outside your scope of practice by management because they know you're BSN degreed. I have seen it happen to LPN's in the ASN process.
    It can lead to more trouble than its worth to try a pass the RN.

    Find every type of study resouce there is, take a RN refresher course usually at a local university or community college. Go to the book store and look for a NCLEX-RN comprehnsive review and Q & A book that you feel will prepare you.
    Don't buy countless books that helped others, find the one for you.

    Good Luck to you.
    I really hope that you find a way to prepare for the NCLEX-RN, not the NCLEX-PN. Don't give up and settle for so much less.
  9. by   busybee123
    In the state of NH the RN NCLEX and PN NCLEX come from the exact same bank of questions.
  10. by   Fiona59
    Be grateful you aren't in Canada. Three fails and you're done. Back to uni for a refresher.

    The LPN practice permit IS NOT a consolation prize for those who can't get an RN permit.
  11. by   RN0310
    I was in the same situation. So I decided to get a NCLEX tutuor. I posted an Ad in my employeers daily news letter and someone responded. Basically what the tutur did was go over Patho of each and every system. He helped me break down the system and do a head to toe assessment based off of case studies in those systems. He gave me practice questions after every section. I took detailed notes of every system and did NCLEX questions based off each system daily. And I finally passed. I was like you, I had given up hope for a while....but anything is possible.