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  1. by   AAHZ
  2. by   Nurse2bSandy
    Gee, it seems like no one here is a cell phone user... but you do sure see people using them. I can't believe how it is at school... in class those things go off all the time, regardless of any warnings that they'd better not. The minute class is over they start to go off and all around campus you see people with their heads to one side chatting on the phone. (This is community college... not nursing classes)
    The grocery store chatters are the ones that kill me... or how about walkers that talk while they walk... what about those hands-free things that let people just walk along talking... it takes me awhile to figure out who they are talking to.

    I do have a cell phone but only people who are involved with my children have the number. Our youngest is a special needs kid and I need to be reachable. If anyone asks for my cell phone, I don't give it out. I don't want to be one of those with a phone stuck to my ear!
  3. by   gwenith
    Like a lot of people I have a cell phone "for emergencies" - I was going to cancel it but my mother told me that she would worry too much about me coming home late (and I am HOW old Mum?:chuckle

    Every hospital here has a big sign up - please turn off your mobile phones when entering the building. WE still have people how don't think that applies to THEM! but most people are very good about it.
  4. by   Brita01
    Originally posted by baseline
    Ring? I would LOVE for one of those suckers to just ring...instead of sing .... sing a song.....sing it clear....sing it long....just sing......sing a song...............

    No kidding! And don't you just love it when they have to let the entire stupid song play before they answer the phone? Just to let everyone hear how cute they think their singing phone is. Bugs the crap outta me!
  5. by   GPatty
    My cell phone id for my children to reach me in case of emergency. Otherwise, no one else calls me, which is fine...I don't want them to!
    Hubby, on the other hand, is a cellphone freak. He calls me about 3 times a day, just to talk, text messages me at all hours, just to say hi, and every one in America (it seems) has his cell phone number. We have like 500 free minutes per month. I use maybe 20 miutes of that, and he uses the rest, and then goes over to where we have to pay extra for his phone usage!
    It's 5:25am now, and I can just about guarentee he has been on his phone at least once this morning already....I've threatened him that if he doesn't quit, I'll have his turned off....we can't afford it!
  6. by   teeituptom
    Howdy ya'll
    from deep in the rain of texas

    Ive been asked to get and carry a cell phone in case a mass casualty incident is called and I need to report to the ER. However I havent gotten one.
    1. If Im on the golfcourse I wouldnt want one ringing in the middle of my backswing.

    2. I havent figured out how to work the darn things.

    3. They cost more than reg phones, but have to admit prices are getting better.

    4. I would always lose the damn thing as they are so small nowadays.

    5. I know a neurosurgeon who swears they cause brain tumors, and I have enough problems there as is.

    6. If I want to reach out and touch someone, then I want them in range of my fist anyway.

    7. This is true. BTW I had a nurse I work with carrying one and she had a racial discrimination complaint filed against her as hers was set to play DIXIE.
  7. by   suzannasue
    The only reason I bought a cell phone is because a couple of years ago I almost fainted while driving back from MD's office...pulled off the road, was diaphoretic and in a lot of pain (fractured coccyx) soon as I recovered from that episode, I went home and gave my scripts to hubby who took them to pharmacy... then we went together and got the phone...use it rarely...but hubby cannot get by one whole day without yakking in his...I detest being anywhere, especially at work and hearing a cell phone ring or sing...put the dang thing on vibration mode ppl(seems to me that would be much more fun anyway)...and get out of the telemetry unit if you just have to talk...yes indeedy have seen much interference from cell phones on the monitors...once I make sure the pts are not in distress I become quite militant in my search for anyone using a cell phone... and by golly, I tell "whomever" to turn it off...
    Have even heard cell phones ring at funerals... rude rude rude!!!!
    I agree teeituptom...cannot figure out how to do all the "cool stuff" on the hear my messages... the user instruction guide is written in a "user unfriendly" manner... I need a SIMPLE explanation of things...that's another reason why I could never do anything with my VCR except play a movie... once shown how to do something I can do it proficiently... but these instruction manuals are way outta my understanding...
    I think there should be national legislation that would require all cell phone users who insist on yakking while driving, be written a safety violation ticket and be given a huge monetary fine and points should be added to their licenses...perhaps a 500% increase on their insurance premiums would help them understand how dangerous they are to themselves and others.
    Just MHO....
  8. by   new2nursing
    Where I am working right now is in ICU, there we have our own HMO Doc's on staff 24hours. This one doc, carries around his cell phone and talks personal conversations all the time, yet no one says anything. We have everyone on monitors, most on vents. Go figure? I think its a double standard, no one else is allowed to have cell phones in the hospital, and everyone talks about it but no one stops him!!!
  9. by   funnygirl_rn
    Originally posted by kat57
    Hello there...

    What did people do before cell phones ? Is it that important that I hear their conversation in the grocery store, library and the dept. store dressing room ? Does it make them feel important ? It's rude! unless it's an emergency. Lately I complain to the management in a restaurant or library. I had to vent.
    DITTO!!! Today while driving to work...I often take the back roads...and low & behold...I got behind someone yacking away on her cell phone...driving like a turtle...just oblivious to how SLOW she was driving!! Agh...that really irks me!!
  10. by   joyflnoyz
    OK, I admit it..I have a mobile phone and use iteveryday...mostly to talk to husband and kids (Due to weird circumstances I'm in MI right now, and they are inTX). I could live without it, did so for many years. Husband gave it to me for Christmas 3 years ago. I was taking a couple of classes..try to find a working pay phone on campus!! THEN had to have change AND the college is LD to our house. My kids are home all day, and I need to stay available. (current ages are 21,20, 16 and 11..oldest 2 in college now..)

    I turn off the ringer while at the movies, in an appointment, at church, on a hospital floor etc. However, why do y'all get upset at someone using his phone in a resturant? In a store? how is that RUDE? Please do explain this to me. I see it as no different than talking to someone at your table. It's no one's business what your conversation is while at a table--you don't eavesdrop while in a resturant with 2 persons at another table, do you? Then why listen in with one of the particpants on a phone? Matter of fact, husband and I have "had lunch" together while me in MI and he in TX!

    CAN I live without it? HEck YES..did it in February (albeit accidently when it fell out of my pocket in a snowbank as I was packing the car to get to the airport to go home ans see my family). Do I WANT to? heck NO It's one heck of a convienience and an absolute luxury, but I love having it. 99% of my calls are made on the mobile phone.
  11. by   teeituptom
    I would rather reach out and touch someone personally
    Maybe Im just old
  12. by   Mkue
    I hardly ever use my cell phone, but it's nice to have just in case. I'm starting to let my teenagers use it to call home when they need picked up etc..
  13. by   altomga
    We have the hardest time getting visitors to NOT USE THEIR CELL PHONES TOO!!! They just say, oh well it's just for a sec...NO TURN IT OFF!!! GEEZ....thick headed people.....
    I'm so tired of visitors/family members that won't cooperate and follow hospital rules!