Got into LPN and RN What Should I Do?

  1. Ok, here's the deal. I'm a male 45 year old with one 11 year old son. Took all prereqs for LPN and most for ADN. Aced TEAS (don't ask me how, I just did on version V, was luck probably). Anyway, I would only have to take just LPN classes Pract 1-3 and Pharm. For the ADN, I'd have to take the nursing classes and AP 168 and 169 because I only took the LPN A&P. My original thinking was I need to get a decent job as fast as I can to be able to adequately support my son and myself. Tired of worrying about being terminated at different jobs because of the economy. I live in NC and it's mostly manufacturing and service industry. But, after a year of going to school, most of my instructors have encouraged me to accept the ADN letter because my job opportunities will be so much better. And, because of my grades, I'm more than qualified. Have a cuml. of 3.579 and got an A in LPN A&P. I've had all my maths for both programs, got an A etc. Having said all of this, I was set (and had my mind made up) on LPN then transition in ADN for money sake. But, having gotten the letter, and holding it in my hands, I'm having second thoughts especially with the job market for nurses in NC. It use to be an LPN could work in hospitals, not anymore unless your grandfathered. Mostly LPN work in LTC facilities and Dr offices (the LTC I like, but I'm not the Dr's office type). What's your ideas? Thoughts? etc. I've got until June 1 to make up my mind, but I'll either accept or decline the ADN by May 31th. Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    Go into the RN program.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Go into the RN program.
  5. by   Double-Helix
    Personally, I'd go for the RN because, like you said, you'll have more job opportunities. It is a competitive market either way, but at least with an RN you will have more jobs available to you.
    However, only you can decide what is right for your financially and as a time commitment.

    To help your decision, look into current job openings in your area. Compare the number of LPN jobs vs RN jobs and the salary. Also look into hiring trends in your area. Is an ADN just as likely to get hired as a BSN? If hiring is trending toward BSNs then you might be better to go for the LPN quickly and get your BSN later on.
  6. by   CrazziiRN913
    I would go straight for the RN if you eventually want to get it anyways. I will save you money and even though its 2 years you'll make more when your done! :-) good luck on which ever you choose
  7. by   Katie5
    RN.You like the LTC now, what about years down the road, will you still like it?

    RN, gives you more versatility( and if you still believe LTC is your niche), then you still get that (at better pay,hopefully).
  8. by   Seas
    ADN program.
    It is really competitive to get into ADN (RN) programs, and you are accepted. You shouldn't miss this opportunity.
  9. by   b00ger
    I agree with every other post. Go straight to the RN program. Good luck!
  10. by   Chin up
    It is worth the extra year to get your RN. Also, many lpn2rn bridge programs have waiting list, in my area, a couple of years. Take this opportunity while you can. Good luck. Peace!
  11. by   Tfish1065
    Very good points. In fact (NC stats) it is trending to BSN in the Raleigh area, Tri-ad, as in Greensboro, Winstin-Salem and Charlotte metro, but in eastern NC most hospitals would not let your charge nurse without a BSN-otherwise they're happy to have a warm RN body!. There are some very good and $$ reasonable RN to BSN programs in NC online, ie UNC, NC Central, ECU etc. On Monster, Hot Jobs, Career Builder, etc, it's becoming harder to find a LPN job without 1-3 years of experience and the base pay with no experience is around 16-17/hr. I know some hiring managers in human resources and this is their honest opinion.
  12. by   Tfish1065
    I keep playing devils advocate in my head. The only reason LPN's get to transition into the ADN in eastern NC is because somebody failed out of the ADN in the first year. I dont' want to be the person that has to give up a seat because of grades. Because ADN is so competitive it's the kiss of death, at least in eastern North Carolina.
  13. by   mkjh
    RN hands down.
  14. by   CT Pixie
    As an LPN who's now starting the LPN to RN opinion..if you're been accepted to both..go for the RN. Especially since you already had it in your mind you'd eventually do the LPN to RN when you got your LPN..

    I can tell you many LPN's had the greatest of intentions to do the LPN to RN. The thing is life happens, you're now working and a year goes by, then two, then three and then the thought of going back to school really isn't appealing. I know this for a fact I should have just gone right back, but I wanted "a break" and next thing I knew it was 3 years later. But I've finally bitten the proverbial bullet and am diving in head first for my RN now.