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Well, the start of a new year and I'm kissing nursing good bye after only 5 short months. I graduated in may and started at a hospital in august. My very first preceptor was a nightmare, on my... Read More

  1. by   nurseybertie
    I worked in as a float nurse in a multi specialty clinic for ten years. they do so much and you learn so much. Dr's offices provide you with on the job training and you will learn EKG's, Out Patient surgical procedures, Phlebotomy, Ear lavage, Allergy testing, Skin Testing, and so much more, the possiblilities are endless. There are so many specialties that I can't even begin to tell you everything. I loved the hands on assisting I did in Plastic Surgery the best. Plus you will have weekends and holidays off!
    so stay positive and remember there are many roles in nursing.
  2. by   RGN1
    Like the others have said - don't give up on nursing. I'm sure you will find something that suits your own personal needs.

    The list does seem to be endless. However, with your pregnancy in mind I think you made a brave, but correct, decision not to stay in the stressful environment that you were in.

    Good luck to you & your family & I pray that something better will come up for you in the future.
  3. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    Congratulations on the baby! I believe you're making a wise choice to make family your focus at this point.

    But let me get this straight: you're quitting after only 5 MONTHS? Surely you don't believe that your two (bad) experiences in such a short time represent the entire breadth of the nursing life.

    Maybe I am way off base here, but I am guessing you are young, with relatively little job experience. Let me share something with you: politics exists everywhere. I've been in the workforce since I was 15 years old -- that's 30 years. During those three decades, I have worked in retail, hospitality and administration (office work) in for-profit and non-profit settings. One thing I can say with absolute certainty: all of these places had lousy managers who were nitpicking backstabbers. They also all had great managers who really knew how to effectively motivate people, create real esprit de corps and were a joy to work with.

    The situation you describe in your two awful nursing experiences (and make no mistake, your experiences thus far have been truly awful!) are not representative of the entire nursing field. Two jobs and five months of experiences are not enough to make a truly informed decision to dismiss the entire profession as "not for me."

    As others have said, please keep up your nursing license. The field needs great, caring nurses like yourself. Just because you haven't yet found your nursing niche doesn't mean there's not a place for you. But also, don't expect to find The Perfect Position. It probably doesn't exist. No matter where you finally land, you'll have to learn to deal with unpleasant, incompetent people who happen to be your "superiors." That fact will be true whether you stay in nursing or not. Trust me on this.

    Good luck with the baby and your career!
  4. by   Pompom
    You may at one point in you life have to ask yourself if the problem really was you, you may not understand the reasoning yet since you are so new. I am not saying that insulting anyone in front of others is acceptable but if you are failing in orientation from 2 different hospitals I wonder if the problem is in you skill, attitude, or ability to really learn the profession. If you truly do not like nursing and do not want to put the effort into the profession then perhaps you made the right decision to leave. Nursing is not for everyone. Good luck to you.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from healer27

    do you have to be experienced to work at a free standing surgery center?
    No, not necessarily although being good at starting IV's is a must. Actually, you WILL get good at it since the pre-op nurse can start 25 - 30 IV's in a day, depending on how many surgeries and how many nurses there are.

    A friend of mine worked in a surgery center and did it part-time so she could be with her children.

    They did hire new nurses.

  6. by   Jo Dirt
    Congrats on your pregnancy. I'm four months along myself, and am looking forward to the day I can kiss nursing goodbye. It's a cut throat business.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am sorry we are losing you so soon. Enjoy your new baby and keep the license current. You never know, you may change your mind and find a position much more appealing and less stressful for you.
  8. by   pink2blue1
    Wow, I am really sorry to hear that. I just started my job yesterday, but I am working at the same hospital I have been at for 4+ years as a CNA. The nurses I work with learned to trust me and so far so good. I have a preceptor that I have worked with for 4 years as an AIDE.

    Good luck to you and congrats on your baby. I agree with the others. Keep your license current and maybe someplace down the road you will find that you want to give it a try. remember how hard you worked to get here and remember what attracted you to nursing in the first place.

    Good luck!
  9. by   oldiebutgoodie
    I also had a rough start in nursing, and believe me, I was not young. I went to nursing school at age 50, and started in an ICU. The hiring manager basically lied to me when she said she hired me for days and PMs, and then put me on 4 nights a week. The nurses were unfriendly, and in some cases, downright mean. One accused me of making a medication error (calculating a drip rate--a lot of times, this place did not put meds on a pump!) when I did not. She also wrote me up for giving a med late (couldn't find it, etc...)

    SO, after 4 months, I went to a different ICU. Although I was working days, the other nurses were clique-y, many were unhappy about having to precept new people, and there was a culture of "tattling". I stuck it out about a year, and transferred to a Med-surg floor.

    Well, I really like Med-surg! The people are great, I like the patients, the hours are good, and so far (knock on wood) the manager seems fair.

    So, sometimes it takes a while to find your niche. One good thing is that you can use your pregnancy as an excuse for dropping out of the work force for a while.

    Good luck!

  10. by   gitterbug
    I am sorry you were treated so badly. Enjoy the baby, keep the license, look for some part time low stress job in nursing or connected with nursing. Good luck.
  11. by   LuvSunflowers
    I'm new to the forum and I'm glad I have decided to join. As I see, there are nurses out there who feel the way I do. I've been in this profession for a year and a half. So far, I have worked with adults and now, children. I'm looking for my niche. Its frustrating and I'm not as happy as I thought I would be when graduating nursing school. I have thought of leaving nursing but I love caring for people. It the bureauracy of the nursing profession that really disappoints me. How do I get pass that and enjoy a long successful career?
  12. by   twilite
    Healer 27, God bless you for listening to that voice in your gut that's giving you the best advice ever. I wished I'd listened to mine. Here I am 30 yrs later and trying to get disability for my poor broken down arthritic body and burnt out spirit. Nursing is slave labor with a little better salary thrown at us to keep us from bailing in the droves more of us wish that we could. In my 30 yrs. I've done every kind of nursing there is, and in each and every field, its always the same too much work, chaos, pressure, disrespect, insults, threats of being written up, loss of license, loss of job, etc. Like we're supposed to be perfect llittle robots who have no needs or feelings of our own. Trying to please patients, families, nursing supervisors, doctors, pharmacy auditors. We're the bottom of the heap. Not only that, but in so many jobs my fellow nurses were the worst offenders against one another. Talk about not sticking together to help each other. No wonder we all feel so paranoid, exhausted, unappreciated, stressed out, etc. I really hope I get my disability so I can finally do something really rewarding with my time like volunteering, or art, or just about anything else. Good luck in your decision and also with your new coming baby! btw, the manager at my bank confided to me that she left nursing after 2 yrs as a BSN and went to work at the bank at a fraction of the money and couldn't be happier. You're making the right decision!! You GO girl..... Twilite
  13. by   silly1982
    hey, this is from my thread "never give up"

    never give up!
    last october of 2005, i started an or program here in vancouvercanada. i came into a situation where the instructor bullied me, criticized me, ignored me, laughed at me. it was a horrible 5.5 months of dreading going into class/the or, crying, feeling stupid, questioning myself. to make things worse this instructor put me into an or room with her two friends who always yelled at me, belittled me, and made nasty comments....right in front of the doctors and other students.

    i was told things such as, "you've had it easy haven't you? you've had it easy all of your life" (implying i'm spoiled), she laughed at me with her favorite pet student, made things up about my performance or had expectations that she did not for the other students, she was sweet to the other students and ignored me in conversations, she would hug the other students and chat/laugh with them, even at one point went for dinner with them...minus me of course.

    even when i did very well or knew things the other students did not, my failures were highlighted instead...right in front of the other students. i would receive feedback right in front of the other students, " really need to improve're lacking...bla bla bla ". in front of the other students, she even told me that the instructors and her feel that i am arrogant...when i started crying she changed the topic. the list is so long, needless to say, my confidence was down to 0.

    two weeks before graduation i was blamed for an incident that happened in the room....for a mistake the anesthetist and the circulating nurse made...because i did not notice this mistake, i was informed i would not get my certificate at the same as the other students did, but instead receive it sometime during my year commitment to the hospital. (this wouldn't even be a guarantee).

    that same week, two weeks before graduation, my instructor put her friend into my room, an instructor from another school who didn't work in my or or ever interact with me. this woman started yelling at me, she delayed surgery while all the surgeons stood sterile watching as i had to prep a patient over and over again. at one point the doctor himself said its enough, the prep is done, however this woman wouldn't budge telling everyone i had to do it the right way. with tears in my eyes i looked up at the or door and saw my instructor standing there with a smug grin on her face. she was enjoying ever moment.

    at that moment, i looked her friend in the face, stated the following, "i do not deserve to be treated like this, you are a cruel to me and i've had enough of this, i quit" ....and i left the or that moment and never returned.

    it was a horrible experience, two other students out of 12 also quit this program one finding her instructor difficult and the other simply did not want to be an or nurse after everything she went through. i should have gone to the union. however i was so unhealthy and sad after five months of hell, i had to get my sleep back on schedule, eat healthy, workout, and start feeling good about myself.

    after much thought, i realized that that particular or and instructor were not right for me. it wasn't me; it was the whole situation and instructor.

    after quitting i took six months off, was accepted into a masters program in a area outside of nursing, but decided that i couldn't just start something new without doing my or certificate...proving to myself that i can do it and am good enough....the woman, the instructor made me feel like a complete failure.

    so i went back and did a three month course on my own. in fact, i moved to a whole new city across the country to do this program. everyone there loved me and treated me so well. it validated to me that i am not stupid (as the or teacher had told me) and that i can be an excellent or nurse.

    i am so proud of myself. i just got the certificate in the mail. 14 months after i had started the original or program. to anyone out there, students and nurses alike ...never give up, don't let one or two nurses/instructors decide what your future will be like and please, never let anoyone tell you who you are.

    never give up, only you know what you are capable of. love yourself and respect yourself, others will too if you set boundaries in the way you want to be treated. also, always document document document situations and report situations...even if it’s off the someone more objective and outside of the situation is aware.

    never give up.


    now, during and after this happened...i thought thats more nursing. i applied for various programs and got into law, journalism and masters programs...

    you can do alot with your nursing degree...go do research, get your masters, teach, work at a doctors office, work for a hospital equipment/supplies comapany...god its endless and you don't have to earn less than if you were working in the hospital. in fact, medical can earn over 100,000 with salary and comission.

    many nurses are horrible. i have seen it over and over again...even while in nursing school so many teachers were outright b**ches. i have no idea why so many nurses are like this, but it should be stopped.

    before you leave, let those nurses know what they have done!! and when you come back, find an area with less stress and better people!
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