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........ and give your condolences for someone you had taken care of in the hospital??? I had taken care of this lady for several weeks and saw in todays paper she passed away. Is this a no-no or... Read More

  1. by   mystc42
    I went to a funeral of one of my patients. There is just something about being there with the family and seeing them for that last time and to see how they are doing that gives them and you that closure to know that they are going to be fine. It seemed that it was very comforting for the family and it was nice to feel appreciated for what you had done for them, so if you can I would go....
  2. by   yannadey
    I worked in LTC & have attended a few funerals at the request of family members & those open to the public the family have been touched some were actually surprized (those non-staff-friendly members). For me & my co-workers(5 of us, dubbed "the funeral squad") that attend its about closure, comfort for the family members & paying our last respect to the dearly departed.
    Our facility did not object to us attending as long as it did not interfere with our shift.
    The facility even benefited from our attending, family members would return to the facility thanking the admin.
  3. by   nursechris1
    In hospice, we try to attend the funerals or visitations if we can. If not the nurse, than the social worker or home health aide. I have been to many, many funerals. It does give closure especially if the patient had been on service for awhile. You wouldn't believe how the families appreciate it. I am usually dragged around by the hand, with the spouse introducing me to the entire family, saying, "this was _____'s hospice nurse" . I think the families feel that you took time out of your schedule to go to a funeral of someone you aren't even related to, and they see that as very honorable.
  4. by   2bPhD
    Go to the funeral if you feel like you need to say good-by, but don't go because you feel that you owe it to your patient, their family, or your facility. After the funeral, do not "stay in contact" with the family. It is never a good idea for a nurse to become a "friend of the family".
  5. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Niteshiftnurse, I am glad you went and I hope it gave you some closure. I have been to one visitation for a former oncology patient and was amazed at how happy the family was to see me. I don't think we realize the impact we have on not just the patient but the family as a whole and I know I definitely didn't realize that fact until that day. I was very glad I went and I still miss that patient to this day...