Fun THings to Do at Work

  1. I am on a Fun Team Committee and Just wondering what you guys do for fun at work??? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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  3. by   nialloh
    We often have a small party (birthdays, ect) in our back room where each person brings a different type of food. We don't do games, but you might try matching the baby picture to the adult. Another is if you have a good stretch of carpet, have a putting competition. Have fun.
  4. by   nimbex
    well we play pranks on each other when the other is in charge.... not a qualifier for your committee. But our hospital has an activities committee that has a sign up board and does every sport from volley ball to soccer to baseball, they organize cruises, day trips for baseball and football major league, do day gambling trips and so forth.

    Plus we do so much internally in our unit like a girls sleep over, celebrate holiday's with pot luck and all chip in for the b-days.
  5. by   BBFRN
    Puddin' Cheeks is the best name I've ever heard!
  6. by   magRN
    In our unit we have a kitty fund for birthdays, showers and the like. Each w/e tends to have an event after thier respective w/ tuesday lunch........a debriefing. On the w/e's we tend to have potlucks. And on a fairly regular basis we have other evens...biking, camping, skiing..........going to comferances.

    We tend to be a tight group all & all.
  7. by   flashpoint
    We do potluck every weekend and just about any time a nurse resigns. We also bring a meal to every nurse (nursing assistant, unit secretary) who has a death, birth, or just about any major event in their family. A place I used to work did all kinds of dress up days and had holiday parties at work...things like that.

    Yesterday my charge nurse soaked me while we were giving a paitent a shower...does that count? :-)
  8. by   Jen2
    One fun thing we did was have everyone bring in pet photos . We placed them on a board and tried to match up their owners. Very Very interesting.
  9. by   itsme
    Around graduation time, all the staff put up there graduation (from highschool) pictures on a big bullitin in the dining room and there is a contest for both staff and residents to figure out who is who!! It is fun, all the staff gets involved from nursing to management to laundry, etc.., the residents love it!!
  10. by   DidiRN
    Our Lab department did something neat in regards to pictures. Everyone was invited to bring a picture of their pet(s). They posted them in the Blood Bank area, where other departments when picking up blood products would be able to see them. They held a contest where you could vote on the pets on various was, "Most Likely to Star in a Steven King Movie", lol. I wish I could remember more of those categories, they were hilarious.
    I used to hate to run down to the blood bank but when they had this going on, I didn't mind at all. It was fun to see all those pictures of all those cute animals. Then when the contest was over you got to see all the winners.

  11. by   igloorn93
    Pot luck once a month or so is a great morale booster. Costs virtually nothing and when you get your senior leadership for your department to participate it's great. A very relaxed time for all. Also, we have a Christmas party outside the hospital and try to staff our small unit with mostly PRN staff for that shift. Any left over food is taken to the hospital. We have added a summer party as well, and it was such a hit we are talking about having one in the fall.
  12. by   vaughanmk
    One place I worked had a bullitin board called Hands Up, or something like that. There were hands cut out from construction paper, whenever anyone did something nice for you whether it was helping out or recognizing you had a rough day, you could put up and hand for that person saying thanks and a pat on the back to you.

    Its not a "fun" thing but it is a moral booster and an informal way of getting recognition to those who deserve it.
  13. by   MelRN13
    At my former job, we had potlucks for just about everything.

    We also had a "thank you" board. You could write a thank you for just about anything.(ie: thanks for helping with my patients, thanks for running to pharmacy for me etc.)

    Every month, our manager would draw two winners, one who wrote a thank you and one who recieved a thank you, and they would win a gift certificate for the movies, dinner, or to a local retailer. It was a great way to boost staff morale, and the prize was just an "extra" thanks.
  14. by   ?burntout
    We have birthday parties, Christmas parties...showers, etc.
    We also do potluck stuff on the occasion