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Just a curious poll! I'm a new nursing student, and see a lot of gals (and guys too!) who wear rings while on the job. How about you? Michelle :)... Read More

  1. by   Ms.Hobbes
    Originally posted by cheerfuldoer
    I wear my wedding rings. I like wearing them. If the diamond gets lost, my husband will buy me another one...he'd better anyway.
    When I first started my job at the hospital(10 years ago) I wore my wedding ring, as I was newly married and wanted to keep it on. Well two weeks into the job I lost my main diamond, very upsetting, not only concerning where it could have disappeared to. My husband did eventually buy me another diamond, usually don't wear any rings to work now. On my days off I seem to always forget to put my rings back on, my husband is always teasing about not wanting to let anyone know I am married.
  2. by   zambezi
    I only wear my wedding band/engagement ring to work. I do not take them off to wash and have no problem with it ripping gloves or scratching patients...usually patients complain about how cold my hands are over anything else anyway...
  3. by   Mariannsi
    I'm ring free during clinicals and plan to stay that way once on the job. Only a plain gold wedding band for me. But when I'm off that's a horse of a different color.

  4. by   palesarah
    one very thin, plain wedding band is all I ever wear. I stopped wearing my engagement ring in school, it's an antique ring with a fancy filagree (germ-harboring) setting.

    I don't wear a wrist watch either; I never got the hang of washing my hands well with a watch on so I wear a pin-on watch.
  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    I work in the NICU. I don't wear them because I'm not taking even the slightest chance of being responsible for passing some yucky thing on to my babies. We weren't allowed to wear jewelry below the elbows in my last position; haven't heard either/or for this new one yet.

    I lost my engagement ring in nursing school because I would take it on and off to wash my hands, and my husband almost killed me. I haven't gotten a replacement. :chuckle Thanks, honey.

    Now I wear our wedding band (which, actually, is just as, if not more so, special than the engagement ring since it was actually involved in the ceremony and all) on my days off and our marriage is still fully intact. Hubs said he was never buying me real jewelry again- it's CZ or nothing for the rest of my nursing career. Did I mention that I also lost a diamond earring somewhere on the way to work (it fell out of my ear)? Thank goodness I wasn't ever a real jewelry wearer- that engagement ring was my first ring ever.

    I had a necklace from my dad, but I lost it when I was 15 (it fell down the drain and couldn't be retrieved...)so now that I evaluate, I see that I'm a jewelry hazard waiting to happen!

    I also have short, polish-free nails. (Okay, I admit it- I had fake nails once and I slammed my finger in a kitchen cupboard door and got them immediately removed- when I was seventeen.)

    I'm basically a self-hazard anyway you look at it, but it's conveniently worked out in the favor of infection control practices, so more power to me.
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  6. by   eltrip
    No rings while providing hands-on patient care. Too much handwashing!
  7. by   purplemania
    Just my watch.
  8. by   Ruby Vee
    My wedding ring hasn't been off since my husband put it on my finger at our wedding. I'm not afraid of losing it -- I think it would take some effort to get it off now! My husband is a nurse, too, and we met at work. A former patient of ours is a jeweller, and he and Hubby designed my ring so it would fit under gloves without tearing and not catch on stuff. It's a huge ruby in a channel setting, and is pretty flat. I only wear the one ring, though, and one of my collection of watches. Hubby always wears his ring at work, too -- although he does take it off when he practices martial arts.
  9. by   Louie18
    I am getting old. You mean like rings in your eyebrows etc. don't you?
  10. by   iluvsnoopy
    i wear my school ring on my right ring finger. i live in prince edward island , canada, and it seems very common for nurses to wear school rings and/or wedding bands here.
  11. by   KailuaNurse
    No rings to work right now, although when I do get married will wear my wedding band.
  12. by   BrandyBSN
    i wear 4. My wedding ring, my college ring, my high school class ring and a saphire ring that my husband gave me for our first anniversary. lots of the nurses at work wear rings, so we keep several toothbrushes stashed in drawers to clean the insides of rings and under stones if needed. no skin tears... im careful to watch that only the palms of my hands are near the patient, not the prongs of my rings.

    interesting topic though!
  13. by   Shell7280
    I wear one smooth white gold ring with inlaid stones that my mom gave me on my 21st birthday, but no other rings, until I get married next year, then I will wear my wedding ring. I'm trying to find a smooth style engagement and band set that won't get caught on gloves etc. I'm having a hard time finding one though.