Finally had ENOUGH!

  1. I started a thread not long ago wondering if I was burnt out or fed up. Well, I realized yesterday...I'm fed up!! Fed up with people who come to work to socialize, management with no backbone, and fed up with working my a** off doing my work and whatever the day shift nurse doesn't do!!!

    I am going to start looking into going back to hospital nursing. I am a bit worried that I have forgotten so much that I won't be able to provide my pts with the care that they deserve. I've worked in LTC for the last 4 yrs. Have any of you gone to work in a hospital after LTC? Did you take a refresher course or just jump into it?

    I am excited and yet scared to leave the "security" of my present job, but for my own sanity, I have to get out of there!
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  3. by   bklynborn
    Belinda, I hear your frustration but I must ask if you have ever heard of nursing as bieng a " 24 hour" job? Meaning that what doesn't get done on day shift naturally will fall to the next shift and then to the next shift until the tasks are completed. This of course does have a tendency of being abused by some but was set up to ensure that pt needs are met without overstressing one shift. I worked in LTC and know exactly what you are talking about it is the same everywhere and you or I cannot change it. There are lazy people everywhere you go and management that is happy just to have enough staff to fill in for all the required slots. There are not many nurses knocking down the dorrs to work in LTC so facilities are forced to keep the nursing staff they have. It is up to you to keep yourself from getting caught up in the "stuff" and provede the best nursing care you can to your patients. I know this is not easy it is just a way of surviving. You have to focus on your patients cause you will get fed up if you get caught up in what isn't being done by others. Hope this helped a little...............................
  4. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    I understand that what CAN'T get done by one shift is passed to the next, and have no problem at all with that. It's the things AREN'T done that I have a problem with. For instance, when I walk into the building and the day nurse is reading a magazine then tells me in report, "Mr. Smith's catheter is due to be changed today and I just haven't had time."
  5. by   meownsmile
    Belinda,, good luck in your search. But i fear you will find it is the same everywhere. Those of us in hospitals know that there is always those who pass off a good amount of the responsibilities they neglect to the next shift because they dont want to be bothered. We too have those that spend half the afternoon on the phone planning their evening out with friends, while patients wait to be discharged, and it gets passed to the next shift. All while the nurse manager sits and listens to the whole converstations and says nothing. Those who feel they can walk in 30 min late every day they work and never have anything said to them because it is continual and habitual. The management says nothing because they have no backbone and dont want to make "waves", even while the previous shift complains because they cant get out on time.

    I dont know what you have gone through at your LTC, but it will be the same game, just in a different playing field.
  6. by   redshiloh
    I hate to say it, but you will find the same problems in either place. I actually really enjoyed LTC, but the bennies were not good, so now I'm at the VA. Good Luck!
  7. by   RN-PA
    I have to agree with what others have said, Belinda. I wouldn't want you to jump from the frying pan into the fire ~OR~ into another frying pan. Where I work on a Med/Surg unit, I can count the nurses I like to follow (from 7-3 shift) on one hand because the others I follow routinely leave stuff and are NOT detail-oriented. Yes, it's a 24 hour job, but I would feel my nerve leaving some of the unfinished business for 11-7 shift that is left for me from 7-3. If there are extenuating circumstances-- the shift from hell, understaffing, etc-- we all are understanding. But last time I worked, a patient who'd had his foley D/C'd the day before had voided one time (time unknown) on 11-7 shift-- had not voided entire 7-3. After report, I asked the 7-3 nurse if patient had been bladder scanned. Got a blank look from her and she became a little defensive, but scanned him before she left. (This is someone who ALWAYS leaves on time.)

    All that is to say, we all need to speak up more or we get what we get: Anger, burned out, frustrated, and overworked. I would want to know if someone was upset with my care or that I was leaving things undone, rather than griping behind my back. Conflict and confrontation can be awkward and uncomfortable, but in the long run, it's better than the anger and having to look for a new job-- AND, as others have said, you will eventually have to deal with this in another job, unfortunately.

    Another thought, have you tried talking to your nurse manager or DON about your feelings and about possibly leaving? It sounds like things are pretty lax at your facility, and I would definitely go that route before bailing out. If you really can't take it anymore, I would make sure that whatever hospital you apply to has a good and long orientation time for you. If you have a refresher course you can attend, that would be helpful, too. Sometimes, knowing you have options can make difficult circumstances more bearable.
  8. by   mattsmom81
    If you think you'd like to return to hospital work I'd bet you could find a medsurg or SNF position without much trouble unless you live in an unusual area of the country.
  9. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    Just a bit of an update:

    I quit my job last week! It had gotten to the point where I was so miserable with work that it was spilling over into my personal life. And I realized that nothing was going to change.

    I have an interview tomorrow morning at a huge new hospital about 40 minutes away. I am so nervous!! Wish me luck!!
  10. by   tattooednursie
    (((Hugs to you))) I know what CRAP is like in whe work place and I am beginning to get fed up too, but theres no other place around here to work I wish you worked with me, then we could gripe about our jobs together lol. Best of luck to you. I think it was a good move to quit.
  11. by   Huq

    I wish you everything that you wish yourself.
  12. by   MandyInMS
    From one fed up nurse to another...I FEEL your pain :/
    One more night to go on this weekend from HELL.
  13. by   Tweety
    Good luck Belinda!!!! I think if you get a good orientation, and ask for that orientation you'll do fine.

    Remember though "Fed up with people who come to work to socialize, management with no backbone, and fed up with working my a** off doing my work and whatever the day shift nurse doesn't do!!! " happens the same in hospitals. I see it all the time. Just don't put up with it.
  14. by   Geeg
    Given the nsg shortage, the hospital should be tripping over themselves to retrain you. Remember, you are the commodity, they need you!!!!!!!!