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Okay I was doing orientation at a major hospital today...while there I had time to talk to new grads and students at the program I am going to enroll in. I am hoping to get into the accelerated... Read More

  1. by   Virgo_RN
    I worked full time through NS and carried a 4.0, passed the NCLEX with 75 questions, and am a damn smart nurse, but I don't know infant vitals. Put me in a NICU, and you'd be hearing a lot of "I don't know".
  2. by   NICUnursey
    Here is some more enlightenment for you....

    A tech in the NICU does not provide ANY care to sick babies! This is purely an RN function. You say such a cruel statement about a person without knowing how the NICU even operates.

    Techs are utilized for babies that are quite stable for vital signs and feedings nearly ready to go home. And many other tasks that are not patient related. The itty bity girl will be provided an orientation to what she is doing as well. She will be delegated with tasks that she is capable of safely performing. With the experience she will gain, she will learn the vital sign parameters especially when she has to learn to count such a fast heart rate! It takes practice.

    Please do not judge others so harshly, you will be judged the same way......

    Good luck to you and I hope the NICU is not a place you will experience with your new baby....

  3. by   ECUPirateRN
    I gotta say...I work in pediatrics where I take care of sick infants all the time and I don't think I could ramble off infant or peds vitals off the top of my head! Every kid is different. Some kid is going to have a low HR due to physiological issues or meds. Some my be fast. Some kids can sat in the 70's and that is fantastic. And while I don't have the exact ranges memorized, I am pretty good at looking at the monitor and saying, "Well that isn't quite right." or, "Hey, thats pretty good." And yes, I also carry a "cheat sheet" of normal peds vitals ranges on my badge.

    I don't know how all NICUs operate but in the one at my hospital, the nurses sit in pods directly facing their patients. They can see monitors and all the monitors are linked so if there is an alarm, everyone can see it. In your pod is all the supplies you need so you don't ever have to leave. Therefore, there is always a nurse around and they are constantly in the rooms. Those babies are never left unattended. And to repeat, CNAs, techs, Care Partners, whatever you call them DO NOT ASSESS!!! EVER!!! Even if they are nursing students. It is out of their scope of practice. If something is abnormal, they report to the primary RN and then DOCUMENT that they relayed the information.

    Good luck in school. None of the schools I went to based admission soley on GPA though.
  4. by   mncna08
    Really, why do you even care what her g.p.a is. I don't like tudes that come across as someone thinking they are superior. Why not be nice and show her the ropes, my word.
  5. by   NeoNurseTX
    Before nursing school, I was a 4.0 student and wouldn't have known how to answer that either. I'd never heard of a colostomy on top of the many 'weird' things they do in the medical field! It's possible to be very book smart and not have a lot of common sense..I'm guilty of this sometimes!

    Also, techs don't have to have critical thinking knowledge..they can't assess and their jobs are more task oriented.
  6. by   nkara
    I think the OP was just nervous and trying to get an insight for the requirements of the program. I would hope she didn't mean any offense by it? But working full time and being pregnant, with the whole hormone thing, must be difficult. I say cut her some slack....... :trc:
  7. by   ghillbert
    If you believe what people tell you about your GPA, you must believe men when they say it's THIS big too....

    If you actually want statistical info about the program you're applying to, ask the school for their admission stats.
  8. by   swirlything
    If everyone actually has a 4.0, the standards are too low. I would expect graduates of this program to do poorly... or at least less well... on NCLEX. I personally would steer clear of a program where the majority of students have a 4.0.

    The program I went to, about 15-20% FAIL out first semester. The school has over about a 97% NCLEX pass rate for the first try.
  9. by   pers
    I think we have all looked at someone and wondered how they ended up where they are because from where we sit it's pretty hard to imagine. I also think it's natural to compare ourselves to others when we are in an environment like school where we are constantly being scored and compared by instructors.

    However, I agree with most of the posters that rather than focusing on this girl and what you believe is lacking, perhaps you should focus on yourself. You might try asking her what all she did to prepare for the program aside from working on her GPA. Perhaps she does an amazing interview, has outstanding references, is incredible lucky or maybe she just knows the right people! It could be any number of things. You don't know what is that makes the hospital and school think she's worth giving an opportunity but they obviously see something there that you aren't aware of and I do think you could benefit from trying to figure that out rather than worrying about your GPA not measuring up to hers.
  10. by   fiveofpeep
    Quote from NursingStudent5548
    I am also concerned how or why would any hospital hire an nursing student who couldn't tell a foley from an IV!!
    Jeese Luigi. She only just finished her first semester. This is all very harsh and maybe she was nervous from the interview and mixed up her answers.
  11. by   fiveofpeep
    Quote from NursingStudent5548
    SO yes, I am concerned to see this and if she really does have a 4.0 and would be accepted into the nursing program and I am not. I am concerned and would feel very upset that someone who's GPA was above mine by less than .31 percentage got accepted and I didn't. From what I gather if honestly all those nurses had 4.0's and there is only 30 slots, I may not even stand a chance.
    mannnnn I sure hope your attitude changes by the time you start RN school because us nursing students need all the help and support we can get...not someone judging us and tearing us down

    if they accepted based on other qualities besides GPA, id suspect you'd be worse off d/t absolute lack of teamwork skills. this is just what I have inferred from the climate of your posts.

    and I had no clue what NPO was until it showed up on my abbreviation test in week 5/6
  12. by   llg
    Quote from Patricia1101
    Wow, talk about eating your young.
    That's exactly what I was going to say. The OP hasn't even started nursing school yet and she was jumping all over this student.
  13. by   casi
    Different nursing schools have different first semesters! My first semester in a community college was all about assessments. We knew what was normal and abnormal, but did not learn the hows and whats. Clinicals were all about easing us into nursing. We had clinicals in nursing homes and TCUs with stable patients. Many nursing students didn't see an IV or Foley outside of the lab.

    The big state university I also applied to first semester consisted of therapeutic communication, anatomy and physiology, and an intensive writing coarse of your choice. Not much nursing in there.

    Clinical experiences are also very different I am expected to walk into a clinical site with my medications and diseases thoughrally researched and am expected to assume FULL care of the patient. Other schools in my area have instructors that do their prep and aren't allowed to do much more with the patient then CNA-type tasks.

    So this girls experience may be VERY different than what you expect it to be. Also when a lot of people are presented with someone prodding the for their GPA they may give a simple wrong answer. Its really rather rude to ask people about it.

    Finally I am going to say that the act of being a tech/CNA is a huge learning curve in nursing. She'll be learning a lot in the next few months that will only make her a better nurse.