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Hello, I know most healthcare people are not very fond of E.R., but I ws just wondering if anybody watched the last episode. The lady from "Sex and the Cityy" was a guest star. She played a... Read More

  1. by   prmenrs
    I don't know, that synopsis was dang good!! And I watched it!
  2. by   student4ever
    Quote from sjt9721
    My recent issue of NURSEWEEK gave it a thumbs-up saying it really highlights the role that nursing played during the '14 hours'. One of the main characters (played by JoBeth Williams) is the ED charge nurse.

    And remember, this happened on a weekend...on the night shift! When's the last time your facility's disaster drill happened after the sun went down? I think it can serve to remind us that bad things don't schedule themselves whenever the largest number of staff & administrators are in-house!
    Awesome show/movie!!!!! Totally made nurses look as good as they really are! Horror story from hell - I can't imagine what would happen if the power went out at our hospital, and I work at a MUCH smaller hospital that doesn't have a lot of critical patients. My favorite part was the little old lady who refused to be transported until she was the last one left - the kind of patient I love! Somehow, the sweet patients I see are the ones who stick with me forever, and make my life and chosen career seem worthwhile. I see so many FFs and generally angry, persnickity people that to see this show portray a really sweet patient (yes, there are a few of them out there!) was awesome. I'm an ER addict, and I love my Tivo, because since I work nights, I often miss shows, so I love coming home after a bad night at work and watching my favorite episodes of ER. Can't wait until next week's episode!
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    Quote from bgh68
    thank you Paula. There is no such thing as a fast recovery. None. Nada. Don't be silly.
    Hmmm...I don't remember saying "fast recovery" anywhere.
  4. by   TnValCNA
    Hello, I've not posted in a while but am a
    frequent lurker I love this site
    and learn so much from all on board!

    I was wondering how many of y'all recognize those "two
    ol' panhandling women" on ER as former famous nurses?! :chuckle

    They are Louise Fletcher... the infamous nurse Ratched. I love her,
    thank goodness she didn't become a wax replica of herself like most
    actresses her age have by Hollywood plastic surgeons!

    Her "panhandling sister" is Pat Caroll who was the nurse in
    Romeo & Juliet on the Broadway stage for yrs.

    They've been on ER for the past several episodes and I
    hope there'll be a solution found for their situation.
    I'm rooting for 'em :hatparty:
  5. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from prmenrs
    I don't know, that synopsis was dang good!! And I watched it!
    I agree, great synopsis. If I had any sense (which I prove to myself time and again that I don't), I would routinely record all my favorite 10 pm shows since I so frequently fall asleep during the first commercial break. Plus, one of my other faves, Without a Trace, is on at the same time as ER.