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Any helpful hints for treating and preventing dry, cracked winter hands? All the handwashing has left mine dry with cracks along the nail beds. They look terrible, hurt like crazy, and probably... Read More

  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Here is a link to Corona Ointment- it is the best stuff I've ever tried for dry hands and feet. When I get really dried out, I apply the ointment, then cotton gloves and socks. It works great!

    It was supposedly originally for horses, but they sell it at drug store.

  2. by   ansturge
    gloves in a bottle

    i get mine at kroger
  3. by   RNcDreams
    Quote from LoriRN2B
    You use about 1/4 of the box, you want it to remain a nice cream kind of consistancy, don't let it get dough like.

    Sounds like the "Butt Balm" we used to make at my first job in Pedi!

    It was A&D, Vaseline, Cornstarch, and Stomahesive... you get the idea.
    Softens and sticks, but very heavy!
  4. by   gt4everpn
    i remember a couple of years ago, i was wearing a longsleeve sweater and when i pulled it up, i nearly gave myself a heart attack, thats how ashy i was, lol, seriously my entire are was snow white!! i cant tell you how fast i put lotion on my arm outta shear fear!! i was like what in the world, what happened under there!!
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  5. by   RNAnnjeh
    The Eucerin rep dropped by last week...new cream w/oatmeal in it. Eucerin Calming Creme...cured my hubby's dry, cracked, sandpaper-like hands. And I find it doesn't leave you greasy after applying it, and lasts through a couple of handwashings.

    Always wear gloves/mitts when out in the cold....something with a lining helps.
  6. by   WeakAnkles
    Cutemol was advised to me from a Dermatologist. I went specifically to him for this problem. My hands were bleeding at work, and I thought I might be getting a latex allergy it was so bad.

    No script needed for it. It's not cheap, but actually is, as it lasts a loooonnngggg time. I had to call around locally to see which pharmacy had it in stock.

    I swear by it. All the nurses I have told about it who tried it swear by it too.

  7. by   Sabby_NC
    Quote from missfixit
    Try Neutrogena hand cream- norwegian formula. It has hepled me dramaticly! Especially, use it at night before going to bed.

    Hope this helps, dry cracked hands are painful!
    I use any hand cream with oatmeal in it. I always put on last thing at night as I climb into my bed. Works well for me
  8. by   Libitina
    What's the UK equivalent of A and D cream?

    I came out with a burning rash across my knuckles a week or so ago. Been using E45, Diprobase and L'occitane (basically, everything I had in the house already.

    Rash has now gone, but my hands are SO dry and 'old' looking