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Hi. I was just wondering how you deal with not being able to read a drs. handwriting, because even though I am not a nurse, a lot of times I cannot read the Prescriptions that my drs. write out,... Read More

  1. by   yayi
    Hi. I just signed log in. I am going to take my NCLEX exam soon. Can you please help me out? Its making me anxious. I heard a lot of things. Can you please share to me your experiences? Thanks guys! Or better yet e-mail me: yayi96@nurse.com
  2. by   Ruby Vee
    I work in an ICU, and we round with our docs. They're trained to SAY their orders as they write them, and this helps considerably. (If you know what the order is supposed to say, it's easier to decipher the handwriting, usually!) Sometimes they say one thing and write another, and then you have to call them . . . but most of them figure out early that if they're rude to the experienced ICU nurses, their lives are far less easy than the lives of their colleages who are NOT rude!
  3. by   P_RN
    One surgeon used preprinted orders....about 20 per page and then would write in every available empty space on the page for another 20 or so orders. We would get calls from other floors asking us to come down and read orders. I used to do it but then stopped and told our staff to make occurrence reports. He never changed and soon thereafter he retired to another state.
    I liked him, but he sure wouldn't back me up if I screwed up an order.

    We also had PG 1, 2,3,4 &5 th year residents who would have beautiful penmanship, then slide into slob once they went into practice. THOSE would skewer you for a dropped comma.
  4. by   Heartsofangels
    I work in a nursing home so most of our orders are verbal over the phone, but when our new admissions come or our pt's return from the hospital, we have a hard time understanding the writing. I have had to call the hospitals frequently to get clarification. I also don't let any Dr leave from seeing his pt's till I go over all the orders with him/her!
  5. by   Joycean
    I worked with a doc that was sooooo bad...he couldn't read it either when asked to clarify! He would just cross it out. He started typing out his orders. Then he bought a computer program that typed in his hand writing. LOL
  6. by   Riseupandnurse
    I've had instances where doctors chewed me out for not being able to read their handwriting on orders. Once I had to get the hospital supervisor involved because he REFUSED to clarify it. I had another who told me I'd just have to figure it out because he couldn't read it either (and he'd just written it 30 minutes before). With this doctor, we'd asked another doctor for help with it and he said he couldn't even try to decipher it because the order had obviously been written by some sort of nonhuman creature, probably not even a primate. :} And as far as progress notes, about 10% are basically illegible. Bring on the computers and make them mandatory for the doctors. Who has time for this nonsense?