Don't put that in your nose!!

  1. Ok, so my 2 year old nephew stuck a wheel from his toy car up his nose, then wouldn't let his dad get it out. I was trying to help my brother get the toy out of his nose from 9 time zones away. In a media mix of web cam and MSN Messenger we pleaded with a 2 year old to expel the little rubber doughnut when the hilarity of the whole scene hit me.

    What have you seen up a nose or in an ear? How'd it come out?
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  3. by   appleorchard
    My then 6 year old son put a Lego up his nose in the morning and went to school with it there. When I picked him up that afternoon, he was extremely reluctant to tell me why his nose hurt. One trip to the ER, a pair of long handled forceps, and several hours later, he was good as new!
  4. by   Pheebz777
    I've seen a mother bring in her 3 year old toddler who has been crying a lot for about a week. The ER doc found a sampaloc seed that got stuck up her kid's nose. When the ER doc took it out, we kinda chuckled when we found out that the seed had started to sprout!

    This was in the Philippines so sometimes poor families are reluctant to come to the hospital for otherwise trivial looking matters.
  5. by   banditrn
    Must be a kid thing!! One of my boys put a peanut up his nose while my aunt was watching him - she got him to 'snort' it out. Another one stuck an M&M in his nose - same treatment.

    My DIL took one of my grandson's to the doctor because he was complaining of an earache - the doctor found a dead bug in his ear.
  6. by   lpnstudentin2010
    When i was younger i stuck paper in my ear. pulled it out myself (i thought i got all of it) my ear hurt about a week later. mom took me to the doc thinking i had an ear infection, there was paper jammed into the ear drum.
  7. by   Lisky90
    When my daughter was two she stuck a peice of modeling dough up her nose. It was the kind that felt like playdoh when it was squishy but dried into hard styrofoam - my older daughter was using it to build a dinosaur for a school project. I was putting the kids to bed on the last night of a weeklong school vacation. On the way to bed she started complaining that her nose hurt. I looked up and saw nothing. I asked her if she needed to blow and she said yes and as I held the tissue on the bridge of her nose she yelled "OWWW." With a flashlight I could see waaaaay up into her nose that there was a ball of flourescent pick dough. I laid her down on the kitchen island, as if I were about to perform major surgery - how and why she laid still while I stuck tweezers up there I'll never understand. After an hour of sticking these things up there with no luck (while sweating with an aching back...and thinking I really want to put you to bed so I can read), I called the pedi...they mentioned ER. Once I said "the doctor will have to get it out" she started crying, which made her sneeze which blew this thing down to the opening of her nare. I thought "great, I'll just grab it and we'll be done." You would have thought she was giving birth...with forceps. As she was screaming "OWWWW" and I was yelling "BLOW" I was pulling on this peice of dough - now styrofoam...didn't want to let go because I didn't want her to aspirate it. I ended pulling out this huge chunk of hardened dough. I have no idea how this thing made it through the passage of her nare, how she could breath with this thing up there, and how her nostril didn't tear when this thing came out.That is just one of the many crazy/hilarious/heart stopping moments that she's had since...she turned 5 yesterday!!!
  8. by   sister--*
    My son, then a toddler, was headed toward a nap when he asked for a few raisins. Okay, that's simple. Well, he went into his room and stuffed them all up his nose and proceeded to pack 'em good and tight!

    No more raisins!
  9. by   santhony44
    A bead; fortunately it was a faceted one and I could grab it with forceps.

    A makeup sponge. This one took a referral to ENT. The kid did it twice!

    Both these were patients. Then I had a kid who'd put a rock in his ear. As I was getting that out, his mom was laughing. Turned out that when she was a kid she'd stuck a rosary bead up her nose, in church; the priest had to whack her on the back to get it out! Her mom whacked something else when she got home. Before she brought her son in with the rock, her sister had reminded her of what she'd done and she was still laughing.

    Putting something up the nose was fortunately one of the things my kids didn't think of doing.
  10. by   churdlpn
    my daughter didn't put anything in her nose, but when she was 11 months old she swallowed a penny that required endoscopy to remove. since then she has swallowed another penny and a pair of earrings. she just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago, so i'm hoping she is done with the swallowing of foreign objects.:chuckle
  11. by   catlady
    My brother put a vitamin up his nose. He's 43 now...
  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    My younger daughter used to put all sorts of paper products up her nose; the oldest once stuck a dime in there; the younger son put part of a houseplant in his. I used pepper on 'em to make 'em sneeze.........worked every time.
  13. by   P_RN
    I worked a year at Headstart. I must have pulled 20 things out of kids orifices. Eewwwwww.
  14. by   sydylo
    My 2 yr old boy puts wadded up paper up his nose. In the past week, though, I have found some odd stuff in his diaper when he poops. One day was a little purple bead. The next day a rock I know he swallowed about 2 weeks ago. Then a little pink makeup applicator. Finally a lollipop stick. He is getting me a little what point do you take him to the doctor?
    (We have had a rough summer, a new baby with problems and 5 weeks in the hospital)