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  1. Where to post for house to rent?

    Post it on
  2. Registry while on travel contract - How?

    I am working a travel assignment with Kaiser Fremont CA and applied with HealthTrust Workforce solutions as registry for a couple of HCA facilities here. The average take home pay is a little over $750 per shift. I will be only having a 6hr facility ...
  3. Direct suction to ET tube on extubation

    The only thing I would be concerned about is did he use a new suction tubing to stuff down the ETT? Or was it one that has been in use for a few days? Usually the in-line suction catheter connected to the ETT is a closed circuit to reduce possibility...
  4. IV Compatibility

    It will help transport the glucose into the cell for energy.
  5. PCCN vs CCRN

    Are you planning to take both just for the bonuses? Awesome! Go for it! I work with a nurse that has both PCCN/CCRN on his badge.
  6. ICU Vent question

    Peak pressure is basically pressure in the airway circuit. Increased secretions, fluid filled bronchioli, patient biting the ETT for example will directly affect peak pressure. Now once you've taken away all variables affecting peak pressure, what yo...
  7. If the QT Is prolonged wouldn't the QRS Always be widened?

    Yes, they alter the action potential thus delaying conduction.
  8. Ultrasound Guided IV cert

    Totally agree. I would also suggest watching several YouTube Videos and understand the concept, the basics, preparation and such. Then if you have a facility that checks you off for the US guided PIV class, sign up and there's nothing to it.
  9. ICU Orientation Almost Done and Freaking Out...

    Regarding giving report, always develop a routine/system and get used to it so you minimize forgetting something when giving report. As what was said above, use a workflow sheet or "brain" as we call it. I usually start with: Name, age, male/female, ...
  10. Confused about private insurance

    I am about to leave my full time job and I love the insurance that it provides under AETNA. I would like to speak with HR if I can continue coverage and pay for it out of pocket. Is that an option that can be offered.?
  11. Best sedation med

    Here is the best write up for sedation agents. You would also benefit from watching the numerous YouTube videos on this subject.
  12. If the QT Is prolonged wouldn't the QRS Always be widened?

    The QRS complex will always be narrow in a heart with a normal functioning conduction system and a supraventricular pacemaker. The QRS will be prolonged in a BBB or from a ventricular source (PVC) since both signals will be conducted from muscle to m...
  13. Low Ball Offers

    55-65/hour is just your base pay for the first 8 hours, beyond 8 hours it's x1.5 for each 12 hour shift you do. Beyond 40hrs per week you will be paid x2 of your base pay for each extra hour beyond 40hrs/week. You also have to factor in your housing ...
  14. PA catheter and parameters

    Even though PA measurements are not routinely utilized, it is a great concept to grasp and understand. Many symptoms from various disease conditions reflect what is happening to your patient and understanding the pathophysiology behind these conditio...
  15. BBB VS vtach?

    You can still have a pulse while in VT. Not adequate perfusion but you still have a pulse. And there's pulseless VT. To the OP, Are you a Tele Monitor Tech? Without a 12 Lead EKG and only looking at 1-2 leads on your monitor, if you recall VT's impu...