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Ok, so my 2 year old nephew stuck a wheel from his toy car up his nose, then wouldn't let his dad get it out. I was trying to help my brother get the toy out of his nose from 9 time zones away. In a... Read More

  1. by   rnsrgr8t
    Working in a pediatrician's office, we saw this all of the time.
    Here are just a few...
    We had an 8 year old girl that came in with ear pain, come to find out she had been teased by some boys, she stuck some tissue in her ears so she would not be able to hear them. She was afraid to tell anyone what she had done after she could not get the paper out.
    We had a 4 year old boy that was using those eyes you use in art projects. He stuck one in his ear. When you looked into his ear with the otoscope, you saw this eye looking back at you.
    This most memorable one I had was a 4 year old girl that had been in several times for recurrent sinus infections and had recently been advised to see ENT. I got a call from mom the day after her last office visit stating the child had sneezed and a bead they had used for an art project in school the month before (mom had called the school to confirm) came out! It had been there for a month! The kicker is the child told the Mom the day after she did it and the Mom did not believe her!
  2. by   thebonster
    Things I have seen myself:

    A "tire" from an eraser shaped like a hotwheels car (another kid did this when we were in grade 3) taken out by Dr.

    A chunk of sponge that my then 5yr old found somewhere (I pinched off the unaffected side and he blew it out)

    Heard of: A single pea that had been up a little boys nose so long it rotted and he refused to eat anything because no matter what it was "It stunk" to him.

    BIL stuck a vitamin c up his nose - went to the Dr and there was nothing to grab so hubby says that they all just watched the bright orange color melt down for the next day.
  3. by   L&Dnurse2Be
    When I was little, I remember my sister daring me to put a pillbug up my nose. It was Easter Sunday and we were all dressed up in our church dresses. Of course I did it. My mom hauled me to the ER. It took 4 nurses to hold me down while the Dr. pulled it out with forceps. The bug was so swollen up from all the moisture in my nose. What an ordeal! I can't remember how old I was, maybe 4.
  4. by   mommy2boys
    When I was little I put a earser tip up nose and it got stuck, after a visit to the doctor it was out w/ a promise from me not to do it again. A week later, I was back in the doctors office w/ another eraser stuck up the other nostril. YOu would have thought that I had learned my lesson the first time around.
  5. by   classicdame
    My grandson put a bean in his nose (18 mos old). The ER doc would not touch him - wanted a pediatric ENT for fear of damaging brain. Meanwhile, while waiting for MD to appear a nurse came in, attached suction and got the grape out with no problem. NURSES RULE
  6. by   HisTreasure
    Ha! Ha! Ha! I almost wet my pants reading this thread because about three days ago I dealt with this. I was at the specialty grocery store with my family and there was litte boy ducking in and out of the aisles. First, he was cute; then he became...well, annoying. Finally, in the dessert section I saw him again. He was hiding behind a display of italian bread. A cart almost hit him. My husband grabbed him and moved him out of the way; and when he did I saw this string hanging from out of the kids nose. The string looked vaguely familiar...

    I'm staring at this kid, my kids are grabbing at the Entenmann's cookies, my baby is screaming for her lunch, and the mom who hasn't been "watching" her son sufficiently is now ferverently thanking DH. And I am staring at this string...

    And finally it dawned on me. I say, very calmly, "Ma'am, I think your son has a tampon up his nose." She proceeds to pull on the string (how did she NOT notice it?) And sure enough out comes a junior lite.

    I almost wet my pants! Poor mom kept pulling and pulling and the cotton tube just kept coming, and coming! LOL. You had to be there.
  7. by   JohnBearPA
    My personal best was 12 peas on each side, but than again, Mom always said I was gifted. She just took me to the bathroom, away from the Sunday dinner at my Grandmother's house, and made me blow them out. She was an LPN, by the way. LOL Also, I was about 8-10 at this time. LOL

    Did the same thing with lima beans the next week, but only got 8 in each side!
  8. by   meownsmile
    My lovely daughter stuck a rock up her nose when she was about 3. A nice smooth pea gravel pebble. Did it at daycare of all places and i was called out of,, you guess it one of my nursing classes where we had just been discussing things in toddlers noses etc. I had to go retrieve her from daycare where on inspection i found it up near where the bone and cartiledge meet. So off to the ER,, the ER doc had to get a biliary catheter from OR, try to thread it up behind the rock and fill the balloon to pull it out. Just in time for me to go back to class and take a test on,, yep,, peds. She sat nicely with the instructor at her desk and colored a nice picture while i took my test. She's 17 now and would probly kill me if she knew i was telling this anyplace. Thankfully she was the only one of 3 kids that ever stuck things where they didnt belong.
  9. by   nurse_elyse
    My sister,who was about 4 at the time, stuck a peanut up her nose while at my aunts house. I'll never forget when my aunt called my dad at work to tell him my sister had done this and she couldnt get it out. My dad and my aunt finally got the peanut out of my sisters nose after about a hour of trying to fish it out with a crochet hook. My sister has yet to live that one down and she's 16 now!!
  10. by   sunbeach73
    Mine is a disgusting story ...My sister was about 18 months old. My parents always let us kids have gum and candy. My baby sister never knew that you couldn't "eat" gum, so she always swallowed it. One day, she was literally blowing bubbles out the back end. We as kids were dying laughing at my sister. My grandmother was confused and went to change her diaper.....The amount of gum was unreal!
  11. by   NurseStace
    Its sad, I'm nearly 32 years old, and thinking to myself... I wonder if the olives I have in the fridge would fit! My sister when she was younger did peas, pencil erasers, and Tic Tacs. Those always fit so nicley!
  12. by   jbjfan
    I'm almost peeing myself reading this! And I have one to add that hasn't been mentioned yet, when I was about 15 years old, my parents had these christmas lights around their doorway, ,the little twinkle kind, but they were multi colored. I wondered what the different colors would look like shining through my nose, so I proceded to put one up there, it sorta got stuck and when I laughed through my nose I got a terrible skock that knocked me on my butt! My family reminds me of this every christmas when put up the lights!
  13. by   KidsRNstill
    When my son (now 29) was about 3, he was eating lunch at the table while I cleaned up the kitchen. I noticed he suddenly got quiet, bells go off--better check him, mom--just in time to see him carefully sticking a potato stick up his nose (you know, those 3 inch long,greasy potato things..). I was able to pull it out whole with my fingers, but had to get the tweezers out to get the FIRST one he put up there.

    His brother, at age 6, called me up to his room after I had put him to bed, to tell me that somehow the rock he ASSURED me he had only put in his ear had somehow ended up in his stomach. (I tried to explain basic anatomy to him and how his explanation just didn't add up, this day at age 26 when we laugh about it, he still insists it got to his stomach via his ear (and part of me thinks he sort of believes it...)