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  1. L&Dnurse2Be

    Faulted by aides who want help with incontinence care

    Umm...do you really think that you are exempt from wiping bottoms because you are a nurse? I would rethink things. Incontinence care is everyone's responsibility. As a nurse you should take that time to make a full skin assessment, and check on your patient. I know that you have other responsibilites that keep you from always helping the aides, but never think you are above wiping bottoms, that is just part of nursing. I can see why the aides are giving you trouble... just my 2 cents.
  2. L&Dnurse2Be

    Neurosurgical/Stroke/Medical Unit Staffing?

    I worked on a 33 bed neuro floor. The ratio was 5 on days and 6 sometimes 7 on nights. We always had aids. We would have 1 aid for no more than 14 patients unless of course there was a staffing issue. We had a dedicated charge nurse who only took a patient if we had a staffing issue. Your ratios seem very unsafe.
  3. L&Dnurse2Be

    Just need some kind words...

    Thanks for all the kinds words...I just wanted to update everyone. My Grandma passed peacefully on Wednesday night. She was given morphine for her pain. She died with all 3 of her children with her. They all honored her wishes. It is hard but I know this is what she wanted and she is in a better place now. I am just thankful for the last few hours I had with her before she died. Rest in peace Granny I love you!
  4. L&Dnurse2Be

    Just need some kind words...

    Well I guess today I was on the family side of nursing. My Grandma has been in the hospital since last Friday. Apparently she had a mild heart attack some time ago and did not even know. She had fluid around her heart and was having a hard time breathing so they took her to the hospital. Of course she is 86, diabetic, obese, well you get the picture. Her kidneys are now only functioning at 15%. She has decided to deny dialysis if the time comes where she needs it. I know it is for the best. She has been suffering for years...I sat with her today and talked to her while I held her hand. I could see it in her eyes that it's almost over, but she wouldn't say that to me. I just pray that my Aunt and Uncle let her go in peace. My father is the only rational one in the family. I just can't bear to see her suffer any more. I have just seen it too many times with families of patients. "Oh please save Mom, Grandma, etc....do whatever you can..." Even though as a caregiver you knew what the patient wanted. I just don't want this to happen. Thanks for reading if you got this far...I just needed to get it out of my system.
  5. L&Dnurse2Be


    First of all (((hugs))). Second of all...my philosophy is there is a reason for everything. That facility was just not a good fit for you. You will find the right place to work, it just might take time. Do not beat yourself up. Have confidence in yourself. You have your nursing license and I know you worked very hard to get it. From your post it sounds like you leaving the facility was a mutual thing. Keep your head up and start sending out resumes. Try and find a job that maybe is not so demanding...I know nursing and not demanding is an oximoron. :) Maybe a Dr.'s office? Good luck to you...I know things will work out!
  6. L&Dnurse2Be

    Most embarrassing thing that happened to you at work

    I was helping a nurse pick a patient up off the floor. The patient had completely soaked the bed then of course tried to get up to finish in the bathroom and fell! As we were pulling her up, I slipped in some urine and fell on the bed. Yes, the completely urine soaked bed. I was wet from the waist down. Had to get scrubs from the locker room. I am only 5 ft tall and had to spend the rest of the day in scrubs meant for a 6 ft tall Doctor! What a day...
  7. L&Dnurse2Be

    What is the most you've worked (days) without having a day off?

    Well it's not me but my husband. When my son was born and we finally got to bring him home (he was 6 weeks premature), my husband's company went on service emergency. It was extremely rainy that year, he worked in telecommunications. I was home with our first child while he worked 10 to 12 hour days for about 45 days straight...NO day off. He was exhausted, and so was I!
  8. L&Dnurse2Be

    want to move back south texas looks likes the best option

    It is true that we do not pay state income tax, but our property taxes are extremely high. Just something to think about....
  9. L&Dnurse2Be

    Workers Comp

    All I can say is I hope you feel better soon and have a full recovery. Take care and good luck!
  10. L&Dnurse2Be

    20 weeks pregnant, new RN grad, will they fire me

    First...it is illegal to discrimate because you are pregnant. That does not mean they can't come up with some other reason to get rid of you if they really want to. I would suggest just going about your job normally once you start working. Two months of notice sounds fine to me. Of course you might start showing before then :). Just be aware without FMLA you might not have a job to come back to simply because they might not be able to cover your hours and need to hire a new nurse. If they are truly a good employer and want your services they should be accomidating. Good luck with your new job and the new arrival in March!
  11. L&Dnurse2Be

    Is there a Registered Dietitian program for RN's?

    A registered dietician requires a separate degree. It is true that a lot of classes might overlap such as basic nutrition, biochem, A&P etc, but an RD actually requires an intensive internship after your undergraduate degree in nutrition. I hold a BS in Nutrition and was not able to get in the internship at my school as they only took 12 students each semester in the Masters program. The internships are very competitive as is nursing. Good luck with your choice!
  12. L&Dnurse2Be

    ? precipitous labor

    Isn't terbutaline used to relax the uterus, slowing/stopping contractions? Nasty side effects though, shaking, tremors, etc. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. L&Dnurse2Be

    Registered Dietitian?

    I have a bachelor's in nutrition. I wanted to be an RD. My university only took 12 applicants each year for the internship which was also a master's program. The competition was fierce. Unfortunately I did not make the cut. It is very difficult. My bachelor's degree was very difficult. It was full of sciences and labs which made my transition to nursing school much easier. Some of the classes I had to take were of course A&P, basic chemistry, organic chemistry, bio-chemistry, microbiology, advanced nutrition, clinical nutrition, just to name a few. If you want to be an RD, it is a long road, but it is doable. I hear the competition in other states is not as bad...I just happen to be in the Austin, TX area. Good luck!
  14. L&Dnurse2Be

    Can you work in L&D as an LPN?

    Every hospital I have ever worked at will only hire RN's for L&D. That was in Austin and Georgetown, Texas. That is not to say another area in the US will not hire an LPN. You just have to check and see.
  15. L&Dnurse2Be

    License Reinstatement After Revoke Is There Hope?

    First of all let me say how wonderful it is that you have been sober for 5 years! Good job! As far as your license...I agree with all the other posters, call your BON and be honest. Good luck!
  16. L&Dnurse2Be

    weekend program

    Think long and hard before you make a decision. I worked Saturday and Sunday 7a-7p for about 3 years. It just about tore my family apart. My husband and I fought terribly. I missed out on all of the kiddos activities. It was very hard to get a weekend off. I think I was allowed about 1 weekend every quarter. Weekends work great for some people, just not me. Now I work about 25 hours a week outside the hospital and my family is so much better! Good luck in whatever you decide.