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Congratulations to all those "old" nurses, new nurses and nurses2b on Nurse's Day. Does your employer do anything special to recognize this day?... Read More

  1. by   uk_nurse
    Nope........ i dont think they even know it exists...
  2. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from uk_nurse
    Nope... i dont think they even know it exists...
    Maybe you should bring it up to the powers that be.

    Show 'em you're a global thinker!
  3. by   nialloh
    Quote from nialloh
    It's nurses day???

    I stand corrected. My hospital is doing breakfast one day, lunch another ect. They just forgot about night shift again, so I didn't know they were doing anything.
  4. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Yep. We got a tshirt, ink pen, cozy thing for a 20 oz Coke bottle, little clip on thing to hold our name tag, umbrella, coupon for free lunch in cafeteria, had a cookout for employees one day, nurses got a coupon for free photo session and $20 bucks off photo pkg at Glamour Shots, had free breakfast one day, free ice cream Sundaes another, free cake/nuts/mints reception to honor Nurses of the Year, and one day they had vendors - Mary Kay, Avon, candle lady, massage therapist, (and some other things I don't remember right off), and chiropractor there. The chiropractor not only checked our backs and gave us recommendations, but a better massage than the massage lady!!!! :hatparty:
    I loooooooooooved that chiropractor!!!
    Oh and they had three free CEU sessions too.
  5. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    Our hospital had a ceremony honoring the "Nurse of the Year" from each unit, along with cake. The docs in the cath lab are providing lunch for us tomorrow and there is something on Tuesday as well (combination of Nurses' Week/Hospital Week).

    Although it is nice to be recognized, I feel that the recognition should come more often than just once a year. Regardless of specialty or location (hospital, nursing home, wherever), nurses are the backbone of healthcare and so many places would fall apart if we weren't there. I hate when administrators drool over us for the week then forget about us for the other 51 weeks of the year! . On the bright side, I think our current CNO does truly value nurses and our contributions--so maybe she can soften my cynical attitude :wink2:

    June55Baby--I'm very glad that you work in a place that values its nurses . If only all places could follow your employers' example

  6. by   lee1
    For nurse's day/week-----NOTHING------but then they had JCAHO there all week and I guess they don't understand nurse's week either. There are plans to celebrate for a FEW hours some other day though.
  7. by   Kiwi Ali
    I work for Northland Health - we got a muffin and a free pen! Woo Hoo !!
  8. by   Lladra
    I work for Maxim Healthcare, temporary assigned homecare. Love it so far, even if its only $20 / hour. :hatparty:
    I received a tote bag with a a smaller zipper bag, with their Logo on it of course. Doing Home care, it will come in handy.
  9. by   gingerzoe
    The management at my building didn't do anything. My boss sent us (there are two nurses in this office) a card. That's it.
  10. by   stbernardclub
    I am a c.c.r.n who has been on a private duty vent case for one year. Work for the largest hospital group in my area.The 3 fulltime r.n. on this case got nothing. I suspect in the office they had something everyday, but we here who supply them with the means by which they have a job got nothing.
  11. by   erroridiot
    bad treatment from my boss. In fact, I got this gift from my employer all year.

    From my patients I received many sincere thanks and tons of appreciation and gratitude. I had the pleasure of providing care for many people in dire need of nursing interventions and advocacy every day. The appreciation from my patients makes up for all the criticism that I received from my "superiors" for merely doing the right thing.
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  12. by   teeituptom
    everyone got a nice little umbrella for nurses day this year
    with the corporate logo on it

    how tacky
  13. by   Scuppernong
    Not around here. Not a peep from anyone in the entire county. Guess we rate right up there with the dust bunnies. You only find them when you when you have the unexpected (visitors) occurance.