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Does your company pay for CPR certification? Mine doesn't! I just went through orientation for a new job and was given a list of CPR cert/recert dates. The cost to all employees is $20. I... Read More

    At my hospital, we have what they call "anniversary day." Every year during the month you were hired, you do all those crappy tests and recerts. Every other year it includes our CPR. It runs 2-4 hours, and we're paid for it.

    Gets all that stuff out of the way in one shot!

  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    yes!!! AND IT PAYS FOR:

    PALS, NRP, ACLS, 12-LEAD EKG CERT/CLASSES, and a whole host of others.

    It is all there for the asking, and yes, I do take advantage. CPR is basic to all jobs in the patient care environment and it is my belief that is should be provided by the company you work for!
  3. by   JailRN
    Nope, but that's ok, I take it off of my income taxes,(along with books, seminars, license, uniforn cleaning, etc) I found a place where it's only $10 and the nurses don't have to sit through a stupid movie, just do the written test and the CPR then leave with our little card in hand. Takes 20 minutes.
  4. by   nakitamoon
    LMAO,,,,, my company pay for recert,,,!!!

    Even though it is required by law,,,,, we have to find a class,,, pay for it,,,, turn in our 'proof',,,,,, on our own time,,,,,,

    Is this right????? No!!!!

    Heather,,,,, would hate to have to do all that at once,,,, but would be good way to be sure, everything is current and takes care of going on your own time,,,,,,, think that is good idea and will present it at next,,,, departmental meeting,,,,,, Will it make difference? Doubt it,,,, but I'll go on record,,,,,,,,,

    Reimbersment for education???? What is that ???? lol
  5. by   DJrn
    My facility pays for CPR, ACLS, and anyother certification that is required for the position for which you are hired. We can also attend one local seminar per year and they will pay for the cost, but not hourly wages. I think that other than license renewal fees, if a certification is a requirement of the job, the facility should pay for it. If you don't stand up for your benefits, they'll go away.
  6. by   sparrow
    Yes, the hospital pays for recert - it is done at orientation and annually at annual education. In addition, extra money per hour is paid if the employee is also certified in ACLS, NALS or PALS. And these courses are also offered to staff at the hospital and paid for by the hospital. The hospital also pays our hourly wage to take the courses and replaces us on our work unit.
  7. by   adrienurse
    We can apply to our union to rebate any money spent on education, but I always max that out pretty easily. Can also apply to out health authority to refund the money. It's a hassle and you don't get a cent until you show proof that you have passed and or actually attended the classes.
  8. by   kaycee
    My hospital pays for or offers all certs and recerts for CPR, ACLS, PALS whatever they require. However if you can't attend when they schedule them you are on your own.
  9. by   deespoohbear
    Our hospital has several people who are certified to teach CPR. On our mandatory edcuation day every year, we go over CPR. We take the tests every other year, and the off years we just review the stuff. Like, Heather we get all those mandatory tests and stuff out of the way in one sweep. The hospital pays us for our time. They actually try to make it decent for us. We have posters and stuff to review and then we take the mandatory tests (universal precautions, etc.). We are even able to get some labs drawn a couple weeks before the mandatory education days, and have our results given to us. They give away prizes, have popcorn and soda for us to munch on. It really isn't that bad. The last time I paid for a CPR class was when I was in nursing school.
  10. by   Mattigan
    Our hospital has a nurse on each unit who is CPR instructor and it's free for employees (as is everything required). This hospital aslo pays for ACLS,PALS,NRP - all available inhouse. They paid me to go to classes to be instructor for PALS ans NRP. They also pay for any conference or class I ask to take or send staff to. They also pay 8 hours pay per day we are away, hotel, food, airfare or give us mileage if we want to drive. If it only a few hours away we also have the option to check out a hospital vehicle.

    The only catch with the hospital vehicle is the Security Director insists I give him advance notice if I am the one to drive- he said he has make time to go double up on insurance. I don't really know if he's kidding or not.
    My company pays for anything that I have to recert for and my cues's and all my licenses. If they want me to continue to work for them they will smile when they cut the check. Trust me they make it back 10 fold. So yes I would have a conversation with your recruiter and if they wont give you what you need , There is another company that will. Trust me there is a company on every corner if you look, and each will try to give you more than the one your dealing with now. Play battle of the companies and see who has the better deal incorporated to your needs and go with it .