does night shift make you fat?

  1. I gained 25 pounds over the last year and a half after starting a night shift position. after 3 and a half months of HARD HARD work, (excersizing and dieting like crazy) i finally lost the weight. but i am afraid that i am going to gain it back. it is soooo hard to excersize regularly working 12 hour night shifts. I feel like its easier to gain weight on nights because i am eating at weird times. Has anyone else gained weight from working nights or is this all in my mind?
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  3. by   regnurse1995
    I used to work 5 day night shifts and yes I too gained weight.
  4. by   mamamerlee
    This is not in your mind! There have been various studies done, it has to do w/circadian rhythms, the way certain hormones are released, etc. Night shift can, in fact, make you gain weight.
  5. by   Eclectic1
    It's a scientific fact..... donuts come out at night.:icon_roll
  6. by   ummwhome
    Its true!! I too started working nights and I usually eat my "lunch" between 2 and 4 am. And snacks are always available with the night staff. Anyway, on my nights off I am always snacking!! so yes, not only have I gained weight, I have inherited the cavities to go with it!!!!
  7. by   Blackcat99
    I was working night shift when I lost 120 pounds.
  8. by   bill4745
    I had frequent nausea working nights and was constantly nibling for relief and gained weight.
  9. by   Eclectic1
    Quote from Blackcat99
    I was working night shift when I lost 120 pounds.
    You discovered the Zen of weight-loss-- One must walk where the donuts aren't.....:bowingpur
  10. by   DogWmn
    It doesn't matter what shift I work, I can walk by no-no foods and gain a pound or two:icon_roll.
  11. by   Larry77
    I always wondered if NOC shift makes you fat, or is it just that fat people like NOC shift??? You could ask the same question R/T working on psych??? Hmmm...Chicken or the Egg...

    LOL...just kidding btw...
  12. by   dekagirlsRN
    It's the scrubs!! Way too comfortable and offer plenty of room to grow!! Sometimes you just don't realize it until you're trying to squeeze into your favorite pair of jeans!
  13. by   Wsmith16
    I actually lost weight. By not eating anything once my shift starts. Just drink water and the weight started to come off.
  14. by   missdeevah
    Quote from wsmith16
    i actually lost weight. by not eating anything once my shift starts. just drink water and the weight started to come off.
    do you work 12 hr shifts, and if so, you drink nothing but water for 12 hrs while you are awake? when do you get to eat? i'm starting nights soon, and i cannot afford to gain weight