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Let me preface this thread by stating a few things: 1. I'm not posting this thread to bash certain religions, I'm posting to vent, gain understanding, and get a variety of views. 2. Whatever... Read More

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    for leeca: yes I am sure.
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    Thanks vegas for your PM.
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    Anytime, Disabled.
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    Originally posted by geleesa
    jeeze.....lighten up
    annnnnnnnd...thank you people...we officially have a new addition to sunny's iggy list....Woot. and pass the Funnels....
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    Originally posted by sunnygirl272
    annnnnnnnd...thank you people...we officially have a new addition to sunny's iggy list....Woot. and pass the Funnels....
    Ahhh, there seems to be a special running tonight.
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    Originally posted by geleesa
    jeeze.....lighten up
    Pardon me - I was not aware I was being "heavy" merely correcting misunderstanding and getting discussion back on track.

    My regrets.
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    Originally posted by caroladybelle
    ..My regrets.
    Oh no. Have no regrets for being the lady that you are. Hopefully people will learn what it is to be one from your example.
  8. by   deespoohbear
    Wow, Vegas this is a tough case. I don't know how to respond. I am not that familiar with the JW faith, so don't think I can be much help here. I just took care of a JW pediatric patient a few weeks ago, but fortunately did not require any blood. The chart was tagged "no blood products." The patient had some minor surgery done but did not require any blood products.

    Since this patient is 18 not much can be done legally. Even though I would not choose that route of treatment for myself or my family, an 18 y/o has the right to make their own decisions regarding healthcare. I would probably be able to take care of this patient without too much difficulty knowing that this is the way the patient wanted it. If it was a minor I am not so sure I could be a "good" nurse to this patient and her family emotionally. I would keep my opinion to myself but inside I would be a mess. What a sticky, sticky, situation. I will be thinking of you in the next few days while you and others at your hospital decide what is the best plan of care for this patient.
  9. by   sjoe
    leeca writes: "Whatdo you mean "standing up to parents such as these"

    It means exactly what it says, and if you bothered to read the rest of this thread before posting your personal insults to me and to several other people, you would notice that particular post referred ONLY to parents of minor children, which the subject of this thread was NOT, we later learned.

    Welcome to my ignore list.
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    leeca writes: "There are not many branches of JW, no matter what state or country they are from they all believe the sme [sic]things."

    You are wrong, yet once again.
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    I hear the beer's really cold at the cyber bar tonight...
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    Chocolate Martini time!!!!
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    Bloody mary time!! Yikes.

    Fab, thanks so much for your very gracious and patient posts full of information. This is a sensitive issue for alot of people in where misunderstandings *cough, cough* are common. When we can get past all that is when we truly learn.

    Vegas, once again you have shown your grace by posting one of "those questions" that shouldn't be feared of being asked, and posed it in such a way that allowed many of us to learn. Thanks for that. Ditto to Hoolahan.