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i was just wonderin since im only 22 and will be working full time next year in the states, and i was wondering if young nurses still can go out and party and do things that they love??... Read More

  1. by   traumaRUs
    No problem. As with starting any new job, there are additional stressors than just going to work. Say for instance, you have a patient with a new disease process that you aren't familiar with - it might involve some outside time studying. Also - if you are a shift-worker, it takes getting used to. I always worked 3 12 hour night shifts. During those three days/nights, I literally did little more than work, sleep and eat. However, on my four days off, my time was my own. Like another poster said, though, when you work nights, you do battle fatigue. It is hard too changing back from days to nights to days.

    Good luck!
  2. by   SCRN1
    Quote from chichimitchi
    lol.. ok this is weird, i didnt want this to end up this way.. sorry if i offended any one by what i said, but i dnt mean it that way.. anyways im new at this and i just want to know what im ganna be facing u know what i mean? its just a simple question..

    again.. i apologize

    You didn't offend me and I knew what you meant even though some in their 20s may consider those of us in our 40s "old". I used to think when I was your age that 40 and above was old. But then I realized how quickly time had passed even though I didn't feel any older, just wiser. Age is just a number and lots of times, I have more fun than a 20 year old. I think age is just a number and it depends on the individual. There are young "old" people and there are old "young" people. Know what I mean?
  3. by   ABQLNDRN
    Chichi--lots of our twenty-something nurses "party" after, to answer your question, yes, you'll have time. Just be CARFEUL!!!! Be smart about it. Don't get yourself in bad situaitons. I used to party "back in the day" before I had kids, and I know that it can be easy to teeter on getting into bad situations. You've worked hard to get where you are. I would recommend (sorry if it seems obvious) to only go out when you don't have to work the next day.
  4. by   chichimitchi
    wooo! thanks for understanding guys, i actually thought i got all people from mad! lolz.. but yes.. i will be careful and i will be smart about "haivng fun" and mainly why i ask this question s coz im so so stressed from literally a whole life of studying, and now that im over.. i just wana be out there and yes, have fun! im sure most of you can relate to this.. also, after probably a year of just working.. im planning to study again
  5. by   royr
    I manage to have "some fun" at least once a week with my 6 year old daughter and her Girl Scout Troup (Brownies). We go Horseback riding, hay wagon, out for ice cream, the space observatory, toy store (Yeh), 4 wheeling up the mountain to the big GS camp, petting zoo, Baseball games, alpaca farm and over to the Long term care facility to cheer up the old timers (Yes - other people over 40 that are not quite as active as us). I will be 44 in May and 14 scouts in the 6-7 year range keep me from becomming a "couch potato" Fun is where you find it!
  6. by   rach_nc_03
    Quote from maralenn
    Are you kidding, Tazzi? YOU'RE NOT OLD!!!!! 40's are so the new 30's!
    Rock-n-roll, girl!!!!!

    Sweet! That means 30's are the new 20's! I feel more energetic already!
  7. by   nurse15dc
    Quote from chichimitchi
    i know nurses dont work 24/7, im taking about the "in general" fatigue you get from nursing.. thanks! i just wannt hear from other young nurses what their experiences are..

    i'm 32 do 3 12's and have time for hobbies and fun (family style)
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  8. by   twinRN04
    Hey! I'm 25 yrs old and I know what you mean about being burnt out from school. Work is nothing like school, you do your shifts and your done with it for the week. I work 12 hour nights so I have a lot of time off and I live for having fun. I'm actually doing travel nursing and living in California(i'm from NC)and moved out here with one of my girl friends. I'm having the time of my life...couldn't imagine working more than 3 days a week!!! Good luck with everything, you're gonna love it!
  9. by   Dixielee
    :spin: Sorry, I am not young by your defination, but believe it or not, I can remember when I was 22. I was married, had a 2 year old and would work back to back double shifts so I could have long stretches off to go camping, hiking, canoeing with my husband. I played fast pitch softball, and swam every morning at the gym.

    I was never a "party" person if you are talking about getting drunk and passing out on a dance floor, but I had fun in my own way.

    Now that I am "old" at 52, I am only able to do three 12 hour shifts back to back in a 52 bed trauma center ER, so I guess I am slowing down. Now on my off time I only work in my garden, help my husband remodel our house, split wood for the wood stove, drive the tractor, wrestle with goats, and help mend the fences. Oh, I almost forgot that I keep my grandchildren ages 2 and 4 four days a week. Man, it sure is nice to be old and can slow down a bit!

    Now, where is that rocking chair?? I think it is in the barn, let me go look...
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    wwwwwwwwwweeeehooo even us "young at heart" nurses can have some fun! "Young" is as much in the heart and mind as the chronology. And yes, I do have fun, lots of it. Life is too short not to.
  11. by   SharonH, RN
    Quote from TazziRN
    Wow....offense taken. I guess I'm too old to have any kind of fun. I'll remember that the next time I want to go do something and stay home and couch potato instead.

    *sigh* Old people are so cranky.

  12. by   SharonH, RN
    I don't know if this is the answer you are looking for but I still have "fun". I don't club anymore because that lifestyle doesn't appeal to me at my advanced age but I could if I wanted to. I have fun with friends and family in other ways.

    In the beginning, it may be so physically and emotionally overwhelming to you that you will not be able to hang out and party as you are used to but as you grow more experienced in short order, you will learn how to have a work-life balance. I hope that helps....
  13. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I don't party (depends on the definition of that, too) the day before i have to work. Recovering isn't as easy as it used to be, and i owe it to my pts. to be at my best mentally, physically, etc.

    Signed, Semi-Old Fart.