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Hello, fellow nurses! The other day, I was discussing "ER" with a fellow group of nurses,and most said that they do not watch any medical shows. Most stated that they get enough of it at work. And... Read More

    i enjoy watching:
    • er - love it :blushkiss...not for the reality of it but for the all of the things that those characters go though in their personal lives as well on the job.
    • discovery health channel (love the real operations), paramedics, birth day, & real nurses.
    • tlc - (life in the real er, both maternity ward & a baby story, medical detectives, & code blue).
    • i even love that old seventies show that was on tv land, emergency (love to see the nurses in all white & wearing their caps) even though the show wasn't very realistic, it was i guess ahead of the times when it was on originally - i still love it anyway. waiting for them to return marcus welby, md & medical center to their line-up.
    • i also liked those shows from the eighties like trapper john md & quincy; & those from the nineties that are no longer shown like chicago hope & diagnosis murder.
    • not sure if this count as a nursing show, but i love the new detectives on the regular discovery channel...really love the whole forensics - medical examiner thing.

    wow, i guess i watch too much tv...heehee ...especially growing-up. it's a wonder i get anything done!!! :uhoh21:
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  2. by   CTRN1
    I love ER, have watched every episode since day 1, although my family has tired of me disecting every episode, it really is only about entertainment.
    I have just recently started watching the TLC shows and do enjoy Maternity Ward, L&D, and even A Baby Story. Being a L&D nurse and seeing it every day I can't watch every episode but it is interesting to see how other places are run, and to see certain conditions and situations we have not had at our place. I do get a kick out of A Baby Story. Its funny how they can make every birth so perfect. In my Childbirth Ed classes the series often comes up in conversation. It is amazing how some people really believe that is how things usually are. I often find myself using it to teach about the realities of birth.
  3. by   oramar
    I have posted this before. There was a show called the Nurses in the midsixties. Nobody remembers it but me. It was a spin off of Doctor Kildare. It was on a season and a half and stared Zina Bethune. Like I said before, nobody remembers it but me. I have this mental picture of Zina and the other student nurses going through the hospital singing Christmas Carols carrying lighted candles. Can you imagine, LIGHTED CANDLES IN A CHILDRENS WARD! Said on another thread that I could not tolerate violent books, movies or TV when I still worked at bedside. Might add that I did not much care for medical TV shows either. Now that I have been mostly away from bedside for past two years I find that I am watching medical shows and liking them.
  4. by   Paris
    I like medical shows. I also like TLC. But Spongebob Square pants is the best. LOL
  5. by   LauraRN0501
    LOVE LOVE LOVE ER!!!! I watched it before I was a nurse and watch it still. I hate to miss it, unless it's a rerun (Lots of those lately!)

    I love the TLC shows, too. ALL of them, well, except Baby Story. The TLC shows don't make me yell "come ON, that would NEVER happen!!" LOL

    Still LOVE ER, though!

  6. by   nilepoc
    Ever since I started working in a Trauma ICU, I have stopped watching Trauma life in the ER. for some reason it hits me hard. It must have something to do with not being their and being able to intervene. It drives me nuts. I think it also has to do with knowing about how many hardships these people go through that are jsut glossed over in the name of telvision.

    BTW my family hates watching ER withh me. I critique thhe hell out of it.
  7. by   night owl
    Wow, I love medical shows! I've watched them since I could remember starting with Ben Casey, Dr Kildare, Medical center and everyone up until present day ER. TLC's Life in the ER, but no Maternity ward or Baby's story. After two kids, That was ENOUGH Maternity anything for me! I really, really enjoy medical detectives. The whole forensic thing facinates me.
  8. by   maire
    I'm not a full-blooded nurse (yet! ) but I enjoy the programs on the Discovery Health channel. Birth Day and Medical Diaries are my favorites.
  9. by   shannonRN
    i totally forgot to mention scrubs. must have been having a brain fart right then! it is a great show.
  10. by   RNforLongTime
    I am a medical show junkie! I love ER!!! Never miss an episode! I also enjoy watching the programs on TLC--Life in the ER, Code Blue, Maternity Ward and Labor and Delivery.

    Since my cable provider decided to remove Discovery Health Channel from our lineup--instead they replaced it with hispanic Univision TV--(oh, I was sooo mad about this but I Digress)--I can't watch Birthday or those other shows.

    The Discovery Health Channel last year ran a program about nurses at work--there was one on pediatric nursing and one on Psychiatric nursing--there were two other shows that I cannot remember what they were about. Anyhow, I thought that those shows were very well done!

    Hey these new smilies are pretty cool!
  11. by   NRSKarenRN
    Another medical show junkie here including TLC---but not seen Baby shows. Family won't watch ER with me as I critique it too.

    Oramar, I remeber Doctors and the show Nurses---only had a few shows. Ben Casey to Marcus Welby (loved Consuello), Julia ( first black RN on TV)...Medical Center, Emergency. Agree ST. Elsewere
    had the best writing, dialoque and strong characters with nurses being shown more at end.

    Watched General Hospital when truely about the hospital in early 70's---haven't really seen it in 10 years(other things to tape).

    Helped rush the latest incarnation of the Nurses off the air in early 90's. Scrubs is comical but not reality.

    Time for a strong nursing show I'd say--mix hospital with homecare agency characters and you got it made.
  12. by   thisnurse
    see...someone remembers EMERGENCY!!!
    how bout that nurse dixie....boy was she sumthin!
  13. by   petiteflower
    I watch Emergency too. I like to sit there and tell my husband what is right and wrong and why===drives him crazy!!! I would love to watch more medical shows, but I am married to the original couch commando, so I play on the computer instead.
    Although I do have a 6 year old that likes to watch the operations on tlc and has ever since she was tiny.