Do you think my subconscious is trying to tell me something?

  1. I haven't worked in about six months, but I really need to get a job and am planning to apply for an as needed position at a hospital, bedside nursing.

    Yesterday morning, I dreamed I had this sick patient, I finally saw her towards the end of my shift and she was getting blood, I asked if this was her first unit, she said it was her third. Well, I have no idea who hung the second unit or did any monitoring because like I said I just saw her.

    This morning, I dreamed I had two patients, I guess I was on orientation and they both were complete care, peg tube type patients. I forget to check the MARS and never gave them any meds, so the next day I'm at the hospital trying to find out what rooms these patients were in and trying to find the charts and I guess trying to find out if they had any meds and of course I couldn't find any thing. This witch of a manager that I know was there only she was all smiles and nice, (I think). A unit clerk made a smart remark about my looking for things.

    Talk about nightmares. Dreaming about nursing when I'm not even working.

    Maybe I should take a cue from this and apply at Walmart instead.
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  3. by   fluffwad
    Sounds like normal anxiety to me. I wouldn't let it stop you.
  4. by   UM Review RN
    Sure sounds like a performance anxiety dream to me as well.

    Every profession has 'em.
  5. by   Cute_CNA
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    Sure sounds like a performance anxiety dream to me as well.

    Every profession has 'em.
    I suspect as much. Fear of failure, perhaps?
  6. by   Mulan
    Quote from Cute_CNA
    I suspect as much. Fear of failure, perhaps?
    No, not fear of failure, more like a fear of the working conditions.
  7. by   clfewtrn
    Just like everyone else I think it is anxiety over going back to work. Normal anxiety. Alittle fear is always good it sharpens your senses. Good Luck
  8. by   zenman
    Put yourself into the roles of all the people in your dream and see if that has any meaning for you.
  9. by   nurse4theplanet
    I agree with everyone else. Anxiety about unknown conditions. During the length of my hubby's deployment I have had several nightmares about something happening to him and me not being able to get to him in time, also about him coming home and not wanting to be with me.

    I have had dreams before clinicals when I was nervous about my pt's conditions and felt exhausted the next day secondary to lack of restful sleep.

    Try and clear your mind before going to sleep, read a good book, etc. Face your anxiety/fear head on by getting any questions answered now, and talking about your concerns will help immensely.