Do you think nurses get special treatment?

  1. So I was looking at some old threads on here and they got me thinking. One in particular about whether cops give nurses tickets. So what do you think? Do nurses receive special treatment when people know you are a nurse? Any personal experience with this subject you want to share?

    I have two stories both similar and different at the same time. I was once pulled over after a workout. I had on teeny shorts and shirt and probably definitely looked a hot mess. So I was pulled over for speeding going 6 mph over. I was asked to step out of my car and proceeded to be searched. Officer stated I was being searched because he smelled marijuana. I don't smoke and I don't know how he could have possibly smelled anything besides my sweaty nastiness. But anyways search concluded and officer tickets me for speeding as he has nothing else to charge me with.

    Shortly after this I was again pulled over for speeding in the same vehicle. ( Yes I know I have a lead foot lol) This time I was in scrubs and had my name tag hanging on my rearview mirror. I also was going about 15 over not 6 as I was prior. The cop didn't even ask where I was going. Proceeded to give me a verbal warning and then let me on my way.

    Now I don't know if this has anything to do with me being an obvious nurse the second stop vs the first. Or whether one cop was just nicer than the other. But it does make me wonder...

    Any nurses care to share their experiences, opinions,etc??
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  3. by   kaylee.
    I have been pulled over while in scrubs and when he discovered I was a nurse he said he appreciated the work nurses do and I was let off with a warning. He definitely softened when he realized I was a nurse. Not sure if it was related to my profession but it didn't hurt.
  4. by   Everline
    Recently, I was pulled over for speeding for the first time in my driving life. The police officer asked me where I was coming from. I told him where I worked and that I was a nurse. (I was also in scrubs.) He asked if we were very busy at work. I said yes. He did check to see if I had any outstanding warrants, but after that he let me go with a warning. I have no idea if it had anything to do with me being a nurse. But you better believe I was very careful about my speed, particularly on that street, from then on.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Perhaps. I was stopped for making a left turn too tightly. I was in scrubs and had a stethoscope on the rear view mirror. He did let me off with a warning.
  6. by   AceOfHearts<3
    I had a coworker pulled over very close to the hospital and wearing scrubs. They still got a ticket.
  7. by   NurseLife88
    Hmm pretty interesting actually. I wonder how this plays out in other areas of life as well. I know my mom is the type to tell anybody who will listen what her children do for a living. She told a waiter once that I was a nurse and her other daughter a teacher. He ended up giving us free pancakes. Don't really know if that was the nurse, the teacher, or my mom lol. But I also wonder what other experiences nurses have with this. For example if you go to the hospital and they ask occupation are you given different treatment? (Not necessarily better but may be you notice people being more diligent with pain meds, etc.) What about other circumstances where your occupation comes out? It's very interesting to hear of the different experiences nurses have so thank you all for the replies!
  8. by   fezz
    While I can't think of a particular incident at the top of my head I definitely feel like it's a respected profession and than people respond positively when I tell them what I do. It's very "safe", respectable but not considered threatening or pretentious.
  9. by   lindseylpn
    I actually have a funny story from a former coworker. She had been on call but, hadn't actually expected to work but, there was an emergency and she was called in. She had 30 mins to get to work as lived exactly 30 mins away and over a mountain so, she had to book it. She decided in her half asleep state she would change into her scrubs while she was driving... When the cop pulled her over for swerving she had her pants on up to her knees and was trying to change her top so, she was basically just in her panties and bra. As soon as the cop got to the car she started yelling she couldn't be late and explained the situation and he ended up escorting her the last 10 mins or so to work, after she finished putting her clothes on of course. When they arrived at the hospital she said he rolled down his window and she thanked him, he laughed and suggested she start sleeping in her scrubs so this wouldn't happen again.
  10. by   CelticGoddess
    I was pulled over last year, doing 81 in a 55. Pulled over by some of the toughest cops in the area (they will write you a ticket for anything they can). My tags are expired, I don't have proof of insurance and I am seriously speeding. My only thought was "oh boy, my insurance is going to go up". We are talking at least 4 points for the speeding! The nice, young cop (reminds me of my nephew, also a cop) comes up to my car, hands me back my license and registration, explains he doesn't like to write nurses tickets because he might need us some day and tells me to slow down and pay my taxes and tags. Off I go. BTW: I did slow down, A LOT!
  11. by   Been there,done that
    It is well known that (most) cops let nurses off for speeding.

    It is also well known that cops will use the BS excuse of smelling marijuana.. to perform an illegal search.
  12. by   blondy2061h
    I definitely think cops take it easy on nurses, in general.

    As far as other special treatment- in general I think I have an easier time navigating the healthcare system for myself and my family members. This is of course related to my knowledge, but also the respect being a nurse gains. My doctors have been willing to take my desires into consideration for what treatments I've wanted probably more than normal and my endocrinologist is willing to see me every 6 months, even though their office policy is that insulin pump patients are seen every 3 months.
  13. by   ~♪♫ in my ♥~
    I've had five different officers (two deputies and 3 CHP) tell me directly that they generally do not ticket nurses who work at local facilities unless the infraction is egregious or the nurse is a butthead.

    I had one officer pull me over and then let me off when he learned that I was a nurse at the local hospital.

    When relating to an officer that I had been cited while driving to work he stated, "Did you tell him that you worked here? He probably would have let you off." Less than an hour later, the citing officer walked in and said, "You know, if you had told me that you worked here, I would have let you go."

    It's not rumor, it's fact.
  14. by   Paws2people
    Recently my coworker got pulled over on her way to work for a taillight out. She told him she was a nurse, she was in scrubs. She wasn't aware the light was broken.

    He gave her a ticket anyway.