Do you really want work with foreign nurses?

  1. I am a BSN from Czech ®Republic (small country in Europe). I will next yŽar go do work to USA. I know I have to improve my english before (you can see from my writing). But I want to know your opininon now. Do you like work with foreign nurse who can quickly learn and do her best, but all is new for her and she has hundreds of questions? She can tell you a lot of interesting thinks about care in her country and bring you some new ideas but need a long time your help?
    It is a chalenge for you or a nigtmare?
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  3. by   clemmm78
    Hi! I'm in Canada but we do get many nurses from Europe. Personally, I love working with foreign nurses because we can really learn from each other. I know that here in Canada though, many European nurses have to do more courses as we tend to have more responsibility than nurses from some other countries.

    By the way, my daughter was in Prague last summer for two weeks, staying with a local family. She loved it there and I am still so envious when I look at all the gorgeous photos she took.

    Good luck.
  4. by   Altra
    Welcome, lucinka.

    From my personal experiences ... anyone "new" gets a variety of reactions from different co-workers, whether the "new" person is a new grad nurse, new to the hospital, or just new to the unit. As with anything else in life, some people have more patience than others, for a variety of reasons. It was not very long ago that I was a pretty clueless new grad nurse - some people were patient with me, others basically didn't speak to me for six months or so until I got a clue. This is human nature.

    I applaud your enthusiasm and drive for taking on such big life challenges and wish you the best!

    PS - I will be (briefly) visiting your country in a few weeks - probably just a brief day trip from our main destination. Looking forward to it!
  5. by   ShayRN
    As long as the nurse knows her stuff and takes care of her patients I don't care if she/he landed on Earth from outerspace SERIOUSLY!!! I worked with a nurse from Poland two years ago and ADORED her. Her English wasn't the best, but she was a DARN GOOD nurse. Welcome to America, the MELTING POT.
  6. by   herecomestrouble
    I personally have no problem working with foriegn nurses and am willing to help all I can,and also learn all I can.
    My only complaint is where I work we have a group of nurses from the same country who all talk to each other in their same language.I find this very rude and annoying,if it is work related it should be said so the rest of the nurses can understand it.

    I remember when I was hospitalized and I had some nurses who did the same thing.I would be laying there in bed and they would be having a big conversation that I couldn't understand.I found it very aggravating and disrespectful.
  7. by   catlover13
    When I worked in the hospital as a CNA, one of the nurses was from bosnia. She was capable and friendly. She spoke very good english, and spanish too, in addition to her native language!! It puts our american education system to shame, with it's non emphasis on foreign language. I admire anyone who has worked hard for what they have and where they have gotten.

    For someone to succeed in nursing, and then to also succeed in moving to a different country, I think that that shows a lot about a person's motivation.

    I've had to jump hoops just from a move from one state to another. I can't imagine the challenges someone faces moving from another country.

  8. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Your attitude and caring heart are EVERYTHING!!! Translates easy and no one doubts its authenticity.
  9. by   Antikigirl
    The only thing I wish for all people, heck even folks that speak a particular language (even people fluent in English may not speak well!!! ). is that you are understood well enough, and patient enough to make sure you are understood for the patients and staff!

    I know my language well...but some people go away thinking "what in the world did she just say!". I mean..I speak fast, I may slip in a few med terms by accident they don't understand, or I speak to simply or complex dependant on the patient to be goal...make myself UNDERSTOOD..and if that takes a while..I will do it!

    So to me it is not a matter of accents, language and what not as much as simply being understood when you need it..which is 100% of the time! And the patience and understanding to know that you may have to repeat or back track to do it !

    I love all sorts of people, and learn so much from different and abroad! That has never bothered me...because I love to learn and experience things through others! I find that the art and reason for get to know others and see that the world is huge yet small in many things...and delight in differences and similarities! So foreign nurses...heck no probelm at all...a joy to me.
  10. by   TazziRN
    Come on to California, I'll work with you!!
  11. by   Keysnurse2008
    Do I like to work with foreign nurses? The answer is yes....and as far as your concerns about learning will do fine I am sure.I work with nurses who have come to the US from all countries....India...Australia...Africia..jamacia. ...etc etc etc.....and I learn just as much from them as they do from me. With America's population becoming so helps having the diversity in the nsg pool. I am sure you will be welcomed wherever you go. Have you thought about any particular state????
  12. by   HappyNurse2005
    welcome to the site lucinka!
    we have a doctor on our floor from the czech republic-she's great, and her language is mostly very good, she just doesn't understand a few slang words. except when she starts to talk really fast, some patients can't understand her accent.

    you'll have fun over here!
  13. by   CHATSDALE
    i think that the language barrier will not be a problem and it will improve as time goes on...we hae a diverse population of mds and therapists as well as nurses
    i think you have an adventurous spirit...

    welcome to a new home
  14. by   rehab nurse
    Hello there....

    i personally love working with foreign nurses. i have worked with nurses from Eukraine, Ireland, Africa, India, Philippines, Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand, Japan. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my very clouded mind right now...LOL. Most of the foreign nurses were from India and the Philippines.

    Sometimes the accent/english can be a bit difficult for me, but I get used to it. I have found the majority of them to be very good nurses, especially those who tend to be quick learners. They complaints from them are usually with learning the medications, since they are all different. Other than that I have found most of their skills to be transferrable. Some of them don't have all the technology we have here in the US and they are very good at assessing a patient without a lot of gadgets.

    Do you know where you are going yet in the US? I mean what area of the country, or state? I live in the midwest, and I love learning from the other nurses about their own country and nursing from their perspective. I really haven't found them to ask more questions than any other new nurse, maybe I've been lucky, I don't know. Sometimes they have different names for objects, and that can be quite funny sometimes...

    Anyway, I wish you a lot of luck when you move here and I hope you find a place you enjoy. And, your english isn't all that bad!! Give yourself some credit. I'll work with any nurse who works hard nowadays, I don't care where you're from!