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Do you only work 7-3, 7-7, 3-11, 11-7? Or do you have to bounce back and forth between all these shifts? Do you have a weekly schedule with chosen days off? Do you get it in advance? Do you get... Read More

  1. by   0402
    I work 3 shifts of 1900-0730 each week. The only consistent thing (supposedly) is that we have to work every other weekend, but they can't even leave that part, as is, so some people end up working only one day of their weekend, randomly having a weekend off that they expected to work and worst- being scheduled on the weekend that isn't "theirs." I try to work a consistent schedule of Fri, Sat, Sun, when it's my weekend, followed by Wed and Thurs (I'm night shift, so I really don't like working Friday when it's not my weekend), followed by Monday- wash, rinse, repeat. We put in for 4 week schedules each time, and I would say that I get my requested schedule 1-2 out of every 3 times I ask for it. The thing that kills me is when we have mandatory classes- which are always on day shift, and my whole schedule gets thrown off. It's a big reason I am ready to get out of the hospital. In the hospital, I really do prefer to work night shift, but I cannot balance my home life, with 3 kids, and all of the irregularity and disregard for the unique challenges of working night shift.
    My previous job required a 50/50 rotation of 0700-1930 and 1900-0730. I really did not like rotating.
  2. by   Wild Irish LPN
    Monday-Wednesday this schedule, and at least for now it is set in stone, well I hope lol....
  3. by   Indy
    We do twelve hour shifts and make our schedules in the computer. The dates are posted and once a month the slots open for the next schedule, so we put in what we want to work. Each date, day or night, closes availability when the number of positions are filled. So my schedule is not predetermined. I do make an appointment in my little pocket calendar to log on and do my schedule when it's time so I get my pick of what I want. Most folks are either day or night and do not usually mix the two. Going between days and nights is not good for the health and I know about two people in our ICU who are willing to ever do that.
  4. by   scabby21
    I have a set schedule of M-F 8am-5pm, rarely have to work 8-12 on Saturday (maybe once every 2-3 months). But I work in a pediatric clinic.
  5. by   tigerlogic
    I worked 7p-7a and the schedule came out once a month but was otherwise pretty random. My days were usually in a row, but not necessarily. I liked a lot about working nights but if I do it again I'll want the three nights back to back. Switching sleep schedules is too crazy otherwise.
  6. by   nrsang97
    Our RRT is completely self scheduled. I work night shift starting 10/15, so I totally made my own schedule. No issues. I know what I am working. When I worked ICU they had a schedule planner out and you could fill in what you wanted. Most of the time you got what you wanted. Occasionally you didn't. We did only 7-7 days or nights. We didn't rotate.
  7. by   itsmejuli
    I have every Thursday and every other weekend off. I go into work anytime they need me during my "on" days, so depending when I'm needed on site I'll put my time in somewhere between 0600 and 2200. But there's many days where I don't know until the last minute when I'm going on site. So its not really a good job if you have kids.
  8. by   Cute♥Nurse♥Unleashed
    I work night shift only (and loving it). My unit posts a mock schedule about two months in advance and we set down our schedules the way we want it. Then our nurse manager tries to work out the schedules as closely to what we requested. It works out most of the time.
  9. by   Elladora
    We're on a two week rotation. I work Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun week one and Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri week two. I have a free day that I can fill in if needed but I usually just keep that as a day off. My schedule is so set, I can basically tell you what days I work as far out as I care to go. I put it in my Google Calendar as "reoccurring, no end date" lol.
  10. by   loriangel14
    I have a four week rotation. I get it 6 weeks in advance. I work 8 hour days and evenings but I pick up nights and some 12 hour shifts as well. I also pick up on other floors.
  11. by   DreamyEyes
    I work 11p-730a. 32 hours a week, occasionally I'll do 40 hours, and I have to work every other weekend.

    My work days usually vary, but lately it's been:

    Week 1: work Mon Tues Wed -- Thurs & Fri off -- work Sat & Sun
    Week 2: Mon & Tues off -- work Wed Thurs & Fri night -- off Sat & Sun
  12. by   K+MgSO4
    Quote from uswoman
    I'm working in a major hospital in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and have quite possibly found the worst rostering (scheduling) ever. And it is bad. I'm working on a medical ward and here is what I am working the next two weeks: Saturday - 1PM to 9:30PM. Sunday - 7AM to 3:30PM, Monday -1PM to 9:30PM, Tuesday- 7AM to 3:30PM then off Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is 1PM to 9:30PM, Saturday is 7AM to 3:30PM, Sunday 1PM to 9:30PM, Monday 1pm-3:30PM, Tuesday 1:30PM to 9:30PM, Wednesday 7AM to 3:30PM, Thursday 7AM to 3:30PM. I am a new employee and I don't like to complain, but whenever the charge nurse gets back from vacation, I intend to have a serious conversation about this. I am working here on a business visa, sponsored by the hospital, but I have no intention of sacrificing my health for the place. I'm 56 years old and have had some crappy work schedules in my life but having looked over the entire schedule, this appears to be the "normal" type schedule for everyone! I guess I should be happy that the Fair works act or whatever it is, prevents being scheduled more than 10 days in a row! (Note I have 8 days in a row on my schedule!) I've never encountered anything so horrendoue (not to mention dangerous) in all my years as a nurse. If a scheduling package is being used, then something is majorly wrong with it. Needless to say, I've applied elsewhere for a job and hoping to be out of there as soon as possible (which seems to be what happens on this ward.)
    uswoman, if you have just started at a job you may just of been slotted into the available shifts.

    If your hospital uses a rostering program, the more requests that you put in the better your roster will be.

    2 day shifts is the norm on most wards in public hospitals with the EBA that the ANF and fair work australia agreed to with the public hospitals.

    If you are full time, once you have been working a month you will be entitled to an ADO a month.
  13. by   Nursingluv101
    Pm shift and I write my own schedule depends on what I write lol