Do you have professional liability insurance?

  1. Do you have professional liability insurance? Do I need it? I'm trying to find more info on it. I've gotten info from one company that offers it (NSO), but I still have a lot of questions...

    Any info that anyone could offer would be great!
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  3. by   rileygrl11
    I do have insurance but during my hospital orientation, the "legal eagles" of the hospital gave us a lecture about how we did not need any. But I've heard also that when the chips fall, the RN will be the last one protected unless you have your own policy.

    I've also heard that your employer's coverage is only for the time frame that you are employed with them. Say you get sued by a patient you cared for last year but you are not employed with that facility anymore. Well, you are no longer covered by that employer and are on your own totally.

    I would rather pay the small amount it takes to renew my policy each year than to regret it later.
  4. by   PJRNC2
    Yes I do. Wouldn't be without it . Have it through NSO. Ran across a statement from them (about 15 yrs. old) It was nice to see that although the yearly cost has gone up, it is not THAT much more considering inflation.
  5. by   dianah
    I do, have for over 15 yr. Feel it's worth it.
  6. by   MelRN13
    Do you all have coverage through NSO, or another organization?
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  8. by   Genista
    I have a policy with NSO too. You can do a web search to find other companies out there if you wish. It is foolish NOT to have your own policy, in my opinion. I'm sure employers will drop you like a hot rock if a lawsuit should ever come their way.

    You are certainly worth the approx. $80/yr that liability insurance costs. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that you have your own personal coverage.

    If you don't take care of you, nobody else will.
  9. by   Nurse Ratched
    I too only heard recently about the clause where you are only covered for the time that you actually are actively employed. How does that work? I you were working and covered at the time of the incident, how can they not cover you for that incident?

    This came up in conversation about a doctor who left the facility's employ and purchased what was called a "tail" policy to cover her for her time at the hospital because upon leaving she was no longer covered for the time when she was there.

    At any rate, my point is, yes, get it - I have mine through NSO. I presume there are other organizations out there but for 89 bucks a year, I'm too lazy to look .
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    I have my liability insurance as a rider on my home insurance, and it costs me a little over $20 per year. Well worth the peace of mind.
  13. by   MelRN13
    Thanks for all of the replies. I'll be looking into personal coverage through NSO.
  14. by   P_RN
    Always have, always will, NSO.