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  1. by   NurseBranch
    Quote from kamara23
    no, i don't. i feel like myself and most of the other nurses i work with are not valued. they give lip service to how valuable we are but then keep us short staffed and continue to ask us to do more and more with less. i just don't understand the thinking.

  2. by   barbiedee
    Do I feel valued? Certainly not by management. I have been an LPN for 15 years, and due to management decisions, was 'laid off' as an LPN and hired back as a nurses aid 8 years ago. (Actually, about 20 of us were, so I was not alone in this.) To this day, even with 15 years seniority, I still can't work as an LPN except when management can't find enough casual workers to replace vacations and sick time. Then, i get "Bumped up" to perform the duties I was trained for. Do you know how frustrating it is to see an LPN with 22 hours of seniority doing an LPN job, while I have over 23,000 hours and am working as an aid? Do I feel valued. H-E-double hockey sticks (L L )...NO!:angryfire
  3. by   CTSCOUT
    its because they resent having to pay us so much, when they could hire task-oriented techs, but there are laws that say how many licenses must be in each unit...
  4. by   Ruby Vee
    wow! i knew i wasn't valued in my current position, or in the one before it. but i had no idea so many other nurses felt the same way! guess there's a message out there for managers!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    By my collegues and patients, yes. By my manager, not even a little bit. Very little, if any, positive feedback comes from her. I am glad I am self-motivated and self-aware enough not to depend on management/admin's appreciation of me and my contributions to my workplace. It' s not my life; sooner or later, I will move on to greener pastures and more opportunity.

    Just need the timing to be right.
  6. by   the new girl
    Hmmmmmm, let's see.... I tragically shattered my ankle while dealing with a psychiatric patient AT WORK, and now work comp. is refusing to pay to fix my ankle, and my employer has just terminated me, because of this injury. I am NOT feeling valued, AT ALL. Now I am not only unemployed, but I'm also not employable yet. I'd like to give my employer a big hearty THANK YOU! for that!! :angryfire Do I sound a little bitter? I think I'm a little bit bitter....
  7. by   asher315
    I feel valued by my fellow workers, I'm the one they call when they think a baby is in distress prior to or just after delivery. But my boss and her boss and the "big" boss just think of all of us as part of the hospital inventory. Rather than actively trying to help keep good nurses, their attitude is "don't like it here, bye". And appreciated by patients?
    Actually, I like my job and long as I don't stop and think about it too much!
  8. by   Cheyenne RN,BSHS
    actually, i like my job and long as i don't stop and think about it too much!

    i think that i agree with that one. too often lately patients and/or family members are admitted and have this "sense of entitlement" where they belittle the staff and offer a constant barrage of complaints.

    management write's up "every" complaint against the staff ... even when they are racial slurs and the families threaten physical violence, or put the verbal onslaught puts the nurse in tears.

    when the administration "meets" with the family or patient, if they do back the nurse, it is not known.

    that is really the worst and saddest part. hung out on a limb and kicked when you are down and left to fend for yourself. i watched that happen just recently and felt so horrid for the nurse.

    now it makes me feel nurses just might rate a little lower than dirt knowing that i could be verbally attacked, my skills or color attacked, or even physically threatened and i am a-l-o-n-e.

  9. by   Dixielee
    It is so sad to see this poll running so far to the "unappreciated" scale. I have been a nurse 32 years and if I thought I could make a living doing anything else, I would do it. Unfortunately we are simply numbers on a schedule and if hospitals could get away with using robots, they would. Sad but true.
  10. by   grammyr
    I love my coworkers and they love me. We are the reason everybody keeps coming back for more. Management thinks we are a dime a dozen. There have been no doors broken down by nurses trying to get in to go to work.. When I got my CEN, NOBODY in management, not even my DON said congratulations, kiss my foot or go to HE#$. My coworkers made a banner and put it up in the ER. The docs hugged my neck. I had to fight to get even part of the costs reimbursed. All of this is the reason that after the first of the year I will probably go traveling to work.
  11. by   Cheyenne RN,BSHS
    it is so sad to see this poll running so far to the "unappreciated" scale.

    it is sad, but i think it is because nurses have a place to go and vent with other nurses that they can wear the smile and maintain their patience with work and the public.

    no matter how frustrated each of us gets, i think that we are all in it because we love patient care and do care about what we do, whether we feel appreciated, understood, or supported.

    it is almost as if nurses are masochists at heart.sad but true.
  12. by   achot chavi
    Thank G-d I left a position where I didn't feel valued by the administration (OTOH the staff and the DON loved me and we are still friends and can 'talk shop') and I now hold a better position where I do feel valued. I think if you respect others and work in a professional manner you will receive respect and find a position where you will be valued. If you do not feel valued then find another position. Beleive me, your work is affected by your feelings of job-satisfaction. Just as you wouldn't stay in a marriage with an abusive spouse, dont work in an environment that is unfriendly!!
  13. by   Hopalong
    Until a few years ago I thought I was valued and respected. Now I would have to say "NO", seems like we have no automony anymore and even the most basic nursing interventions and decisions can be second guessed by administrators, family, MD's, and anyone else who wants to get there 2 cents in. Nurses, especially on M/S are always quilty until proven quilty. After 33 years why do I keep at it? God only knows. But I will, for as long as I'm able.