Do you ever have weird dreams about your facility that seem so real? - page 2

Ever since I started working in LTC I have dreams like every night. The strangest dream that I ever had really scared me. I put this on another post im, so it may sound familliar,... Read More

  1. by   colleen10
    Colleen your dream is actually reality once you get out of school, no symbolism, actual screaming running terror, however the guy with the gun is occasionally representative of admin, coworkers, or patients, all out to get you. Just keep running, and hope the bullets hit someone else.
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    I think you hit the nail right on the head!
  2. by   Youda
    There's an old Hebrew saying:

    "True visions carry signs to indicate their truthfulness. The first is that a person wakes quickly; were he to stay asleep, the vision would weigh heavily upon him. Another sign is that the vision stays, with all its details, impressed on the memory."

    When I have dreams that make an impact on me, I believe it is me trying to tell me something, or perhaps God. In either event, I pay attention. Because symbolism is a component of most dreams (not literal), I first try to focus on the emotions I was feeling in the dream.

    That's a long way to say that I agree with what psychnurse said.
    Your dream is about the signifigant anxiety you are experiencing in your waking life that you have not acknowledged. Try to relax and be good to yourself. Buy some really nice bubble bath and take a long hot one with candles around the tub. Anxiety can be the ultimate motivator, its not necessarily a bad thing. Seek balance in your life. You have to receive so you can continue to give (fill up the glass)
  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    I recently had a dream that a coworker of mine (around the same age, a guy, has two kids, one of whom has special needs) was very, very sick and hadn't told anyone about it but me.

    I also had a similar dream to the being naked at work dream, except I dreamed that I came to work in a hospital gown and forgot to wear underwear. I was looking all over the place for some clothes.

    And the alarm clock always sounds like a vent alarm or an IV pump going off!
  4. by   KRVRN
    I mostly dream about alarms going off, forgetting to feed a baby or realizing I gave the wrong med or an overdose of a med. One time I had a dream that I had given an entire blood transfusion, then realized that I hadn't charted any of the v/s.

    I had more dreams about work right after I started, when I was new and unsure of myself.
  5. by   night owl
    Originally posted by canoehead
    Michele I see the big load of sh!t as being symbolic of your working life. You are required to clean out crap that has built up as a result of other's actions, and others will benefit or find relief because of your labors. You feel overwhelmed and anxious, and even when you find success you are rewarded with greater responsibility, and more work. The ending pile of crap in your dream represents your dread of what could happen, and I bet you woke up before you actually had to attempt that clean up. Kinda like waking up from a fall before you hit bottom.

    Your first dream, could you have a secret crush??? Or maybe you had one of those nights when you almost wished to be a patient so you could crawl right into your bed and pull the covers over your head...
    Holy cow canoehead, you're good! As a matter of fact, I did wake up before I had to clean the mess. I'm going through something now at work that I only WISH it were a dream. Maybe it's time for a new thread....
  6. by   whipping girl in 07
    Oh, yes, I had another one that I forgot to share. I shared it with my coworkers the other night though.

    I dreamed we were really busy and I had two patients at the opposite ends of the unit (rooms 2 and 10). The patient in room 2 was very needy AND also very sick; I just could not seem to get out of the room. Finally, it's 6 AM, the shift is almost over and I'm so relieved, but then I realize, I never assessed the patient in bed 10! Didn't even walk in the room! Didn't look at the chart or even at the monitor to write down some vital signs! Nothing!

    And then I woke up.
  7. by   dhogan
    I had a dream where I went down the hall to L /D, had a baby and went right back to work because the supervisor told me they didn't have anyone to replace me. Typical.
  8. by   Furball
    I just hear monitor and vent alarms going off. I've jumped out of bed more than once to run to a pt to find myself running down the hall of my own house. Sleep deprived maybe?