Do you ever have weird dreams about your facility that seem so real?

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Ever since I started working in LTC I have dreams like every night.

The strangest dream that I ever had really scared me. I put this on another post im, so it may sound familliar, but for those who havn't here it goes:

I dreamed that I went to work, and it looked so gloomy. All of the colorful paint that is on the walls was black and I felt alone and afraid, but I felt confident that I was going to do a good job that day. Which was all unusual because, the halls are colorful, I feel happy comming, but with no confidance in myself.

Then in my dream I got my work done, but i started feeling hard hearted as the dream went on . . . Next I dreamed that I went out for a ciggarett break, which is strange, since currently I don't smoke. then I set the cig down and then I started walking though the field of the rural area behind the facility and went off in a daze at the clouds going by, and then it started to rain, so I went back inside and on either side of the hall way their was children, with name tags, which were comparable to the residents names that I take care of. I continued my way down the hall, in my dream, and a teacher pulled me into a classroom and said "This is Amanda, she used to work here as an RN. She was working here when the fire took place, it must have been so hard on her after she realized that she had left her lit ciggarette in the break area which started the fire, then ran back in the building with a chicken with its head cut off" (keep in mind that I am a CNA, not an RN yet, but I will be) The students were laughing,snickering, and pointing at me. I looked in a mirror and my face was disfugured from the burn. and I started walking down the hallways and children were screaming and pointing and laughing. then I was having "flashbacks" of me pulling residnets out of a burning building. and then I seem to travle way ahead of time in my dream. I dreamed that I was a bedridden resident and my blankets caught on fire, and I was contrackted, and I coudnt speak or move at all. It was freaky!

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I've had two dreams that I could remember...

One dream myself and a coworker were soooooo tired that we crawled into two empty beds on the unit and went to sleep. Woke up in a sweat because the supervisor walked onto the unit and found us sleeping. All I remember is her standing there with clipboard in hand and writing frantically!

The other one, well at one point I had to give so many fleet enemas, say like three a night that in my dream I remember giving this one resident a fleet and the results were enormous! As I walked out of the room, I remember looking back at him lying on his side and the top sheet was as high as the ceiling!!!!! eek2.gif and then I woke up thank God! Who'd want to clean that mess????????

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Your dream is about the signifigant anxiety you are experiencing in your waking life that you have not acknowledged. Try to relax and be good to yourself. Buy some really nice bubble bath and take a long hot one with candles around the tub. Anxiety can be the ultimate motivator, its not necessarily a bad thing. Seek balance in your life. You have to receive so you can continue to give (fill up the glass)


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I had a dream that my hospital held me hostage and made me work constantly....oh wait, that's not a dream....damn it!

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LOL emily_mom, I thought I was having a dream like that too, but when I got a full bedpan thrown at me I realized that it was reality


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I occasionally dream that I'm naked at work! In the dream I suddenly realize I'm naked, and mortified...I usually try to make it to the linen cart for something to cover up with.


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I had a dream I was giving a med, and as I handed the pt the little cup full of pills I glansed at the kardex for a tripple check, something i have made a habit of doing, and it was the wrong pt. I tried to yell at him to stop and not take the pills, nothing came out, I tried to scream, nothing came out, I couldnt move. I woke up drenched with swet. I could sill feal the golf ball size lump in my throat after I woke up.


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Hi Mandi,

Your dream just gave me chills. That is really freaky!

I am still in school but early this past summer I had a dream I was in one of the science buildings on campus which are really old, large, with marble stairs, etc. Anyway, the top floor had been turned into hostpital rooms and I was out in the hallway with other students when we heard a gun shot and we saw this young looking male walk out of a room with a huge shot gun. The place was pretty crowded with students and doctors and nurses and everyone saw him and just started to run. So, in my dream I am running away from him trying to get down a huge old staircase that is just packed with people and we aren't moving very fast and I keep looking over my shoulder to see if he's behind me and he is. It seemed no matter which way I tried to get out of the building he was always following me. Eventually I do get down the stairwell to the outside and he is gone and then I wake up.

It was probably one of the most awful dreams I have ever had because in the dream I was just so scared and anxious waiting to see if he was going to shoot me next.

A lot of times when I have weird dreams I try to concentrate more on howI felt in the dream than what was actually going on. Usually, if i'm dealing with something during the day time I might not think it is bothering me but then I'll have a dream in which I feel helpless or out of control, etc.

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Amanda, everything in your dream is the opposite of how it actually is now. I got the feeling that you are stressed in your job and could easily become burned out- though very competent- if you stay with it. Maybe the dream is telling you that things can change, but you need to decide if you will still be able to help people if you continue with work the way it is now. A warning to change, or to reach your goals but be burned out and unable to help.

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Michele I see the big load of sh!t as being symbolic of your working life. You are required to clean out crap that has built up as a result of other's actions, and others will benefit or find relief because of your labors. You feel overwhelmed and anxious, and even when you find success you are rewarded with greater responsibility, and more work. The ending pile of crap in your dream represents your dread of what could happen, and I bet you woke up before you actually had to attempt that clean up. Kinda like waking up from a fall before you hit bottom. :)

Your first dream, could you have a secret crush??? Or maybe you had one of those nights when you almost wished to be a patient so you could crawl right into your bed and pull the covers over your head...

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I get naked work dreams too, and usually keep on working and pretend I MEANT to come to work that way, and no one says a word, at first they don't even notice. But then I realize they did notice and are talking about me, and I have no way to cover up without admitting it was a mistake in the first place. Bad.

ANyway, naked work dreams are self explanatory, unless everyone else gets naked too, then I can't help you.

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Colleen your dream is actually reality once you get out of school, no symbolism, actual screaming running terror, however the guy with the gun is occasionally representative of admin, coworkers, or patients, all out to get you. Just keep running, and hope the bullets hit someone else.

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