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Hi all, I recently graduated and will be taking the NCLEX early in January and I'm sure you all remember the worry that goes along with it. What I was wondering is it really as hard as they make it... Read More

    Passed them both on first try.
  2. by   purplemania
    try to get your hands on test strategy software (maybe your school has some). You probably know the material, but the test taking skills will help build confidence. They concentrate on nursing process (what would you do FIRST). Good luck. Remember what it took for you to get this far - you can do it!!!
  3. by   AHarri66
    Just a note about the review books & computer disks that guarantee you'll pass if you use them: their tests are harder than the NCLEX. They have to be in order to keep their guarantee. So if you score a low-passing grade on the review tests, it would be equivalent to a higher passing on the NCLEX.

    And for the record, I don't know anybody who failed first time out. Some had more questions than others, but nobody I know had to take it over. My test had a lot of nutrition questions, and of course NONE of the lab values that I had drilled myself with for two weeks before the test!

    Congrats ahead of time!
  4. by   MelRN13
    I only know one person who failed the first time, but busted a** to review for the second and passed with flying colors! I don't think you have anything to worry about, just remember that all of the choices could be the right answer, but pick the BEST answer (one of my instructors was a question writer for NCLEX, wasn't I lucky)

    Good Luck, but I don't think you'll need it!

  5. by   JNJ
    You might want to look at the "Kaplan" thread in the Nursing Educator forum of this site. There were some general and some specific comments related to NCLEX-RN (CAT) during that discussion.

    I've taught for many years and taught for a test prep company and wrote some qqs for a Board to consider. It's important to remember that NCLEX is just about testing that you are safe to practice - it's something along the lines of a consumer confidence issue that there is a national test of standards. There are no trick questions or deliberately weird stuff. Pass rates are higher than you might think and published by the Boards. Stop talking about the numbers and start thinking about what the Board might want to know from you about safe practice. You can do this!
  6. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by rebelwaclause
    What happens if you "flunk" the RN Boards too many times?
    I have a good friend with a BSN. She's very private as to how many times she has not passed. But she is now in a refresher course, that also includes clinicals and is going to try again. The graduated about five years ago or so.
  7. by   Alie
    You sound like me. Always stressing about test, but then end up doing fine. I bet you will be okay. You are a good student or you wouldn't have made good grades, and came from a good school or it wouldn't have such a high pass rate. Just relax (but do study) just don't drive yourself mad. Anyway you haven't even taking it one time. I know how you feel about test because they have can determine so much.
  8. by   Momto3RN
    My tried-n-true philosophy for the NCLEX-RN: Relax and follow the NURSING PROCESS. It would be nearly impossible to review all your past notes. The NCLEX is not a recall test per se.

    And, really, all the answers could be right but if you use the process, it will be easier to choose the best one. The day I took mine, I was five mo pregnant, hadn't eaten all day, had to rush to the test center after submitting an offer on a house that took two hours, and my first question stumped me for ten minutes!!

    I ended up answering 230 questions!! and thought I had failed but I passed!

    Good luck!