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Anyone out there been visited by Disney yet? That's right, Disney. Mickey Mouse was there as well as a couple of other characters.All employees were required to attend the 2 plus hour sessions and... Read More

  1. by   scribblerpnp
    [quote=caroladybelle]From someone who actually worked at Disney as a teen.....

    You are pretty much expected to smile and placate everyone...after all it's Disney.

    They don't pay well, and my costume didn't not permit me to sit down while wearing it....and you never are seen "out of character" (costume).

    Little brats can deliberately vomit on you and you have to keep your cool.


    Sounds like life in the ER, med-surg, pediatrics... Well, basically every unit in a hospital!
  2. by   gauge14iv
    Quote from Tweety
    I do know this........if my charge nurse says "Tweety, that's not very Disney of you" one more time I'm not going to be responsible for my actions.
    Bahahahahah!!!! Of course it isn't very Disney! Whatever YOU do would be oh so very WB!
  3. by   gauge14iv
    Oh my GOsh - this is the funniest thread I have read here in a while!!!!

    Maybe we should start a thread for "Nursing Songs'. People tell me I have Weird Al sense of humor myself - I just am SO not disney!

    Disney motivation - just craziness.
  4. by   NICU_3_RN
    We had this seminar a few months ago... i can't even put into words how useless it has been.
  5. by   emllpn2006
    If I worked morning shift everyone would just have to call me sleepy or grumpy since both those would be fitting. Actually I would probably be totally freaked out if I had to stay in your hospital. Last thing I want when I am ill is to have anyone mess with me. Messing with me with a giant fake Disney smile would probably put me over the edge.
  6. by   chadash
    Quote from StNeotser
    And that $500 per employee could have been used for extra staff to create the same effect - that the hospital actually has the staff to take care of the patients!

    Or, why don't they just hand us each 500 dollars if we promise to be really really nice!
  7. by   chadash
    Actually, space mountain would be a great addition....
  8. by   CseMgr1
    Quote from fedupnurse
    I have actually considered downloading Be Our Guest and Whistle While You Work. But I have to be careful because I am one of the ones who failed the cult indoctrination big time and they are trying to get rid of us who won't walk around saying how great everything is!! It is just so insulting to be subjected to this. As pointed out in many of the posts, if they would just use that money toward staffing and realize that most patients choose hospitals based on where their doctors have privledges we could save a ton of time and even more money!!!
    Shades of re engineering, same type of mentality.
    It's also called propaganda.
  9. by   IMustBeCrazy
    Mickey this.


    There are no words for this.
  10. by   CseMgr1
    Quote from IMustBeCrazy
    Mickey this.


    There are no words for this.
    I could think of a few....but I'd be TOS'd from this website, if I wrote them.

    How many other victims have died, as the result of this type of Corporate mentality?

  11. by   fedupnurse
    How many other victims have died, as the result of this type of Corporate mentality?

    Plenty in hospitals all across America!!! That would include the one where I work....
  12. by   Antikigirl
    I am a very cheery nurse, but I know when it is too much and I become all sweetness and light to the point of emisis! LOL!

    The deal is that a professional relationship between pts and staff must be forged. A disney ideal really doesn't hit a medical profesional aire to me and more of a kiss your rear catering that detours from the professionalism!

    People go to the hospital because thier condition is bad enough to be there...making it pleasant as possible is a reasonable goal within reason...but once it becomes more about patient satisfaction and less about actually treating them MEDICALLY...I draw the line!

    Now I am not staying be stoic or anything...friendly and nice showing compassion...yet keeping that distance and setting goals for patients is what is needed...and sometimes that isn't easy.

    However, if I was putting this into Disney...I think I work and have patients that fit most disney characters big time! Like my last Eore, or my last scrooge Mc Duck and his nephews running amok, one of my Docs that I swear is Malificent (complete with flaring nostrils most days), and me...hmmmmm...I guess I would be more like Baloo!
  13. by   chadash
    Just don't make me wear one of those funny hats with the ears on it, even I have my limits...
    How 'bout "Proctologist of the Caribbean"....