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Even though I don't have my degree yet, I have many years of medical experience. How do all of you deal with other professionals, nurses, doctors, pharmacists who should know as much or more than... Read More

  1. by   TNRN
    My family & friend circle includes 1 respiratory tech, 1 paramedic, 1 LPN, 1 unit secretary, 1 CNA, and me the "lowly" RN. I am constantly having to defend my profession to them. The paramedic once told me that eventually paramedics would replace RNs in the ER and ICU since they were "better at dealing wth crisis situations." While I was reading a nursing reference text, the US said to me "why do you think you have to know everything about diseases? All nurses do is follow doctors orders." When I told the RT that I was starting out in a critical care area, she said, "Well, RTs are required to be better skilled than RNs in the unit because they are the ones 'keeping them breathing'." I could go on and on. I truly respect each of their roles as being valuable. I just wish they didn't feel the need to compete in a race to show who knows more or who is better. Has any one else experienced this?
  2. by   canoehead
    TNRN that is just beyond comment...none of those people have a clue what you do everyday. I'm sorry I just can't think of an appropriate response. Smack them-hard.
  3. by   Furball
    If these other medical workers are correct about how "lousy" the care RN's give in critical care...why are hospitals shelling out HUGE bucks to attract the ICU RN travellers?

    Are hospitals offering $40-50/hr for EMT's? How about RT's?

    I can't imagine being an ICU pt WITHOUT an RN....makes me shudder at the thought!
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  4. by   donmurray
    We see holistic, they see jack-of-all-trades. Nurses just fill in the gaps for them!
  5. by   sjoe
    For the most part I have found that when I have treated physicians and pharmacists with respect as comrades, (as I wish to be treated, in other words), they have been most helpful and cooperative AND I have been impressed, overall with the vast knowledge and information they have that I do not have. Unfortunately, I have had similar experiences with fewer than half of the RNs I have encountered professionally. Often less than cooperative and too frequently defensive, as though they are afraid someone is going to reveal some massive inadequacy of theirs to the world. The rest have been professional.
  6. by   Crankyoldnurse
    Originally posted by fab4fan
    Probably best to just worry about building up your own knowledge; as you go along in your education, you will see that things aren't always as they appear to be. What may not make sense to you now will be perfectly understandable later. Don't be too quick to judge those around you.
    Hey, I like the way you think Fab4Fan!!

    The student nurse who is already judging others will likely join the ranks of new grads feeling 'eaten alive'. Learn, grasshopper, learn.
  7. by   Motivated, SN
    Why are you a Crankyoldnurse? Based on the number of replies to my post, it seems that there are many nurses and other professionals that have experienced the same things that I am talking about. I plan to take the advice given by many of you to learn as much as I can; and be the best damned nurse I can be.
    Thank you.
  8. by   rebelwaclause
    As long as no one is hurt, maimed or killed, I don't mind anyone's opinion, ESPECIALLY if I know my training makes me think differently. Non-medical people are interesting, becuase they can make you go pull out your license and question yourself! But why waste time trying to "connect" with people who aren't interested in your trained information?