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New admit last night to my medicare unit...came from the hospital with an order for "Constanzi's Solution" 30cc qid. I've been having a heck of a time finding out what this is.. by the time I got... Read More

  1. by   jemb
    No 'snarkiness' intended, but I guess I understand that someone could see my prior post that way. I think it's wonderful that you were concerned enough to try to get answers after your shift was over instead of just deciding that it was someone else's problem at that point.

    It just struck me as odd that no one had even mentioned asking the doc or, for that matter, calling the hospital unit where she had been a patient. She probably had been receiving the same medication there, and those nurses would have known.
  2. by   purplemania
    this points out the risk nurses take when administering unfamiliar meds. I believe MD's should avoid personal labels (except Ringer's solution) and write down the chemical or generic name of the medication or fluid. I would have called the MD for clarification.
  3. by   marcia powell
    Costanzi's Solution is a gift from the gods....
    at UTMB Galveston, I first tried this 20+ years ago for severe mouth ulcers (from high acidic system - too much orange juice and tomatos in my diet).
    This was invented by Dr. Costanzi primarily for cancer patients, who seem to have a side effect from treatments of mouth ulcerations, etc. However, ANYONE with mouth ulcers can benefit greatly!!!! My dermatologist prescribed it for me.
    This stuff works faster than anything else in the world for healing and helping with pain. The next day I felt definite healing. Two days later, and the ulcers were almost forgotten. I have also used this on skin wounds (put on pad of bandaid, then place on cut). I have also used this as a gargle whenever I had a sore throat.
    It is a mouth swish solution (to be spit out), and (at the time) tasted like fuzzy banannas (pleasant).
    I was upset hearing UTMB Galveston possibly closing, and losing touch with the solution, but perhaps now it can be gotten elsewhere?
    Hope I have helped some. Don't listen to malcontents. Just do your good job.
    (PS - I'm not a nurse - I just joined to let you know my experience with this wonderful product)